Learning to Smoke

Conall gives Keldean a pipe after some advice on hair styles.
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Location: The Shire
IC Time: Morning
Weather: Rainy
Description: [Conall(#26314)] As the late morning sun rises towards its peak, a small rain comes down upon the Bree camp. However, standing outside the camp in a dark green cloak with smoke rising around him, making him look almost like a ghost, is the hobbit, Conall. He is obviously having a good time.

Keldean is curled up under a blanket, still asleep despite the late hour, but the rain finally soaks through and rouses him. He sits up, yawning and blinking as he looks around. He gaze stops on Conall, sleep-blurry eyes staring in confusion for a moment until he sorts out what he's seeing. "What are you doing?" He asks, his words mildly distorted by his yawns.

[Conall(#26314)] "Watching the morning, Kel. Just watching the morning." Conall begins to laugh, a deep fruity laugh, and then returns to watching the Shire and smoking his pipe.

Keldean stands slowly, wincing from soreness. "Is there anything to eat?" It's a fairly normal question for him in the last week or so, a ravenous appetite grabbing the teen recently. He walks over to see what Conall is looking at, but dismisses the view immediately and begins working at unknotting a leather cord from his tangled auburn curls. "Do I look older with my tied hair back?" He asks, rather out of the blue.

[Conall(#26314)] "No, but it is time for you to get your hair cut." Conall turns around and looks at the boy, "Keldean, look over the land, look at this view. I will fix breakfast, what would ye like?" Conall starts looking through a wagon for supplies.

"I don't?" The teen frowns, disappointment in his voice. "I don't want to cut it. Men have long hair. They don't keep it short like little kids." Keldean finally gets the cord free and shakes out the curls, a snarled mess that will be a nightmare to comb out. "Anything.. I'm starving. Are there any eggs? I could eat ten.." The teen seems to have forgotten or put aside their last argument.

[Conall(#26314)] "Keldean, don't bunch yer hair like an elf. It doesn't look natural on a human like yerself. Eggs? Bacon too or sausages?" Conall looks at the boy and smiles, "By the way, do you know why I didn't try to further our argument earlier?"

"Doesn't make me look like an elf.. " Keldean frowns, being contrary, but he lets it hang free, not too keen on looking like one of the pointy-eared folk. He rubs his face, "I need a beard. Then I would look older."

The teen abandons his personal grooming for a moment to focus on breakfast. "That sounds good. Bacon and sausage both!" He's quiet for a bit, then give Conall a shrug, "I don't know.. because I left?"

[Conall(#26314)] "Because ye said ye didn't care what I thought. That was a man's answer." Conall takes one more pull on his pipe and goes about getting a pan to place over the fire. Which he seems to do rather easily, as if he has cooked in the wild before.

Keldean doesn't know the first thing about cooking and simply sits down in the wet grass, beginning to fuss with his hair again. "Giliath said that I should make my own decisions, and decide what I think is right." He runs his hand over his chin again, as if suddenly a beard will sprout.

[Conall(#26314)] "Now there is a name I don't know, Giliath?" Conall breaks three eggs and puts down another pan on which he puts on bacon and sausages which sizzle and fill the air with their aroma.

"He's an elf. I traveled with him, back from the bridge where the troll attacked." Keldean watches the eggs cook, his stomach growling at the delicious scent. "He's been traveling with his wife, Caelwen. I met them in the woods and they came with me and Sparrow to go back.. and.. well. They're elves."

[Conall(#26314)] "Elves are good people." Conall sees that the eggs are nearly done and lets them go a little longer and then laddles then onto an iron plate, along with the sausages and bacon. "Here ye go. Now what do I want? Hmm? Hard choice, what do I want for second breakfast?"

Keldean grins when the food is done. "Thank you." He manages the basic appreciation as he reaches for the plate, then wastes little time in devouring it, not bothering to wait for it to cool. "Giliath is.. I guess Galharth is okay too. Some of them aren't as friendly. Galharth's friend was ready to draw a knife on me.." He says this while he figures out how to fit as much egg as possible on his fork.

[Conall(#26314)] "A knife, well your lucky he didn't kill ye then. Elves are very quick and almost as silent as hobbits," Conall smiles when he finds a scone in his personal luggage. He begins to nibble and eat this.

Keldean finishes off the meal and leans over to see if anything is still in the cooking pans. His hopeful expression fades and he starts picking every last bit off the plate. "I can be pretty quiet, when I want to.."

[Conall(#26314)] "True, true." Conall leans against a wagon wheel and begins to smoke his pipe again.

Keldean finally accepts that he's eaten all the food, then sets the plate down and sighs, laying back in the wet grass. His calm doesn't last long before he's sitting up again restlessly. "So..Umm.. Do you have an extra pipe?" Surely smoking a pipe would help him look more mature.

[Conall(#26314)] Out of Conall's pocket comes a slender black wooden pipe which he throws to Keldean and a bag of Old Toby. He then throws a box of matches over there too, "Keep it, I have many many more."

Keldean barely catches the pipe, and completely misses the matches or bag of weed. He collects them up from the ground, pooling the items in his lap. "Really? Thanks.." The teen seems honestly surprised, but doesn't waste time in pulling the pouch open. "How much do I put in it?"

[Conall(#26314)] "Start out with a pinch full," Conall smiles and chuckles to himself.

Keldean nods, carefully picking out just a small bit and poking the weed into the pipe. He clenches it in his teeth and ties the rest up, then fishes out a match and lights it. There's a moment of uncertainty, as he realizes that while he's seen people smoke countless times, he's never paid an ounce of attention to how they light the pipe. He pokes the match down into the bell and watches it until the leaf starts to smolder. "Is that right?"

[Conall(#26314)] Laughter and hearty chuckles come from Conall, "No me boy, watch." He taps out his pipe and goes into his wagon and pulls out another pouch of Old Toby. He takes a good amount between his fingers and stuffs it into the pipe. He then lights a match and holds it over the pipe and sucks in air to pull the flame to the pipeweed, lighting it, and within moments, Conall produces a smoke ring.

Keldean frowns, then shakes out the smoldering weed and starts over. This time he does as Conall did, and while he ends up coughing for a moment, he successfully lights the pipe and takes a few practice puffs, and begins to get the hang of it. It's not long before he's grinning, despite wanting to look casual and mature about it all.

[Conall(#26314)] "Good, good Keldean. Now it will take you a while to get a true hang of it, but you'll do well." Conall smiles, laughs, and takes a pull.

Keldean shifts to sit more comfortably, happily engaging in his newest hobby. The pipe weed does wonders to calm some of his restlessness, and the teen actually sits quietly for a while. Finally, when the marvel of smoking begins to ebb, he looks over at Conall, "Nob said he might hire me on normally again, if I do all my work that the mayor said I need to."

[Conall(#26314)] "Good, but you will have to work extremely hard to get back in his good graces," Conall sits down next to the wheel and pulls a larger amount and blows three large smoke rings.

"He wasn't that mad.. really. I brought the wagon back and it's fine. So is the pony." Keldean says carefully, watching Conall closely. "I'm not really a criminal.. anymore.."

[Conall(#26314)] "Umm...hmmm...I'm gonna get some shut eye in the wagon." Conall gets up and a tiredness does seem to wash over his face. "I'll see ye in an hour or so."

Keldean decides not to push his luck. He nods, "Okay. Thanks for the pipe.." and then the teen concentrates on the pipe again, trying to fathom how people make rings with the smoke.
Players: Conall, Keldean
Located in: Breefolk