(Archive) Hot Springs

Nioniel finds Thorhur healing his injured leg.
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Location: Hot Springs
Game Date: 38 Iavas
IC Time: Mid Afternoon
Weather: Sunny
Description: The midday sun blazes, although the day is cool. The clouds hang like puffy cotton balls in the light blue sky. The grass is rich and fair and strewn with flowers like dust. The trees do not grow in this clearing, leaving the sky open.
The Hot Springs here, natural geysers, bubble and simmer with their hot water. However, more bubbles that are not natural have appeared, and out of the Springs appears a head, the blonde hair pinned down, the blue eyes sparkling, and the body naked. Water streams down the fair face.

Strolling near the bubbling hot springs, Nioniel seems to be going no where in any particular hurry. Her footsteps cease momentarily and she gazes upwards through the leafy boughs overhead at the golden green light, sighing quietly. Her gown and the light seem to be the exact same colour, and the hem softly blends into its surroundings, divided from the ground only by the fact that it isn't strewn with blossoms.
Glancing down just in time to see Thorhur's head emerge from the stirring water, she starts a little in surprise. She turns her face aside with a blush momentarily before smiling timidly: "Good day, Thorhur. I didn't realize you were there."

Thorhur, slightly scared at being caught by another, dips further into the water so only his head is visible. Smiling now, his eyes scan the elleth and he says in a goodnatured voice, "Good day Nioniel! How do you fare? I was just excercising my leg...I didn't know many people came this way, but don't worry! You didn't bother me!"

"I ... I am well," the elleth replies quickly. Blushing a little more, slightly abashed at meeting the sentinel in this way, Nioniel seems to have a little difficulty focusing in on Thorhur's face. She scans the area as if pondering something, fingering a fold of her skirt a little nervously and chuckles, "No, I suppose not many do come this way. I suppose that's why I walk here often ... You've probably noticed I'm shy of company at times."
Pausing, she turns her gaze downward once more and inquires, "How is your leg faring now, by the way?"

"It is well, my friend. I am still in need of the staff, but it shouldn't be too much longer until I am free of the dratted thing." Winking, the Sentinel dives under and disappears momentarily. The water, clear as glass, ripples slowly, then he appears again, perhaps a bit more fierce than he means too, for as he appears at the surface he sends a torrent of water in all directions.

Chuckling as Thorhur dives under the water, Nioniel steps a little closer to the banks to pluck a particularly attractive, star-shaped white flower sprouting from betwixt two stones. She sniffs it with a gentle smile, enjoying the fragrance before tucking it behind her pointed ear. Just as she straightens up, the Sentinal emerges and splashes her with a wave of water which causes her to gasp and jump back.
Rather than being angry at the splash, Nioniel seems torn for only a moment before laughing good-naturedly. The ellon's repentance and embarrassment seem to put her back in a good mood, even though her skirts are drenched now. Catching the towel, she grins, "Oh, grievously wounded, I assure you ... It's nothing that won't dry out on it's own accord! Do come back up, mellon." She laughs, trying to speak loud enough for Thorhur to hear from his submerged position.

Thorhur's head emerges from the water and he smiles too. "At least you are not angry. I would be crushed if you were." Laughing, the Sentinel begins walking through the water towards the deepest part of the Spring, when...
Without warning, Thorhur goes tumbling, falling over a sharp rock. His bad foot, cut and bleeding, pains, and the unexpected shock scares the Sentinel. His eyes widen, and then he goes under as the pain grips his whole leg.

Busying herself with wringing out the dripping folds of her skirt, Nioniel does not notice the Sentinal's injury at first. However, when she glances up to do a double take, she sees the look of great pain on Thorhur's face and gasps, "Oh dear, what happened?"
Hurrying around to the edge of the pool nearer to the injured ellon with a look of great concern, Nioniel leans over, "Are you alright? What can I do?"

Thorhur tries to answer but water pours in. Coming up to the surface, he says, "You could p-..." with a look of pain, he goes under the surface again, flails, holds his foot, and returns to the surface, only to be dragged under again by the pain in his leg.

Another gasp of shock leaves Nioniel as she watches Thorhur go under for a second time. Not waiting any longer, she forgets about her already damp skirts and jumps down into the water. Thankfully she is an excellent swimmer and finds Thorhur quickly, pulling him back up to the surface by his arms. She wastes no time in talk and simply pulls him over to the shore.

Thorhur, pulled along by Nioniel's arms, puts his head above water long enough to see the elleth's face. Smiling, he tries to talk but instead holds his foot. The water ist stained with blood, and his foot is already a bit swollen. This time as he goes under, he holds his breath and closes his eyes until he is on land once more.

Panting for breath, Nioniel drags herself onto the shore, looking weary and a bit haggard at the close shave Thorhurs just had, she stands up, sopping wet from head to toe. With water streaming off of her, she hurries over to find at least the ellons cloak, and places it over his shoulders. "Are you alright, mellon?" she asks breathlessly.
Not even really waiting for an answer, she reaches into the wet pouch hanging at her side and pulls out a strip of cloth to serve as a bandage, and kneels down by the Sentinals injured foot.

Thorhur smiles and takes a deep breath of air. Gripping his cloak, he looks up at Nioniel and his eyes shine gratefully. "Thank you Nioniel," the Sentinel says softly with a warm smile, "You have saved my life twice...and I am forever in your debt. Should you require anything, do not hesitate to call on me...though I fear there is no deed I could perform that could make up for your deeds of valor. Nioniel...you may not think yourself brave, but to me, you are one of the bravest in the Wood. Do not forget that."

Her expression is concerned, but the elleth manages to nod and smile, trying to wrap the bandage around Thorhurs foot as gently as possible. Once she has finished tying the cloth, she stands up - still dripping and looking quite undignified, but serious all the same - and says hurriedly, "Dont worry about it, mellon... I am not so very brave. Ive just happened to be in the right places at the right times."
Perhaps too timid to stay on that line of talk, she adds quickly: "Just stay here. Ill go and fetch one of the healers for you. They can tend your foot far better than I."
With that, Nioniel gathers her sopping skirts and hurries across the grass, vanishing through the trees.
Players: Thorhur,Nioniel
Located in: Galadhrim