Rangers are Scoundrels

Thulion pays a visit to Cecilia as she recovers in the infirmary.
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Location: Beorning Village
Description: The infirmary is dim, despite the bright spring day outside. The windows are closed to the chill the cool weather might bring to patients and thin curtains diffuse the light that pours in so that it's not too bright for those that wish to sleep. Cecilia isn't sleeping though. She's sitting up in a bed with many thick pillows piled around her, and several warm blankets.

She sports fresh bandages that were applied with an expert hand, though the only visible evidence is the cloth wrapped about her head and another binding her shoulder. She's picking at a bread roll, taking tiny bites with a disinterested expression on her face.
Smoke pours from Mt. Doom as the Dark One's evil sorcery lags the game.
The smoke clears as good triumphs and the database saves.

The door opens, momentarily spilling bright light across the floor and towards the far wall, and a figure passes though: the silhouette of a tall man dark against the dazzling sunlight outside. He is not entirely unmindful of those within, however, for turning, he closes the door quickly behind himself with but a soft click.

The Ranger known only as 'Lee' pauses then just on the threshold, his gaze sweeping down the rows of cots. His clothes are the same weather worn garb as always, though he himself looks as though he has at least rinsed himself, his skin clean and his hair, well, may have been rinsed at least. His right forearm is roughly bandaged, by a spare scrap of cloth, it would seem.

Glancing to either side, and seeing no one seemingly in charge present, he steps quietly down the aisle. Even though not attempting to be stealthy, the footfalls of his boots are scarce to be heard. Seeing Cecilia, a smile flickers upon his lips, and he nods to her. "Greetings, miss," he says softly. "You are looking better. Have you been recovering well?"

Cecilia notices the ranger as he approaches, his movement catching her eye. When he greets her she gives him a warm, sweet smile. "Hello... I am feeling better, but, the healer says I must stay here for a few days." She lowers the roll to her lap and brushes away a few of the crumbs. Then her gray eyes look him over closely, scrutinizing what he wears and noticing the bandage. "You should get that changed."

"Ah, yes," The Ranger lifts his arm a little, glancing down at it. "That is indeed why I am here, miss, though it gladdens me to find you well tended and well rested also." Another glance is spared up and down the row of cots, but no healer being in sight, he looks back to Cecilia. "I... am sorry again, for what happened during that fight," he says with an apologetic smile. "You did well, though, given the circumstances. Do the Beornings train all their folk in combat thus?"

Cecilia flushes, embarrassment on her face when he brings up the fight. She drops her eyes away from him. "I did not fight so well, but we do all train, yes. I have not been on many trips, I am still new to battle. My brothers are very brave. As brave as Mobeorn, and you." She plucks at the blanket, then looks up at him again with a charming smile, "It was selfless of you to come to my aid. I owe you my thanks. I will make sure that the best healer tends to you. He will be back soon."

"Ah, but I did not do so well in aiding you, did I?" The Ranger shakes his head, and heaving a weary sigh, eases himself to a seat on the end of one of the empty cots beside Cecilia's. Still, he manages a wan smile for her, and he dips his chin, the downward flicker of his gaze more indicating a nod than the actual motion. "Wise of your folk to train so, even if you do not see much battle. The days are darkening, the wilds as perilous as ever, and ever pressing nearer upon our homes." With these perhaps cryptic words, his glance strays away to the thin curtains, which glow white with sunlight. His eyes narrow thoughtfully. "Your lands seem abundant and prosperous, and it is good that such valiant folk defend them as your brothers and Mobeorn. Truly selfless are they, to keep clear the high pass at such peril to themselves."

"You came to aid me and I'm sure I would have been killed had you not. I.. " Cecilia blushes again, "I don't even know your name. Please share it so that I can tell my father who rescued me from the goblin?" The healer continues after a moment, "And I am proud of my people and how they fight to keep the pass and our borders safe."

"Miss," laughs the Ranger sofly, shaking his head. "It was hardly a rescue. I do what I am able by my blade, to keep folk safe. That is all. Besides, it was my friend who stood against the beast which threatened you. Your thanks should go to him, not I, but you have your own wits to thank also." He eyes her for a long moment, grey eyes studying her closely, and then he releases a soft breath. "Lee I am called, away in Bree to the west. Cecilia, is your name? I spoke with Mobeorn earlier, and he mentioned it.

"It wasn't you? .. " If the freckled healer wasn't blushing before, she most definitely is now. Her face is as red as an apple and she has a smile of complete embarrassment. "I.. don't really remember much, to be honest. I remember the goblin attacked and someone attacked it, and .. You won't tell anyone, will you?" She bites her bottom lip, a pleading expression on her face. "It's Cecilia, yes. You're so sweet and kind to take the time to talk with me, Lee."

"Not a word," Lee assures her, clasping his hands together and propping his elbows upon his knees. He gives another low chuckle, looking down for a moment. "Sweet and kind. Not the words most folk choose, but there: you are sweet and kind to say them. I admit it warms a heart weary of being suspected always." Lifting his head, he offers her a tight smile. "My friend shall be lingering here for a few days yet, so you will have time to thank him, if you wish."

"What words -would- people choose, then?" Cecilia asks, grinning again with eyes full of mirth. "And do please tell me your friend's name. I want to thank him." The Beorning picks up the roll and tears off another small bite of bread.

"Thistlewool is his name. Grim fellow, you should be able to find him easily enough." answers Thulion, and for a moment there is an impish gleam in his eye. "I daresay a small gift would brighten his day. Flowers, perhaps." Sighing then, he shrugs dismissively. "Stinky. Dirty. Scoundrel. But then, my looks are not to my advantage there." A brief smile flickers upon his lips.

Cecilia laughs, a brighter smile on her face for the ranger's descriptions. "Thistlewool? What kind of a name is that? You travelers all have the strangest ways of naming yourselves." She lets out a soft sigh, "Flowers. None have grown in yet, have they? Maybe I could find something else for him. And as for you.. Well, you don't seem a scoundrel to me and a hot bath will clear up the rest in no time. Go and take one now and people will not say such things.. And if you see your friend, could you ask him to come see me?"

"Ah... some of the early crocuses are up, I do believe," Thulion thinks aloud softly, then turns his head as footsteps behind him announce the arrival of the healer, coming back down the row of cots. "Breelandish name," he says simply, a bit distractedly, then turns to offer a brief smile to the woman, raising his bandaged right arm. "I had best get this taken care of. Rest well, and indeed, I shall tell him you wish to speak with him." With a nod, he rises and turns away, stepping down to meet the healer further on down the aisle.
Players: Cecilia, Thulion, Lee
Located in: Arnorian | Beorning