Farewell to the Elves

Keldean says farewell to Giliath and Caelwen as they prepare to travel on to Rivendell while he remains behind in the moors.
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Location: The Moors
Game Date: Late November
Description: [Giliath(#9838)] It's morning, early, and the sun has barely risen. A flood of creamy gold spills across the barren moors turning them to a fairy-land of delight. Weird shadows crook over the hills, and over all, a clear blue sky. A bird spirals somewhere high overhead, caroling with delight.

Giliath is settling his few possessions into a small sack, testing the string of his bow, and tucking his flute away into some secret place in his cloak. Nearby, Caelwen does much the same, her hair turned to burnished flame by the morning sun.

Keldean wanders over to where Giliath is packing up, his hands stuffed into his coat pockets, his shoulders hunched against the biting cold air. The sun may be pretty, but it holds little warmth this time of year. "You're leaving?" He asks in a reluctant tone, as if voicing the idea will give it more strength. His auburn curls hang around his face, looking more red in the morning light.

[Giliath(#9838)] "Yes," the elf replies, without looking up. Sensitive fingertips stroke the bow, find a rough place and bring out a cloth with which he begins rubbing down the wood. Only a few passes, and he has put it back again, standing with abrupt impatience, and looking first around for Caelwen, and then down at the boy. "We must go."

"I was thinking about you and Caelwen, and this bond.. I had an idea." Keldean says, glancing around once as well before he continues. "You can't sense her anymore, and she can't sense you.. but.. Maybe to make up for it you could just talk more. If you tell each other how you're feeling, maybe it won't be so bad?" It's a rather simplistic approach to the problem.

Caelwen leaves her sack on the ground and has her hands now in her hair. The riot of coppery curls are pulled up into a mass at the crown of her head, which she works to secure with a few wooden pins. She smiles at Keldean as he speaks a lot of what must be gibberish to her, and says, "Namarie," to him.

[Giliath(#9838)] The vintner looks down at Keldean from a very long ways, almost reprovingly. Or is it the expression that says, 'you couldn't possibly understand'? But he is polite, nodding. "Perhaps," he says, and as he looks at his wife's happy face, a slightly wry smile crosses his own face. "She says 'fare well,'" he tells the boy.

Keldean looks down when his idea seems to have little impact, his brown eyes studying the sunlight reflecting off of some morning dew. When he lifts his head again, he seeks out Caelwen. "Goodbye." He says. "You're not coming back, are you?" The teen asks, turning to look back at Giliath.

Caelwen is looking away, into the middle distance. She seems filled with a restless energy and now hops to her toes once while settling the last pin into her hair. " What ** *** ******* ***** ** ***** ***** ***?" she says excitedly.

[<#9838>] Giliath also is looking towards Imlad, as restless as his wife, though without the excitement. But at Keldean's question, he turns to look back at the human lad. 'No,' he says gently. Then adds, 'It was a thoughtful suggestion. Thank you.'

Across the boy's head, he tells Caelwen, " ******* ***** *******." A glance across the rolling plains. " ******* ** ******* *** *****."

Keldean takes a slow breath, trying not to show the emotional sting he feels. "Do you think.. maybe you could talk to Rhifaroth for me?" He asks after a moment, his gaze wandering to Caelwen again before it returns. "I wasn't sure who else to ask, since I have to stay here. You know best what happened."

" *** *****?" Caelwen's arms go around herself. " ** *** ******* ** *** ****** ** *** terribly?" Her voice turns fretful now. " * **** * *** ******* ** ***** *** a *** ***. * ***** ******* ***** ** ****** **** ** **** *** ***!"

Briefly, speculatively, she glances at Keldean.

[<#9838>] " ** ***** **** ****," Giliath says soothingly. " *** ** **** be happy ** *** you ** **** *** **** a ***. *** can **** *** ** **** ******* *** ******* *** **** **** *******."

His face is grave when it turns to the young human. 'Do you wish,' he asks, 'for me to tell him all your heart - I do not know it, you understand - or do you wish to speak with him yourself? Perhaps he would consent to come to where you are.'

"I would like to talk to him.. but.. I don't think that message alone will be enough. Whatever you think is best." Keldean is frowning, his face sad and vulnerable, "I do feel bad. I know that I can't make up for everything that happened, but.. maybe there's something I can do to help. I don't know. He probably won't want to see me at all."

Caelwen still fidgets, and it culminates in her darting to Giliath and placing her hand tightly on his arm, curling about the roundness of it, fingers tense and firm. She looks down at Keldean and something softens in her face. " *** *** ** ** ***. ** ****** go **** ** *** ****."

[<#9838>] Giliath tips his head a little, surveying Keldean, and his dark eyes meet the boy's. Perhaps they seem to look straight through him. He nods a little, and his voice is kind when he says, 'I will tell him all that you have said.' He looks down at Caelwen and nods again. " ** ** ***, *** * *****... ** ****** go ****?" There is a hint of question in his voice, as if he himself is surprised by what he has said, and he turns again to the boy. 'What will you do?' he asks. 'Now?'

It's a good question that Keldean has considered but found no answer for. "If Rhifaroth does not want to see me, I will wait. Maybe he'll change his mind. Mirinthel said that someone would take me back to Bree.. but.. I think I will just go back to the road and watch for travelers. Someone will come by eventually and I could go with them."

Caelwen is quiet now, studying Keldean as a puzzle. Both hands wrap around Giliath's arm.

[Giliath(#9838)] "Not every traveler is safe," Giliath responds. "I think you would know this." He looks around at the beautiful but inhospitable lands around them. "Do you object to the company of elves, that you will not accept their escort back to your home?"

"No.. I just don't.. I don't know. I wanted to come here. I don't think they should feel like they need to help me get home." Keldean shrugs, looking as uncertain about this feeling as he sounds. "I'm not sure if I want to go back to Bree, either." The teen obviously hasn't put much thought into his future beyond the immediate and now that they're here, the moors are.. rather empty and unpromising.

Caelwen's attention is wandering away from the conversation. Her fingers tighten again on Giliath's arm, and then she is wandering away too. Her hand lingers as long as it can against him but soon she is moving toward another group of elves, speaking to them in a language she can understand.

[Giliath(#9838)] Giliath's eyes follow Caelwen as she leaves, then come back to Keldean. "We shall see you safe," he says firmly. "Do not spurn help when offered freely." He sets his bow aside and begins to go through his quiver, taking out one arrow that has a bent feather and smoothing it carefully. "Why do you wish not to return?" he asks, voice almost casual.

Keldean watches Caelwen, his eyes focusing on the silent shows of affection, the small things they do to show their love. He can still feel the ache, and when he looks back to Giliath the pain is on his face. "Because -she's- there. I can't .. I don't want to see her again." He kicks at a rock, frowning. "Does that make sense?"

[Giliath(#9838)] A sudden memory at the boy's clear pain. A young elleth with silvery-golden hair and a laugh like flowers in a brook. Giliath is silent for a long minute and then he nods. "Yes," he says. "I think that I can understand this. If love is not possible, it is ... easier not to see. But what will you do if you do not return?"

"I don't know. I'll find something." Keldean looks around at the countryside, huddled in his coat. "I think I'll get some more wood for the fire first.." Not that there are many trees. There isn't much of anything. It's not the most ideal of places to camp, but he has little choice in the matter. He had no idea what the moors were. "Cordelia was wrong. She was wrong about a lot of things. I never should have listened to her."

[Giliath(#9838)] The elf listens quietly, then asks a question before turning to find his wife. He is ready. "Have you the strength to return, and not listen?" Leaving Keldean to consider this, he moves away, stopping once more to say, "The small shrubs, the ones that have leaves that are thick and small and bluish-green often there are dead branches in their centers. They burn hot and swift."

Keldean shakes his head slowly in answer, knowing how close he was to caving in to Cordelia's desires even when they briefly met. He doesn't say anything about it, though. Instead the youth lifts a hand in farewell, "Goodbye.." He says, then turns to walk away, seeking out tinder to burn.

Players: Keldean, Caelwen, Giliath
Located in: Breefolk | Imladhrim