(Archive) Many Meetings

Galharth gives Thorhur his Knight's cowls.
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Location: Near the Great Tree
Game Date: 26 Firith
IC Time: Dusk
Weather: Clear
Description: The setting sun casts long shadows over the world. As the colors in the sky mingle into brilliant hues of reds, purples, and blues, the orange orb that is Anor slowly disappears. The branches of the mellyrn reach up like fingers.
Walking under the branches is a lone figure. His gray garments seem to shine despite the dimness that grows. When he comes to the bottom of the Great Tree, he stops. Looking down onto the lawn beyond, he can see young elven children chasing a dog. However, even they make no sounds. All is silent.

As the fading embers of Anor trickle over the blessed land of the Galadhrim, the Tailor moves towards the Great Tree with purpose, carrying a wrapped package. Glancing left and then right, he seems to be searching for something or perhaps someone. As his eyes fall upon a figure walking under the branches, the Tailor's eyes open wide, and then he smiles. "Thorhur!" he calls out as he changes direction to head directly for the grey clad figure.

Thorhur turns slowly at the voice, for it breaks the silence, and his eyes seem to brighten. Taking a couple steps forward, he raises a pale hand in welcome and smiles widely. "Ah, Galharth. How wonderful to see you! How do you fare this spectacular eve?" his voice is joyful and light, but soft as the wind upon the trees.

Extending the package carried in his hand, Galharth offers it to the Knight. "Your black cowls, Knight Thorhur...." the Tailor says with a crooked smile. "We certainly need to get you into uniform so that one and all can recognize your rise in the ranks."

Thorhur takes the package eagerly and removes his grey cloak, revealing the gray shirt underneath. Quickly he slips the cowl on and smiles. "It fits just right, and this is just in time too. I have been asked to help oversee some new recruits to the City Guards. It will be much easier to oversee them if they know who I am," the Knight replies with a soft laugh.

"I've no doubt that your tasks will be many", Galharth says with a nod of approval. Tilting his head one way and then the other he carefully inspects the lay of the cowl. "It looks good." he fianlly says. Folding his arms over his chest, he looks directly into the Knights face. "Tell me, how goes the healing? Certainly you won't be held to duty in the city if you are able." Glancing to the borders he sighs. "Much occurs upon the border and they need good and experienced folk there."

Thorhur replies with a more thoughtful tone, "I have learned a bit of treating wounds and stopping blood flow. The healers are very helpful, but...somewhat different than the way they treat you in the healing talan. I mean, when you are there, they are so firm, but sitting down and learning from them is pleasant. They are really more skilled and wise than you may guess."

"I've never questioned their skill," Galharth says as he continues to hold his crooked grin. "My own desires to escape their administering is not from a concern over their skill, but rather from embarrassment for not preventing injury in the first place." Unfolding his arms and sweeping a hand towards the Knight's leg, he asks softly, "Tell me, do you not feel guilty for the tenderness they give you when in fact you are partially responsible for not escaping the blow that injured you?"

Thorhur furrows his brow and pauses in thought. Several moments go by, then he speaks again. "Sometimes I feel guilty...mostly when the injuries are small or ones that should have been avoided but weren't. Then I feel as if I am being a nuisance. However..." here he pauses again before speaking again, his voice a bit softer now, "I also feel guilty when there are yrch or trolls upon the borders. I feel as if I am not doing a well enough job at keeping the fell creatures at bay."

"I am forever left with the thought that there was always something more I could have done." Galharth says with a shrug of his shoulders, "And with that, I'm only a Tailor so to have me filled with guilt must surely indicate that you are moreso filled with such thoughts." Folding his arms once more over his chest, he sighs. "Alas, with a lifetime such as ours, we are forever to consider such thoughts."
Smiling, he looks to the Knight and tilts his head. "Have you begun your training with your longsword yet?"

Thorhur suddenly remembers the sword in his belt. Taking it by the hilt, he holds it up and studies it. Sighing, he says, "Alas I have not. Swords are not my strongest weapons. In fact, the last time I even handled a sword before this was when I was a child and we used to, erm...borrow swords from the Smithy and play "Chase the Orcs"." Laughing, he puts the sword back. "I suppose now that I really will be chasing orcs, real training will come in handy."

Laughing, the Tailor's lips form a full smile. "At least you handled a weapon before adulthood. I fear the closest I came was my knitting needles." As Galharth speaks, his eyes twinkle with merriment. "Though based upon Nioniel's handling of her shears, perhaps I've underestimated the skills learned with my needles." Looking at the drawn weapon sobers the Craftsmaster and he looks to the Great Tree as if expecting to see someone. A gentle sigh escapes his lips and he returns his gaze to the Knight. "The Lord Celeborn is an excellent teacher. I'm sure he'd be happy to help you if you asked."

Thorhur nods slowly and turns towards the Tree. "It would be such an honor to train with Lord Celeborn, as it was an honor to be healed by the Lady." Brushing a loose piece of hair from his face, he turns to Galharth. "I understand you are quite skilled in the Longsword though. You could perhaps teach me a thing or two," he adds with a small wink.

Laughter that faded now returns. "Me? I am no guard, nor defender. I am but a Tailor who seeks to help in any little way I might. I cam managed well I suppose, and I've brought down a fair share of beasts with my blade, but it is to Maglind or the Lord Celeborn that I'd say are best skilled to teach you." Galharth says. Shaking his head he steps back from the Knight. "Alas, if there is anything else you need from me, feel free to call upon me." Bowing his head he takes another step back towards the stairs. Pausing he asks one last time. "Is there anything further you need?"

Thorhur pauses for a moment, then chuckles. "No thank you, dear Craftsmaster. I am content for the time being. However, I fear that I must also be going. I bid you a fond farewell." Smiling and waving, the Knight passes into the shadows unseen in his black cowl.
Players: Thorhur,Galharth
Located in: Galadhrim