Childish Mischief (Flashback)

Young Thorhur receives advice from Ostiel.
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Location: Rose Garden
Game Date: Unknown
IC Time: Mid Afternoon
Weather: Sunny
Description: It seems that the arrival of Celeborn and Galadriel has lifted the cloud that has gathered over the south of Lothlorien from the distant boughs of Mirkwood. The trees seem to shine and dance in the breeze of early summer.
On the lawn, a young elven child runs swifty, laughing joyfully. He looks up at the sun. "Hi sun! You're so bright today!" he says, giggling then falling into the grass.

Near to the child reclines an elleth in teal, her smile turned up to the sky. Ostiel O' Raavindonserke sighs in contentment and takes a bite of her golden apple. From the small basket beside her, there is more where that came from.

Thorhur, as curious as any child his age, walks over to the basket. Finding an apple, he smiles, and then tugs on the elleth's shirt. "Excuse me?" he says, his eyes widening, "Um, may I have an apple please lady elleth?"

"Of course you may, little one," Ostiel replies immediately, her bright eyes turning from the sun to the child with no less interest. "Here," she reaches into the basket and retrieves one of the fruit, holding it out to Thorhur with a warm smile, "The red ones are sweetest."

Thorhur smiles and bites into the apple. "My name is Thorhur," he says proudly, smiling at Ostiel, "My mommy and daddy heal people who are hurt!" he says this as if it is the greatest thing in the world. "They say I'll be a healer too."

"A healer?" Ostiel sits up and leans in towards the child, her eyes sparkling with curiosity. "What makes you say that, young one? Is it because your parents are thusly engaged? Do not base all your hopes on their choices," she continues after a moment's pause, "For someday, you will realize that your desires are your own, even if they are clouded." The elleth seems to know this well, sighing and ruffling Thorhur's hair.

Thorhur laughs, although the deep words of Ostiel are indeed beyond his comprehension. He continues to eat the apple, then looks up at Ostiel again. "So what House are you in? I'm in Laiquendi! My daddy says that his daddy's granddaddy came from a place called Oss-Oss-Ossliriand!" he smiles, proud of his accomplishment, although the word has been mispronounced.

Now it is Ostiel's turn to laugh. "Laiquendi...'tis a fine house, Thorhur. My family hails from Raavindonserke's boughs." She takes another bite and looks the child over, keen gaze narrowing. "Where is your family, little mellon? Do they know where you are?"

"They don't know. I went off to play while mommy was healing," Thorhur says, looking at the ground, suddenly looking guilty.

"I need not tell you that wandering off is not wise. I will accompany you back, for I am certain she is worried for you." The elleth pushes herself up and offers the babe a hand. "Come, Thorhur."

Thorhur's eyes tear and he looks at Ostiel with bottom lip quivering. "You-you're not going to get me twouble are you?" he asks. "Mommy might get mad then not wet me play!" his voice quivers as well.

"If you wander off," Ostiel states firmly but kindly, her grey eyes sympathetic, "Then you must be prepared for consequences. Do not worry over much, though. There are worse fates than confinement."

Thorhur nods. "Follow me then! I'll show you where mommy is." He still has tears in his eyes, but taking Ostiel's hand, Thorhur leads the way, chattering as he walks.
Players: Thorhur,Ostiel
Located in: Galadhrim