Worries Put to Rest

Ostiel reassures Thorhur that their trip will go smoothly.
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Location: Galadhrim Camp
Game Date: 38 Ethuil
IC Time: Morning
Weather: Hazy
Description: Dew still sticks to the grass, glistening off the hazy sun. The sky is grayish blue in this early hour, and the air is somewhat humid. Despite it still being spring, it feels as if summer has already come.
A figure clad in gray emerges from a nearby tent. He turns his back to the trees of Lorien and faces the distant mountains. He stands very still, even as a soft wind ruffles his cloak before dying away.

"They do not breathe, as the mallorns do." A soft voice drifts forward from just behind Thorhur, soft footsteps following. Ostiel comes to stand beside the Knight, her eyes also gazing upon the steepled horzion. "Yet, their majesty is no less for the stillness."

Thorhur smiles at Ostiel's words but does not turn his gaze. For a moment he remains silent, then says in a whisper, "So much relies upon me and Maglind. I have studied the maps, and I know how dangerous the mountains are. Then there is Dunland..." he sighs again. "The last thing I could bare is to be held responsible for charting a dangerous course."

There is a thoughtful pause, in which the Healer turns her eyes from the mountains to her companion. "Is there no other way, that would ensure a safer passage? I too wish to see as little pain as possible."

"I thought about other ways," Thorhur explains slowly, now turning to Ostiel, "The High Pass is very far north, as is the Gladden Pass. Both would require us to pass near Mirkwood and through the lands of the Beornings. The Gap of Rohan would mean passing through the land of Rohan. I wished to avoid as little encounters as possible."
He pauses, then continues. "The Redhorn Pass is the closest way over the mountains. From there we simply turn southwest through Dunland, and meet up with the Greenway, which can take us directly to the Tower Hills. The only thing is...the Redhorn Pass takes us very close to the dwellings of the wild Dunlendings and the yrch of the mountains."

Upon mention of Rohan, Ostiel smiles faintly. "I would have very much liked to see Rohan again, and Hraefengar within it, but I see the logic you present. However, would it not be wisdom to encounter men, rather than yrch?" Her tone is not imperious, or even offering advice, but questioning. The healer is rather curious, it seems, for she looks at Thorhur closely, awaiting his answer.

Thorhur grins, as if expecting this question. "You are right of course, Ostiel. I would much rather encounter the men of Rohan than the yrch of the mountain, but the course I chose seemed to be the quickest route. It would be a shame to miss the Bardic Congress because we tarried in the land of men, would it not?"
His eyes turn downward. "I am second guessing myself now though. What if Belagos was right in speaking against my decision?"

"You have been put in charge of this expedition," Ostiel points out calmly, her upturned nose twitching as the scent of roasting vegetables drift over from the camp. "For good or ill, you must trust your own decisions. We will all be uncertain, and less united, if you are unsure. Think, but not overmuch."

Thorhur smiles. "I suppose I am worrying too much. I have never made the trip to Mithlond though, and have never seen the sea. I just want us to get there in one piece." He shields his eyes from the sun as the clouds slowly dissapear and the day becomes brighter. He looks back at the camp, then turns his gaze back to Ostiel. "Have you ever seen the sea before?" he asks.

"Nay," Ostiel admits with a smile, her bright eyes sparkling with pleasant thought. "But I have heard tale of it's beauty, the splendor of waves against sand. I look forward to it. Ah, look and see," she points into the camp, smiling. "Our supper has been prepared. Shall we not partake of it?"

The Knight turns his gaze towards the camp and sees distant forms gathering. "You have been a great comfort Ostiel. Were it not for you I'd still be worrying. Come, for if we do not hurry there will be none left." He chuckles, then begins strolling towards the array of tents.

Ostiel follows Thorhur, her laughter warm and full. "Indeed, 'tis true! Hurry, my good mellon, make haste!"
Players: Thorhur,Ostiel
Located in: Galadhrim