Ranol Gets A Promotion

Braldor promotes his clan-karl, Ranol.
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Location: In the moors, near Rivendell
Game Date: May 22nd
IC Time: Afternoon
Weather: Cold, windy
Description: [Braldor(#30149)] It has been a long and wearisome journey for the dwarves of Erebor, as they move slowly but surely towards the safety of the lands protected by Elrond Half-Elven. The group moves quietly and many walk with bowed heads against the howling north wind that sweeps through the large plateau where they now are. The air is chilly, and some of the dwarves adjust their cloaks tighter around them, trying to get some warmth from them. All around the lands seem desolate, and indeed the dwarves seem to be the only ones who break the monotony of the High Moors. Doggedly they walk forth, one foot in front of the other, while they regard the lands about them with watchful eyes and their hands on their weapons.

At the fore of the group a blue-clad dwarves strides, his hood thrown back revealing Braldor's features. A battle axe is on his hands, and the glint of mail can be seen sometimes as the cloak opens a bit. The Thane Bundazanul leads the party now, in this lands he has visited so many times before, and his step is sure as he leads them further to the north and east.

All of the food was abandoned once Frarin figured out that it was making everyone so sick, and after long days with only the occassionally scrounged small game to eat, Ranol is hungry and eager to get to the elven home. He moves up to Braldor, pulling along his pony. The clan-karl is free of the sling his left arm was in after that fight with the troll, but his fingers on his left hand are still on the mend and bound together by Thari's insistance. "Thane.." The guard bows respectfully, then looks on ahead, "Should I scout the area?"

[Braldor(#30149)] As Ranol speaks, Braldor stops and turns to regard the clan-karl. The wind howls eerily in this part of Middle Earth, and the Thane remains speechless for a moment. "Nay, Ranol", he says at last, shaking his head slowly as he regards the other dwarf. "These lands are still wild and dangerous, and I will not have anyone scout. Whatever befalls us, good or bad, shall find us together. Also", he adds, as his eyes go for a moment towards the lands lying to the east, "I think that if we stay together it's less likely that we find trouble. Yet, I shall have also yer wisdom on this".

Ranol nods when Braldor states his desire and reasoning. The guard isn't one to question orders, under most circumstances. An expression of confusion crosses his face and he looks from surveying the landscape to examining the thane's face. "My wisdom? On this stretch of land?"

[Braldor(#30149)] "Aye", the Thance replies, nodding twice. "I will have yer wisdom as if we ought to send someone to scout, or if we should stay together", he adds. After a moment of silence, he adds, "So, what say ye?"

Ranol is thoughtful, his blue eyes looking ahead, and then behind. "Well, anything small would be wary of a large armed group, as you say. But, in this wind it would be difficult to hear anything large coming upon us. All these rocks and crags could hide a serious threat that we wouldn't know of until it was too late." The karl runs a hand through his black beard, then speaks in hesitant disagreement, "I think a close-range scout that stays within sight of the group might be safer."

[Braldor(#30149)] Braldor looks straight into Ranol's eyes, his black eyes unblinking... and then slowly he nods. "Aye, ye speak truly... it shall be done as ye say", he says then, and a smile cracks his stern visage. "'Tis good to know that ye have not only courage and brawn aplenty, but also brains in yer head, and that ye use them", he adds, looking at Ranol as if measuring him. The thane grows silent for a moment, and then he adds with a powerful, commanding voice , "Bundazanul is well served by ye, clan-karl Ranol. I have seen and heard of yer deeds, and they have not gone unnoticed by yer Thane. When we get back to Erebor, a formal ceremony shall be had, but for now I shall decree thus: Ranol, son of Ranor, yer service to Bundazanul and the well being of yer brothers and sisters shall be rewarded. No longer shall ye be called clan-karl of Bundazanul, but Huskarl and Chief of the Thane's Guard. So say I, Braldor, son of Braldon, Thane Bundazanul".

Ranol smiles as Braldor approves of his idea, always glad to know his thoughts are well-recieved. "Aye, my lord." He answers, even as the Thane goes on to make his further decree. The dwarf is just reaching for the saddle of his pony to climb up when he pauses and looks back. Ranol's black brows lift considerably in shock at Braldor's decree, the guard stunned into silence. It's a long time before he musters up any response, and it's stammered at best, "Thane.. I don't.. you.." The poor lad is flabbergasted.

[Braldor(#30149)] "Say nothing, Huskarl", Braldor says, raising a hand. "And no longer shall ye be in sole charge of making sure yer brethren are safe. Go and command now three of our clan-karls, and make sure they do not lose sight of our group", he adds.

Ranol still seems shocked, but has enough wits about him to offer dazed graces of appreciation. He runs a hand through his short hair, clearing his head, and speaks in a solid voice, "Thank you, my lord. I will see to it right away." He offers another bow, then quickly pulls his pony away to see the business attended.

[Braldor(#30149)] "I am sure ye will", Braldor says, as he turns and continues to march eastwards, towards the safety of Rivendell.
Players: Braldor, Ranol
Located in: Erebor