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Ravenfeather recruit

Short Summary: Dorn is made an offer he can't refuse ... well, actually, he's not given much chance to do any refusing
Date (real-life): 2013-03-18

Heroes of song!

Short Summary: The Dwarven Skald Bardur performs his new work in the Fiery Flagon, eulogizing Dwarves and Dale-landers involved in the recent goblin conflict.
Date (real-life): 2013-03-17

A name of fame?

Short Summary: A chance meeting in the armour shop leads to Hrodwyn's name becoming better known than perhaps she might like?
Date (real-life): 2013-03-12

Of beards and blades

Short Summary: Man and Dwarf exchange a few words by the Lake shore in the quiet of the evening.
Date (real-life): 2013-03-09

Anything but a song?

Short Summary: Dwarven ale merchant Baldruin arrives in Iach Celduin. Bardur is eager to regale him with tales of recent events ... Baldruin is equally eager to avoid the Skald's singing.
Date (real-life): 2013-03-05

Finale in flames

Short Summary: Shavyak is dragged back into the orcish camp with Bardings and Dwarves hot on his trail. Battle ensues as Hrodwyn and the King's Men tackle orcs, wargs and even a troll!
Date (real-life): 2013-03-03

Bonfire night

Short Summary: An orcish bonfire draws the eyes of Bardings and dwarves. While Ssamori evacuates the walking wounded, Shavyak and Ruhket provide suitable distraction.
Date (real-life): 2013-02-27

Is it a bird? Is it an orc?

Short Summary: Dorn and Bardur stumble across traces of an orcish presence.
Date (real-life): 2013-02-25

An exchange of news

Short Summary: Dale-lands Royal Warden Riordan comes on the Dwarven encampment the day after a battle
Date (real-life): 2013-02-21

Dwarves and Dale-landers Strike Back

Short Summary: Dwarves and Dale-landers, returning from a patrol, emerge victorious from their encounter with a contingent of orcs reinforced by a troll.

Starts out as a normal scene, ends in references to poems, literature, and music.

Date (real-life): 2013-02-20

Sharing a trick or two

Short Summary: Broddin and Ganon each share a little piece of skill.
Date (real-life): 2013-02-18

Lesson in stealth

Short Summary: Two Dwarves out early for a spot of scouting find more than they bargained for!
Date (real-life): 2013-02-17

Five-way skirmish

Short Summary: A convoy of orcs attack a Dwarven caravan. Fortunately help is at hand - or is it?
Date (real-life): 2013-02-10

A venomous discovery

Short Summary: As an Uruk shaman-poisoner of Barad-dur performs yet another ritual near Iach Celduin, in the Dale, a single brave Khazad discovers the fell deed and tries to set things straight. But what of the outcome? Read on and learn!
Date (real-life): 2013-02-16

Smoke in the water

Short Summary: A Dale-lands night patrol comes across a Mordain shaman doing ... what, exactly? Read and decide!
Date (real-life): 2013-02-12

Of Healers and Medicine

Short Summary: Brev and a company of healers arrive at Iach Celduin, met by Lord Bernar of House Karath. Talk of herbs and whiskey ensues.
Date (real-life): 2013-02-05

Mist, mud and Menfolk

Short Summary: Dorn and Bardur share a grumble or two that happen to be overheard
Date (real-life): 2013-02-06

The Hammer of the North

Short Summary: Elrohir and Arduath join Admagor to learn of the latter's discoveries of the ancient Dunadan Forndring.
Date (real-life): 2013-02-04

Look out below!

Short Summary: Ban and his baby son Gwayne get in the way of Louse's 'sledding,' but instead of an earful, she gets her cloak mended.
Date (real-life): 2013-02-04

Where the wolf howls, the orc prowls

Short Summary: Warriors of Esgaroth on a training exercise, led by Bernar, Celys, and Hrodwyn, are surprised to meet Shavyak and the orcs of Isengard near Iach Celduin.
Date (real-life): 2013-02-03
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