Yer Eats!

Ollie catches himself a snack!
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Location: East Road - Eastern Shore of the Mitheithel
IC Time: Evening
Description: [Cordelia(#1394)] Another day or so of travel, the party moving steadily northwards. The going is slow, though: the path along the Hoarwell was narrow, Rhifaroth was still bound as prisoner, though his legs were unbound, there are few horses, so that only Rhifaroth and Liuni rode. At last they are in sight of the road again, but evening is falling swiftly and the horses need rest, along with the traveling party. So reluctantly, they have stopped.

Cordelia, in this group, has been silent and dejected-seeming, even. Walking alone when she can, head down.

[Giliath(#9838)] Giliath and Caelwen have come north with the group, despite their discussion about leaving - after all, it is on the way, and there is safety in numbers. The two elves have kept somewhat apart from the others however, and Giliath no longers looks sad when his gaze passes across Rhifaroth.

"The road is here," he says to his wife, the prosaic words melodic in the musical elven tongue and he does not bother to lower his voice - as if certain there is none who will understand him, save she. "I do not wish to pass the bridge in the night, an olog lives beneath that bridge."

[Cordelia(#1394)] The group breaks up and begins to make camp--the rangers choosing a spot that is -not- near the bridge and its troll and that is easily defensible. Cordelia is not wanted or needed for this process, so she drifts around the camp, her steps taking her near Gilliath as he speaks. She looks up to the elf. "Do you know where we are, by any chance?"

[Giliath(#9838)] Giliath looks down at this interruption. "Yes," he says after a pause. Caelwen slips behind him, with an uncertain, nervous look at Cordelia, and is silent. The purple dusk deepens and stars begin to prick the sky. "We are near the Great Road that leads from the mountains to the sea."

[Cordelia(#1394)] "It leads to the sea?" Cordelia asks, surprised, picking up on this one detail. She doesn't seem to react to Caelwen's nervousness, other than to give the elf woman a somewhat curious look. "I've never seen the sea. What is it like?"

[Giliath(#9838)] Giliath nods. "It is far," he says, "To the west." A brief glance down at the young woman, and then the elf's eyes stray towards the distant, unseen, ocean. But he looks into the west as if he can see it, and is counting each breaker that rolls onto the sand.

"It is like... nothing else," he says at last. "The voice of Ulmo speaks in each wave, far more loudly than even this swift, rocky river. There is no end, for the bent waters go on and on...."

Keldean heads in their direction, sighing as he dumps down a pack that he's been carrying. "I'm going to wash off in the river.." The teen says to no one in particular, wiping sweat from his brow as he looks towards the shore where the water looks terribly inviting.

[Cordelia(#1394)] "The voice of -who-?" Cordelia blinks a few times at the elf, though she sounds intrigued by the explanation. "And it just goes on forever? How is that possible? I..." Well, she stops there, not able to even imagine it.

Keldean offers a welcome interruption, though. "Uh....is that safe?" she asks as the teen announces he will go into the river. She glances quickly to Gilliath, as if somehow he would know.

[Giliath(#9838)] "Ulmo," Giliath repeats, then looks around at Keldean. "There is often a troll under that bridge," he tells the boy, nodding upstream to where the great bridge crosses the river. "He might not yet be stirring, it is not full dark." Might. Full. Fair words to trust in, when it is life or dinner in the balance. His attention returns to Cordelia, and he might have smiled. "None have ever sailed to the end and returned," he tells her, then amends that. "No human."

Keldean considers their words, his gaze straying towards the bridge. He's never seen a troll and perhaps doesn't have the healthy fear he ought to of the creatures. "I'll just be right there.." The teen answers casually, and tugs off his boots before heading down towards the shore.

[Cordelia(#1394)] "Keldean, no!" Cordelia cries out as the teen doesn't heed the elf's warning. -She- in contrast, may have knowledge of trolls, or at least has heard enough stories for her voice to contain lots of fear.

[Giliath(#9838)] Giliath has been trying to teach Keldean about choices, and their consequences, and of learning to chose wisely whose advice to listen to. Also, he doesn't seem to be in the business of saving the foolish from their refusal to accept such advice. He watches Keldean and makes no move to stop him.

Keldean stops at the river's edge, peeling off his shirt, the garment sticky from sweat and covered in dust from their travel. Cordelia is yelling at him and he looks back with a sigh. "I'm -right- here, Cord.. Giliath said it's not dark.." Which, judging by the elf's tone sounded like it was okay. Teenager's aren't overly capable of rational decisions a lot of the time anyhow.

[Cordelia(#1394)] A quick, dark look given to the elf, then Cordelia is rushing after Keldean, though she is a ways away from him and not likely to reach him before he gets -into- the river. Still, she runs. "Keldean, don't be foolish!" She sounds -very- worried. Why?

[Ollie(#15066)] There is a slithering fall of gravel from somewhere in the night. Upstream, sounds like, though sounds travel oddly in the darkness and it might be coming from anywhere. And then a sound like a deep coughing grunt. A bear?

Unseen as yet by those hidden just downstream from him, Oliver scrambles out of his cave and stretches, and sniffs the evening air.

Keldean looks back at her with a rather irritated and defiant expression on his face. "I think I would -see- a troll before it got to me, Cordelia. Last I heard they're pretty big." He argues, waving his arm around at the seemingly peaceful shoreline. His bare chest is skinny, his recent growth spurt in the last few months leaving the teen looking almost gangly.

"I'm more worried about snakes or crawfish than a troll jumping out from behind a tree. It won't take me more than a few minutes to rinse off." Keldean's too busy arguing to hear that grunting sound.

[Giliath(#9838)] Giliath hears it though, and his head comes up, his eyes suddenly dark and he is moving, running towards Keldean, calling out in a low carrying voice, "Troll!" Letting someone learn from their actions is not quite the same as standing idly by and letting a child be slain.

[Cordelia(#1394)] Panting, Cordelia comes up to stand next to Keldean, finally. Being out of breath, she doesn't hear the troll's approach either. "Look, Keldean," she says, maybe her voice drowning out Giliath's warning, "I'm not here to argue with you, and if you want to go wash off in a dangerous river, that's your choice."

[Ollie(#15066)] In the dim light, something pretty big looms up behind Keldean. And what the boy might not have thought of was that Pretty Big means Pretty Long Legs which can run Pretty Fast. Oliver has smelled something enticing, something succulent, something delicious, and he is wasting no time about getting to it.

The sliding gravel turns abruptly into an earthquake as the ground shakes beneath the weight of the troll's coming. Oliver's beady little eyes land on Keldean who is nearest to him (the troll doesn't see any of the rest of the camp, or indeed even seem aware they exist), and he reaches out to snatch the boy up.

[Giliath(#9838)] There is a heartbeat's worth of pause, and then the rangers (those that are here and not off 'scouting') break into action, sliding through the brush to guard, to keep hidden. Caelwen darts away from the river, towards Rhifaroth and the horses, calming the frightened beasts, though her own eyes are wide.

Ollie attacks you with his Bare Hands!...
...and he hits! Ouch!

Keldean looks at the placid water, so inviting, then over at Cordelia. "I think you're overreacting! I wasn't going to go for a swim down the river, I just want to wash off the dirt. You weren't carrying heavy gear all-" Not hearing the elf was unsurprising, given how smooth and melodic Giliath's voice is. Ollie rushing suddenly out of nowhere is quite another.

There's an expression of shock and disbelief on the youth's face. Why does he always have to be wrong about these kinds of things?

He sees that granite colored hand reach for him and jumps to the ground, wincing from the hard impact with the dirt.. no, that's fingers! Thick, monstrous fingers. In the span of seconds Keldean has gone from being so sure that he'll be fine to being utterly wrong. He doesn't even think to yell, so surprised he is.

[Cordelia(#1394)] "Keldean!" Cordelia's scream is ear-piercing as the teen as grabbed--and with no thought for her own safety, she rushes forward, drawing a dagger from her belt. She tries to slash at the troll's legs or arms--whatever she can reach.

Cordelia attacks Ollie with her Dagger and mildly wounds him!

[Ollie(#15066)] Oliver admires his prize, gloatingly, holding the wriggling boy up in one vast fist. Then he turns away to head back upstream. But something darts out of nowhere and throws itself at him, and he pauses, looking down. "Twos," he tells himself. "Twos of thems." He looks at Cordelia, looks at Keldean, and greed takes over. With his other hand, he snatches at Cordelia. "Ollie has twos," the commentary continues, even as her tiny blade makes a barely noticeable dent in the skin of his leg.

Ollie attacks Cordelia with his Bare Hands, but he misses by a mile.

[Cordelia(#1394)] Cordelia is quick--seems she's had some practice at ducking blows, because as the troll's hand comes to grab at her, she jumps swiftly to the side, out of the way--the runs forward to swipe at the beast's leg again with her knife. "Let him go!" It's all happening very fast, though.

Cordelia attacks Ollie with her Dagger and mildly wounds him!

Keldean is struggling to get free of the troll's grip, too focused on his own plight to realize that Cordelia is placing herself in danger. He's yelling now, but nothing particularly articulate other than a general cry of trouble. He pushes at the rough fingers wrapped about his waists but one arm is pinned and he has little leverage to work with.

[Ollie(#15066)] Oliver misses the dancing thing. For a second, he stares at his empty hand with an expression of betrayal, and then he looks up to see an elf racing towards him with a drawn blade. Elves are good. Elves are tasty. But ... there is the sword. And he does already have one nice snack. And he is not particularly hungry at the moment. The troll chooses discretion as the better part of valor and turns to lumber back into the night. Other sounds tell of other pursuers - ones who would steal his prize! - and he speeds up, crashing along the riverbank at a great rate of speed. Cordelia's last little knife-swipe isn't even felt. And Keldean's struggling is ignored entirely, except that Oliver takes a tighter hold, lest the boy should slip free.

[Giliath(#9838)] Giliath has drawn his ancient blade while running, but he arrives at the riverbank only in time to see the backside of the troll as branches swish into place behind him. "Tell them," he orders as he runs swiftly past Cordelia, following Oliver upstream. "I shall follow."

Keldean's yells are cut off as Ollie tightens his grip, cutting off some of the teen's healthy airflow. He continues squirming, but with the way the boy is getting shook about and the sudden vertigo of being carried by something so large, his efforts aren't overly effective.

[Cordelia(#1394)] With a yell, Cordelia rushes after Giliath and the troll--likely not hearing the elf's directions, or else ignoring them. She dives into the underbrush.

 Even as Ollie tears through the growth on the riverbank, the earthquake of his footfalls should be subsiding. They seem to be doing just the opposite though! The huge stomps increasing in volume, the tremors remaining constant! Or could it be? How could any party's luck be so bad? The sniffling of a huge runny nose preceeds the beast that is called Snot.
 In the wake of Ollie's departure he comes running in, howling, "Takin' all da foods!" He shakes a fist in Oliver's direction as he runs, but then he spies....could it be? Yes! More treats! Snot's face grins under his mammoth nose as he continues his run. He bores in on the nearest one, the female between the elf and the rangers. Tremendous fingers reach out to curl around the woman, the troll not breaking stride.

Snot furiously attacks Cordelia with his Bare Hands and mildly wounds her!

[Cordelia(#1394)] There's a scream from the girl--it's abruptly cut off as Snot reaches for Cordelia, grabbing her midsection so hard that the air is knocked out of her lungs briefly and she passes out, going limp in his grasp.

[Snot(#31661)] The olog grips the woman tightly, but not to the point of squishing her.

[Snot(#31661)] The olog grips the woman tightly, but not to the point of squishing her. His feet take him in a different direction then Ollie. He tries to head off through the woods to the northeast. Trying desperately to stay ahead of those rangers and their shiny steel.

 Even as Ollie tears through the growth on the riverbank, the earthquake of his footfalls should be subsiding. They seem to be doing just the opposite though! The huge stomps increasing in volume, the tremors remaining constant! Or could it be? How could any party's luck be so bad? The sniffling of a huge runny nose preceeds the beast that is called Snot.
 In the wake of Ollie's departure he comes running in, howling, "Takin' all da foods!" He shakes a fist in Oliver's direction as he runs, but then he spies....could it be? Yes! More treats! Snot's face grins under his mammoth nose as he continues his run. He bores in on the nearest one, the female between the elf and the rangers. Tremendous fingers reach out to curl around the woman, the troll not breaking stride.

[Snot(#31661)] The olog grips the woman tightly, but not to the point of squishing her. His feet take him in a different direction then Ollie. He tries to head off through the woods to the northeast. Trying desperately to stay ahead of those rangers and their shiny steel.

[Ollie(#15066)] Oliver has made a beeline for his cave bursting out of the shrubby trees to the south of the road and half-sliding, half-clambering down the slope to the small bank that runs along the river here. There /is/ a trail of sorts, but trolls rarely bother with trails. Still clutching Keldean, the troll worms his way into his bedroom, sitting down heavily so that his bulk blocks the doorway. Then he lets go of the boy.

Keldean hits the floor of the cave hard, stumbling to his knees. He quickly backs away from the creature, pressing against the far wall of the cave with sheer terror on his face. If he had a god, he would be praying to it. He feels the cold, damp clay against his bare back, the shirt left on the shore of the river when Ollie grabbed him, and the hard wall of the cave solidly denies any hope of escape.

[Ollie(#15066)] A smile, showing jagged yellow teeth, spreads slowly across Oliver's face. Oddly enough, it is not a particularly malicious smile but rather one that a small child might have, watching a spider crawl wildly up a wall away from it. It is pitch black in the small cave, a thin pale shadowy light leaking in around the bulk of his body but he seems to have no trouble seeing the boy. "Ollie's," he rumbles to himself, contentedly. "Ollie's pets. Eat him?" He cocks his head and considers.

Through his building panic it dawns on him that the troll is -talking- to him, and Keldean almost laughs, despite the severity of the situation. "No! Don't eat me!!" He spits out quickly, still trying to press back further into the unyeilding wall. A pointless less endeavor that's only getting him filthier.

[Ollie(#15066)] It seems to make Oliver happy to see the boy trying to squeeze himself through a solid wall. At any rate, his smile widens. He reaches out with one fat forefinger, poking at Keldean's stomach, and goes on as if he hasn't heard the boy's protests. "It's skinny," he says meditatively. "Bones tastes good... could get it fatter first..." The heavy head cocks the other direction.

Keldean tries to scramble away from that fat finger but he trips on the uneven floor in the dark cavern, hitting the ground again with a grunt, curling up instinctively into a ball when Ollie pokes at him. "Don't eat me at all!! Let me go! I'll bring you better food! A horse!"

[Ollie(#15066)] This catches Oliver's attention, at least for the moment. "Ponies?" he asks curiously. "Yer gots ponies?" And he prods at Keldean's curled up body, as if to roll it over and check for horses hidden beneath. But seeing none, he goes back to his conversation with himself. "Makes it fat," he decides. "Makes it fat first, /then/ eats." He raises his voice then, in case Keldean can't hear him properly. "Yer eats!"

Slowly, Keldean's eyes are beginning to adjust to the darkness. Ollie pushes him over and he curls up tighter, but when he sees that finger retract again he scrambles back against the far wall again, trying to find any other way out of this cave in the dim light. "Eat what?" He asks, thinking maybe he can talk his way out of this.

[Ollie(#15066)] "Yer eats!" Oliver orders, sounding a little impatient. "Yers!" Dumb human. Oliver feels around, fat hands fumbling through one of the bags tied to his person. His fist comes out again, holding a handful of something perhaps better not looked at too closely, and he crams it into his mouth and chews furiously, by way of example. Indistinctly, he repeats, jabbing his finger towards Keldean, "Yers eats. Gets fat."

"Oh.. Right.. " Keldean answers weakly, the sound of the troll chewing on something making him feel ill. "Well, ahh.. let me go and I'll go eat something." He says in a shaky voice, feeling along the wall behind him for any hole or recessed area that he might be able to squeeze into.

[Ollie(#15066)] Suspicion narrows Oliver's eyes and he wiggles his rear backwards a few inches, wedging himself more firmly in the doorway. "Eats," he says firmly. The wall of the cave isn't smooth, there are plenty of bumps and hollows - but, alas, no holes to hide in. However, if Keldean moves far enough along, he will find a low shelf that holds a huge iron-bound box, as well as a jumble of weapons - probably rusty.

The troll stuffs himself more firmly in the opening and what little moonlight Keldean has to see by is reduced considerably. "I don't have any food!" He replies with a more panicked edge as his visibility almost disappears. Still, if it's dark, then Ollie can't see -him-, right? He bumps into the shelf and crawls up onto it, feeling the smooth side of the box and pressing against it. The youth finds a modicum of security with something solid to protect him on one side.

[Ollie(#15066)] Oh. There is silence while Oliver ponders this, darting still-suspicious looks at Keldean. This is a trick, right? To steal his food from him... suddenly panicked, the troll stops chewing to feel all of his various bags and hollows and dips, and as he searches, he mumbles. "Ones... twos... " At last, he relaxes as all the small bones and half-dried skins still seem to be where he has left them. "Yer eats," he repeats firmly.

Keldean swallows, trying to sort out how to logic with the completely illogical troll. "I .. I still don't have any food." He answers in a small voice. The teen will never win any awards for courage in the face of an enemy. There are things at his feet, and he reaches down slowly, fingers lightly feeling over the piled weapons. He wraps his hand around a dull, rusty sword, and lifts it away from the collection, feeling along it for the haft.

[Ollie(#15066)] Oh. Oliver peers through the darkness as if it is broad daylight. Perhaps it isn't a trick... he heaves a huge gusty sigh, and extracts a bone from a different bag, looking at it mournfully for a moment, before shoving it towards Keldean. There are a few scraps of dried meat, and a few clumps of hair still attached to it, but it is mostly white bare bone.

Keldean can only make out dark splotch against the darker cave coming his way. "Stay back!" He shrieks now, swinging the sword blindly at the object in front of him.

[Henleg(#20696)] A small sound is heard right outside the cave, faint... perhaps just the wind, moving one of the branches of the trees that line the shores of the river.

[Ollie(#15066)] One of his swords, kept carefully for ever and ever, is snatched up and swung at him. Oliver stares at it, his head dipping to follow the arc of the blade as it whistles past his knee. But magnanimously, he offers the bone again. "Yer eats," he insists. It is a perfectly good bone - he turns it over a few times, double-checking. "Ollie gives yer bones."

"I can't eat a bone!" Keldean protests, dropping the sword to the floor with a clatter. He tries to find something better, something he has a hope of wielding with any chance for success. .. An axe?! Frarin taught him a bit about fighting with an axe. The teen lightly traces over it with his fingers, then scoops up the weapon when he's certain. He's still effectively blind, but feels a bit of comfort holding the weapon. It's heavy, but not too heavy.

[Henleg(#20696)] There is a rustle again, this time louder, and then... stillness. Still, something seems to gleam for a moment near the entrance of the cave, although that might be just an illusion, right? What could glimmer outside of Ollie's cave, where he keeps all his treasures?

[Ollie(#15066)] Can't eat a bone? Oliver stops pushing it at him, and goggles in utter disbelief. Then he looks at the bone in his fat fist, and shoves one end into his own mouth, chewing on it idly while he pats about for something else.

A squishy sort of sound, and then the troll thrusts his hand towards Keldean again. The boy might have been better of trying to pretend he could eat a bone... for surely anything the troll has been carrying in his pocket for who knows how long will not be very edible for a man.

Keldean feels nausea roll through him again as crunching sounds fill the cave. The heavy axe dips as his concentration shifts, but the hand thrusting at him brings his attention back to the moment. He gasps in fright, and in a knee-jerk reaction he swings the axe, still blind to any details beyond a large object moving at him quickly.

You blindly attack Ollie with your Battle Axe...
Ollie dodges your attack.

[Ollie(#15066)] The axe swooshes past his knuckles and Oliver looks at it sadly. But, patient troll that he is, he pushes the handful of - whatever it is.. rabbit? - at Keldean again. With his other hand, he reaches out to yank the axe away. "Yer eats," he says, once more. Broken record or stubborn troll. Or both..

[Henleg(#20696)] The wind outside starts to howl eerily, and the branches swish loudly with it. "OOOOooooooo... OOoooooooo", it seems to say, and then the win'd voice comes more clear "Oooollieeee... Ooooollieeee".

The axe is pulled from his grip effortlessly, and Keldean recoils back against the wall. The carcass is pushed against his bare chest and he takes it before the troll crushes it against him. He wrinkles his nose as the smell reaches him, gagging. It's a mix of raw meat and burnt. "I can't eat this.. It's not cooked right. I'll get sick." He tries to shove the sloppy .. whatever it is.. back at Ollie.

[Ollie(#15066)] Oliver is getting irritated. "EATS IT!" he roars, and the rumble and crash of his voice might deafen anyone so unlucky as to be stuck inside a small place with him. It also drowns out the wailing of the wind outside.

[Henleg(#20696)] But this wind seems to be a bit stubborn in catching the troll's attention, and now the rustling of the branches is so noticeable even a deaf troll would hear it. "OOOOOOLLIEEE... OOOOLLIIIIIIEEEEE!:", the wind seems to roar now.

Keldean is physically jolted by the deafening bellow, his ears ringing as he stands still for a moment after, the echo fading. He slides down to sit on the floor of the shelf, choking back a quiet sob as his nerves finally get the better of him. "Okay.. " His words are meek, but he turns the unidentifiable carcass over in his hands a few times, trying to figure out some way to eat some without wretching. At least it's dark. Better not to know.. His fingers touch a bit of what feels like burnt meat and he tears a small piece free.

[Ollie(#15066)] Oliver hmphs a few times, but settles back and watches as his special pet begins to eat. "Good," he rumbles, pleased. "Good... " Something shrieks his name and he scowls a little. "Oo's dat?" he asks.

[Henleg(#20696)] "OOOOLLIIIEEEE! OOOLLIIIIEEEE!!!", comes the voice again, "brings food... pudgy, tasty... FOOOOOOODDDDD!", it continues to say. It seems that this voice, whoever it is, knows this troll, or at least about trolls... or perhaps it's a troll itself? "Comes to bridge! Lotsa pudgy little buggers ter eats!"

Keldean hears the voice now as well, and blinks through the darkness, his eyes wide as they can get. His first fear is that there's -another- troll out there and it sends a shudder of terror through him. But then Ollie is distracted by it and maybe.. just maybe it will draw this monster away. "More food!" He says, trying to sound excited but his voice cracks and it's more like a sick cat. "A lot more.. for both of us to eat!" He tries to urge the beast out, and even tries to wave Ollie away in the darkness.

[Ollie(#15066)] "Ollie gots food," Oliver replies, still a little grouchy. "Gots bones and gots rabbits and gots mens. Tasty mens. Ollie's gettin' 'im fat."

His prize flaps its arms at him and he looks at it curiously. "Is yer swimmin?" he asks, some dim memory surfacing in his mind. "Baaazl was swimmin."

[Henleg(#20696)] "Baaazil gots da food now! Lotsa pudgy buggers in a cauldron... comes!", comes the voice from.. well, somewhere outside. "Eats now... no need to get 'em fat... theys fat and juicy!", it adds, greedily.

Keldean gets a cold shiver when Ollie again lumps him into the food category. He doesn't know what to say to the swimming comment and simply shakes his head. The carcass is still in his lap, wet and slimy against the skin on his stomach. He tries to think of a way to convince the troll to leave, "Uhh.. go ahead. I'll stay here and get fat.. " Quite the opposite, he's barely keeping his nausea under control.

[Ollie(#15066)] "Baazl?" Oliver says. "Dat you?" He squirms around, cranking his head over his neck to peer out into the darkness. But he doesn't wait for a response before the huge hand feels about the cave for Keldean.

[Henleg(#20696)] "Arrr!", comes the voice from the woods. "Is gots nice food now... not skinny mens, but pudgy ones!", it adds. "All nice and fats and juicy! Yous comes and gets some! leave the mans there... wes eats 'im later, when he's pudgy too!", it adds, invitingly.

[Ollie(#15066)] Perhaps his hand closes around an arm or a leg, and he drags the boy out of the cave. "See 'im?" he asks, emerging and standing up, still holding Keldean. "I gots a mens, Baazl!" Beady eyes peer about in the darkness. "...where is yer?"

It's too dark for the boy to effectively dodge the troll, who can see perfectly well. Keldean tries to move out of the way as those fingers reach in, but even as he's rising, he's swept roughly off his feet when Ollie grabs his foot and pulls. He calls out in pain when he hits the cave floor, then futiley tries to grab ahold of something as Oliver drags him out of the cave, his chest and arms gaining numerous scratches and small cuts.

[Henleg(#20696)] "Leave mans in da cave!", comes the voice, "yer needs yer hands to eats pudgy mens in me cauldron!", it adds gleefully. "I gots lots of 'em buggerses! Pudgy and juicy and delicious! That one", it adds, and it seems to refer to the one held by Ollie, "we cans eats laters... it cannot escape from us, we's bigger! We can catch it if it tries to runs!. We's two!", it adds, and now the glee turns to a malignant tone.

[Ollie(#15066)] Oliver looks at Keldean doubtfully. "I dunno," he says. "It runs fast, mebbe..." But this one is pretty scrawny. The lure of fat juicy men is too much for Oliver's stomach, and he opens his hand to let Keldean drop. "Baazl an' Ollie will catch 'im laters," he agrees, and scrambles up the steep slope. Small pebbles bounce down behind him.

Keldean flails rather wildly as Ollie lifts him higher, gasping as the disorientation making his stomach twist into knots. Then rather suddenly the he's falling. There's a moment of sheer stupified panic before he hits the ground hard, laying limp. The teen must have hit his head because he's knocked out cold.

[Henleg(#20696)] A swift shadow moves as Ollie goes to find his dinner, going towards the cave. A grey cloak and cowl makes the figure very difficult to see, and his movement is stealthy, yet it moves with speed. It kneels right beside Keldean's prone form, and he takes the young Bree boy in its arms, preparing to lift him and run from this place.

[Ollie(#15066)] The troll stands at the top of the slope and peers around, confused. "Baazl?" he says. "Where is yers?" A pause for a reply. There is not. "Baazl! Baaaaaaazzzzlll!!!" Oliver shouts again, then louder, then, forgetful of everything behind, he sets off in search of his kidnapped friend.

[Henleg(#20696)] And as Oliver goes looking for his friend, the figure lifts Keldean's prone and limp form. Adjusting the weight in his arms, it takes off, running with swift, long strides, and soon it gets lost near the river, carrying its precious cargo.
Players: Cordelia, Giliath, Keldean, Ollie, Henleg