Complaints About Keldean

Conall caught Keldean eavesdropping and is letting Nob know.
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Location: Prancing Pony
field_date_rl: May 12th, 2008

Short Passage(#22480Rn) This downstairs hallway runs nearly the entire length of the northern wing, save the bit at the western end where it meets up with the foyer. The hardwood floor bears scars from time and wear, though someone has taken care to keep it well polished. Both sides of the hallway boast doors one leads to a small parlour, another to a private dining room, and yet another to the innkeeper's quarters. Moving a bit further down the hallway, almost to the end, are two exits, one on each side on the north side, the door allows one to leave the Inn's compound, and the one on the south side provides access to the Inn's open-air innyard. The back of the building, tucked in tightly against Bree-hill, accomodates the Little Folk with round doors, brightly painted with cheery colours, that lead into rooms created with them in mind. Sconces set into the wall have been lit to provide plenty of light the entire length of the passageway.

[Conall(#26314)] Searching through the hallway, Conall can be seen opening doors and looking for something or someone. He obviously has a very angry look on his face. He occasionally says, "Nob?" And then moves on to the next door. He finally sees Nob, "Excuse me, I really need to speak with you about Keldean."

Nob looks up from where he is busily and carefully rubbing brass polish onto an already gleaming doorknob. "Keldean?" he asks curiously, and dips his rag into the polish-pot. "What about him?"

[Conall(#26314)] "I caught him eavesdropping on two dwarves who had their door closed obviously for privacy. He got caught by dropping a pile of wood. I'm sorry if no one likes these dwarves, but they are paying customers and visiters and deserve more patience and care I've seen him give them. We have had worse come through these halls and the Pony has always done well by leaving them alone if thats what they want." Conall's face is getting red again and he catches his breath, "I think that this is very very unprofessional."

"What'd he..." Nob stops himself and clears his throat, nodding several times portentiously. "You are quite right," he tells the other hobbit. "That's not at all the sort of thing we like here at the Pony! I shall speak with the boy... but after all, he is just a boy. No doubt he'll learn quick enough." He smiles at Conall, and waves towards the hallway. "How's it looking? Missus Heathertoes was by with this polish of hers, swore up and down we'd never seen the like. So I thought I'd try it." He beams proudly at the doors one side of the hallway is noticeably shinier than the other. "Makes 'em nice and bright, doesn't it?"

Conall smiles at Nob and then looks down the hallway, "Amazing isn't it. Wow they shine amazingly. Where did Missus Heathertoes get the stuff. WOW! They shine beautifully," totally taken out of his anger, Conall wanders the hallway looking at the shining brass and mutters, "Amazing, this is the brightest its ever been."

"I don't know," Nob admits, chuckling. "She wouldn't say. Said if she told me then I wouldn't buy it from her any longer!" Abruptly, he bustles down the hallway, bending over to pick up a few pieces of bark from the floor. "I shall definitely talk to that lad. Bark on the floors!"

[Conall(#26314)] Heading towards the kitchen, Conall looks around, "Hmm...wonder if anyone needs anything to drink or eat...Actually I'm someone, I'm going to eat a biscuit and have an ale." He then looks around to see if any customers are around and doesn't see any yet, "Well, if no one needs me I'll pop in and grab a biscuit and then see if anyone needs anything."

Words guaranteed to catch the ear of any hobbit... "Now that is an excellent idea," Nob says with warm approval. "I shall have to come and get a bite myself, just as soon as I'm finished here."

Players: Conall, Nob
Located in: Breefolk