Norweg and Aurglin (Flashback)

Thorhur's mother meets Maglind's father.
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Location: Training Field
Game Date: Unknown
IC Time: Nighttime
Weather: Cloudy
Description: Fright flickers over Norweg's face as he attempts to stop, but his bare feet merely skid upon the stones. "I'm sorry!" he yells as he holds his hands before his face, continuing to accelerate.
A fine crack in the verdant flagstones find his small toes, and without further sound, the youth falls forward -- flat on his face.

Aurglin (Thorhur), a healer wise beyond her ears, rushes over to the boy, and pats his head. "Are you all right?" she asks, her voice tender as she looks at the boy.

A sniffle. Norweg raises his head slightly, grinning at the healer. "I'm fine!" he assures her -- apart from the stubbed toe and bruised forehead, he is, indeed, unscathed. "I'm sorry if I scared you!"

Aurglin smiles sweetly and kneels down. "You poor thing," she says, stroking the boy's hair. "It's all right. I'd better get used to children. I hope to have one some day.

"Naneth says it's a dark time for having children," Norweg offers, flopping down onto folded elbows. "Something made the other forest sick."
"It won't happen to Lorien, will it?" the boy asks cautiously, looking up at Aurglin. "Then there would be no trees to climb. Tatharin always climbs trees with me."

Aurglin smiles sadly and looks out towards the distance. "It won't happen to Lorien, dear child," she says, sitting up. "And, there is no bad time to have children, so long as the elves remain in Middle Earth. We cannot live under these boughs forever, for our true homes are beyond the sea. Only when it is time to depart should we stop having children."

"Beyond the sea? Is that where the Sun lives?" asks the youth, resting his head on his arm. "If that is home, then Lorien is not my home? I should like to live here forever among the trees, even if it means that the forest gets sick and I never go home."

Aurglin smiles. "You are a funny child Norweg," she says in her musical voice, "Yes, beyond the sea is where the sun lives. It's where the moon lives, and it's where many beautiful things live."

"More beautiful than Lothlorien and our King?" The child's voice is doubtful. He raises a gangly arm to rub his forehead: "Perhaps ... if there are mellyrn to climb, I would not mind going there. And if the forests do not become ill, I should be very content indeed."

Aurglin laughs again. "You are so funny Norweg. Tell me, how old are you, who are your parents, and from what house do you come?"

"I turn twenty-seven this summer," he says proudly, rubbing his nose. "My mother is Elphiriel and my father is Ellathron -- though mother says he went away on a big journey recently," Norweg continues, somewhat crestfallen, "and he didn't even bring me along. He didn't even bid me farewell."
"I live in that tree," the child says, once again cheery, pointing up to the higher levels of the city -- to the talan of House Raavindonserke. "But I have never seen you there, lady."

"Ah, I know your mother. I am not in your house though. I am in house Laiquendi. Ah, but you are old now aren't you?" she asks with a laugh.

"Tatharin is older than me, but she plays with me often," says Norweg, sitting up suddenly. "I am not very old at all -- many of my family members have lived one thousand times my age."

Aurglin nods. "Do you love Tatharin?" she asks with a wink.

"What?!" Norweg cries, an incredulous expression rushing over his immediately-pink face. "She's a friend! I love her, but she's just a friend! She's old enough to be my naneth!"

Aurglin smiles. "You love her but she is too old? Why should age matter?" her words are soft. "I married my best friend, and he's 200 years older than me!"

"Yes, but ... she's one thousand years older than I am!" protests Norweg, fiddling with the hem of his tunic. "I think I shall worry about it when I am older," he says seriously.
"Tatharin told me a very interesting story," the child says, attempting to shift the attention off of himself. "When she was little, you met with Thorgil and slapped him! She did not know why, though."

"He asked me to marry him! It was very awkward!" she says, standing up. "And now, dear child, I must be going, for this is healing to do and I am late." She helps Norweg off the ground and hugs him, then walks off smiling.
Players: Norweg, Aurglin
Located in: Galadhrim