Wild Boars

Thorhur and Galharth encounter a boar in the pastures of Lorien.
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Location: Pastures
Game Date: 29 Firtih
IC Time: Dusk
Weather: Sunny
Description: The sun has set and the world is in deep shadow. The trees are tall sentinels over a quiet wood. The air is cool and ruffles the grass silently. In the midst of Lorien's great pasture, a figure stalks. A phantom? No, for when he comes upon one of the white horses he pets it gently. Removing his hood, Thorhur reveals himself to the mare whom he has befriended of late. Smiling, he strokes her mane.

There is no single shadow in the dusk of the day, for indeed, a less stealthy figure follows the Knight onto the field. "Well met, Thorhur," Galharth says as he steps out into the pasture, not far from the Guard. Drawing his hands behind his back, he looks towards the freely roaming horses. "They are amazing animals, are they not?" He comments softly as he watches the golden stallion off in the distance.

Thorhur turns and nods to Galharth with a small smile. "Indeed, especially this one. I often came here when I was hurt, and she befriended me, or...I befriended her. She is the most amazing horse though." Stepping back, Thorhur turns to face the Tailor. "So what brings you to the Stables my dear Tailor? I was out for a stroll, and didn't think I'd find anyone. However, it is good to be in your company."

"I've taken a fancy to that stallion over there," Galharth says as he points towards the golden horse off in the distance. "Nioniel said she'd teach me the art of riding, and I'm considering it." Falling silent, he stands a moment to watch the horses.
Suddenly, the horses snort harshly and hurry off to the far north of the pasture. "Odd," Galharth says as the horses standing nearest them startle slightly and follow the others towards the north.

Wild Boar Near the river, a short snort echos in the trees, followed by a strange thumping sound.

Even with his keen eyes, Thorhur spies nothing unusual. Shrugging, he turns back to his mare, only to find that she has run as well. Hearing a distant snort, Thrhur furrows a brow. "That is odd. These horses are very experienced. What could cause them to run?"

Musing softly, the Tailor watches the other animals in the meadow. "While I might oversee the work of the hearders, I know little of the animals or their behavior." Galharth says as he peers around the pasture. "The shepards are in the city, so there is no one to ask." Frowning deeply, he glances at the Knight. "Perhaps we could circle round the field to be sure all is well?"

On the shore of the Anduin, a large bristly beast snorts into the mud. Tossing his head, he pushes dirt and tender plants out of the way as it searches for food. Moving from the shoreline, a large wild boar moves towards the pasture.

Thorhur nods. "Good idea. I'll start up the left side." Trudging along at a steady pace, the Knight keeps his eyes peeled for anything unnatural, but the growing starless night makes it hard to see anything. For a moment, a movement catches his eye, but he shrugs it off.

"Shouldn't we stick together?" Galharth says as he peers into the darkness. "If it is something, then it stands less of a chance against two of us." Reaching at his waist, the Craftsmaster withdraws his longsword. "Not that anything would be foolish enough to enter into our lands."

Lifting a hooved paw the wild boar brings its foot down harshly over a small root. The Snapping sound rings out over the pasture, causing the boar to squeel impatiently.

A squeel, a snap. Thorhur's ears are sharp, and immediately he finds the boar. "Galharth! It is here! A boar, I believe! Quick!" Thorhur stares down the beast, eyeing him. "Why are you here?" he asks quietly. Then he backs up quietly, and brings his longbow up. The arrow is fit, but he does not fire...yet.

Backing up as the Knight backs up, Galharth looks nervously into the darkness. "Not /the/ boar, do you think? The one that they've been talking about hunting?" the Craftsmaster says nervously. Bringing his longsword up into a defensive posture, he frowns. "I know how to fight something with some form of intelligence, but this? How can we two hope to win?"

Looking up at the sound of voices, the wild boars eyes seem to darken with anger. Tossing his head, and squeeling loudly, he charges forth, aiming to attack the lead in the two legged beasts deemed to be enemy!

Wild Boar charges at Thorhur with its tusks!
...and he misses!

Before Thorhur can respond, the beast charges. Ducking just in time, he turns to Galharth. The best we could hope to do is scare it off!" Then, regaining his footing, he lets loose an arrow towards the back of the Boar's neck.

Thorhur fires off an arrow at Wild Boar...
Thorhur's arrow flies wide of Wild Boar, doing no harm.

Surprise flickers over the Tailors expression as the Boar charges forth. "Look out!" He cries out as he moves towards away from the beasts path. "I can't fight this thing! Or if possible, I know not how!" Clearly, Galharth is flustered and captured with confusion as to how to attack.

Skidding to a stop only a few short feet from the Knight, the Boar tosses its head, causing the starlight to flash off the pearly white tusks. Turning, it doesn't bother with the second two legged figure, as it keeps its focus on the one firing arrows. Pawing the ground, it charges forth again, tossing its head in an attack against the elf.

Wild Boar charges at Thorhur with its tusks!
...and he misses!

Thorhur considers for a moment. "Perhaps we could distract its attention...for it is too hard to kill it in darkness!" he yells out in response. Then, as the boar charges, he ducks. Turning to Galharth to see he is unharmed, Thorhur takes another arrow and aims this time for the center of the boar's massive legs.

Thorhur fires off an arrow at Wild Boar...
Thorhur's arrow hits Wild Boar, moderately wounding him!

"Distract! How about run!" Galharth calls out in a high pitched voice. "Or head into the trees!" Clearly the Craftsmaster is at a loss as to what to do. "We're dealing with an angry animal, he's not fighting fair!"

As the arrow pierces the Boars front leg, he squeels in a panic. The beasts massive body rears up and he paws the air while tossing his head. The arrow snaps off, leaving a bloodied leg. Again he tosses his head and anger can be heard in its screeching squeel. Turning it charges with anger, aiming to tear apart the elf's leg.

Wild Boar charges at Thorhur with its tusks!
...and he misses!

Thorhur dodges the horns again, then rushes forward. "If I could just break one of it's legs...that's it!" Shouting, the Knight fits another arrow and aims for the other front leg.

Thorhur fires off an arrow at Wild Boar...
Thorhur's arrow hits Wild Boar, moderately wounding him!

"Break it's legs? With what!" Galharth says, clearly reaching the point of panic. "I'm a Tailor! Not a Troll!" He calls out with a high pitched voice. "You're the Guard! Do something!"

Screeching in anger, the boar tosses its head and darts off towards the river. Clearly, it's moving off to lick its wounds. Before the screaming can stop, the boar disappears into the darkness.

Thorhur watches as the boar departs. "He'll be back. He'll be angry too! We must alert the guards to keep close watch upon the pasture. I will head to the City and alert the Lord and Lady at once!" Then, without a goodbye, the Knight departs into the darkness.
Players: Thorhur,Galharth
Located in: Galadhrim