Kel Visits Cordelia

Keldean visits Cordelia at the Healing House. Seeker is there as well.
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Location: Healing House
Game Date: January 24th (give or take)
field_date_rl: May 22nd, 2008

[Cordelia(#1394)] It's early morning, possibly too early for anything but a slit of light to be breaking in the eastern sky. Then day promises more cold and snow, but then the day has not fully begun. In the healing house, all is quiet, as it is in the infirmary where Cordelia lies, ostensibly asleep. The form of the Seeker is stretched out on oneo f the three beds in this room, the man apparently asleep, as well. Except that Cordy is not asleep, but is awake, staring blankly at the ceiling and listening to the sound of the one or two healers who are awake at this hour and bustling about the healing house.

Keldean shouldn't be out, let alone visiting the Healing House where other people are sick or recovering. He's wearing his coat over a couple layers of shirts, and eases through the building carefully, avoiding the eyes of anyone official-looking. When he spies Cordelia and hurries over.

The teen looks thinner and could use a bit more color to his face, but looks remarkably better than the last time Cordelia saw him in the stable. He's about to greet her when he spots Seeker sleeping nearby. Keldean lowers his voice, "Hi Cordelia. What happened? No one will tell me anything." He sounds out of breath, but the short trip wore him out.

[Cordelia(#1394)] The young woman starts and half sits up at the sudden appearance of Keldean--quite startled to see him here, especially at this hour. But she yelps, quietly, too, grimacing at having moved too fast, then carefully sits up the rest of the way, which takes a bit of cautious maneuvering.

"Keldean.." Cordelia hisses in a whisper. "You look like hell." Not that she looks much better--her left arm is bandaged and in a sling and there's a cut healing above her eye, the skin there a lovely shade of purple from brusing, too. At least she's not ashen-faced anymore, though she's paler than normal.

Keldean keeps his distance, worried about getting too close and harming her through sheer proximity. He glances at Seeker again nervously, but most of the worry on his face is from seeing her battered state. "I'm okay. What happened to you?" There's genuine concern in his voice. She's probably the best friend he has right now.

[Cordelia(#1394)] There's a trunk at the foot of Cordy's bed, and she gestures for Keldean to settle himself there--it would at least allow her to talk in a whisper to him. She, too, glances nervously over toward Seeker. "Don't know why, but he up and decided to sleep here last night. Said he wanted to keep an eye on me. As if there's anything he could do that the healers wouldn't know better."

Another nervous glance is given to the Dunadan before Cordelia looks back to Keldean, a frown forming on her face as she considers how to answer his question. "Thari and I went out for a walk where I've walked daily nearly since I came here. We were robbed," she states firmly. "And Thari...well..." Her voice trails off, the worry in it clear.

Keldean takes the gestured seat, moving carefully to avoid making any unneccesary noise. He pulls his knees up, wrapping his arms around them. It's warm in the infirmary, but he just came from the winter chill outside. When she explains what happened those brown eyes widen. "What happened to Thari?" If Cordelia is this hurt.. Kel looks around quickly, expecting to spot the dwarf in a bed nearby.

Cordelia shakes her head, her hair--which is a rather tangled mess, still--drooping about her face. She notices that, her good hand moving to try to start untangling the knots, a bit self-consciously, though. "Thari.." She sighs, worrying and fear filling her eyes. "He was beaten, too. I don't know what happened. I passed out."

Keldean isn't sure what to say at first, fidgeting with a loose thread on his coat sleeve while he churns this around in his head. When he looks up again he asks, "Why were you out with Thari? I thought you didn't like the dwarves.." He's keeping his voice soft, frequently glancing towards Seeker.

[Cordelia(#1394)] "I don't" is the young woman's flat answer. "But business is business, and I don't want to be stuck washing dishes for the rest of my life. Not when folk don't seem to like me here. I'll never find a husband, which means...well, you're a boy. You wouldn't know about such things."

Keldean bristles a bit at the 'you're a boy' comment, but for once is mindful of his surroundings and reins in his irritation. "What about him?" He asks, lowering his voice further with a glance in Seeker's direction. "You said he likes you, right?"

[Cordelia(#1394)] "HIM?" Cordelia's startled reply is louder than she wanted it to be, and she slaps a hand to her mouth. Then she turns a sly eye to Seeker, looking at the man in an entirely different light. "You think?" she whispers, half hopeful to Keldean. "I mean...I didn't figure he's the type to want a woman in his life...but...well, he's here now..."

Keldean nods in agreement with another glance at Seeker. He may not like the man, but deep down he knows the ranger had a point with that punishment. He looks back to Cordelia. "He wouldn't be here if he didn't care, right?" The teen shifts to rest his arms on the foot of the bed. "I hope Thari is okay. He's very good friends with Frarin."

[Cordelia(#1394)] Tearing her eyes off of Seeker and whatever hopes she may have with that man, Cordelia nods, seeming to only half listen to Keldean's comments. "And you're friends with Frarin, right? I thought you didn't like him either? He's always trying to telling you want to do..." she says, testing out that sentiment carefully.

"Well.. He does.. but, he's not so bad, I guess. I mean, he forgave me for what I said about the murder. He was really mad in the stable though." Keldean chews on his lip, trying to remember everything that Frarin was yelling at him about. Mostly eavesdropping. "I think he's nicer than he acts."

[Cordelia(#1394)] "Why you so interested in the dwarves, anyway?" Cordelia asks, glad that the conversation has shifted away from the oh so delicate matter of Thari's disappearance. "It's not as if they care about Breelanders. We're just customers to them. A way to make money."

You say, "Not all of them.. " Keldean shrugs, dragging his fingers along the blanket idly. "Frarin tells me about things, and he doesn't talk to me like I'm a child." He glances up at her again, a shrewd expression on his face as a thought occurs to him. "You're the one that said you wanted to follow them out of town. You don't really care about Bree that much. What business did you have with Thari?""

[Rhifaroth(#27282)] The man two beds over does appear to be asleep. His cloak is laid over the chair next to his cot, his boots neatly set beneath the chair. His studded leather jerkin was removed some time in the night and laid upon the floor as well. But there is no sign of long sword, bow, quiver, or pack.

If anyone was close enough, they might have noticed the Dunadan's breathing shift slightly and his eyes crack open when Cordelia had sat up earlier and tried to hold back a yelp. But since then, the man has laid still, listening, his own eyes reclosed.

[Cordelia(#1394)] "Well," Cordelia starts to answer. She reaches wtih her uninjured right hand toward a ceramic mug of water on a stool near her bedside, the glass placed there during the night by one of the healers when Cordelia woke up thirsty. Misjudging her reach, her fingers barely grab the mug before it clatters noisly to the floor, breaking. Cordelia immediately looks to Seeker, worried.

Keldean starts to stand to help her, but he's too late and the mug shatters on the hard floor. He, too, looks over at Seeker, but it's only a passing glance as he goes over to pick up the bigger pieces. "I can go ask for another glass for you." He offers, quite sympathetic to her injuries right now.

[Rhifaroth(#27282)] The noise was loud in the nearly quiet infirmary. The man on the far bed stirs, then sits up at once, looking around. Seeing only Cordelia in her cot, and ... that boy, Keldean, Seeker frowns. Then the man rubs his face and scratches his oily scalp before glancing at one of the windows to judge the time.

Swinging his sock feet out of the bed, the Dunadan gets up and walks over to where the water cistern is on his end of the room. Still wearing his very stained and ratty long sleeved shirt and his pants, he picks up the water pitcher and pours the contents into a basin. Then he begins to rifle through the cabinets looking for something - without regard to ask the people who work here.

There is no comment to the other two. No 'Good morning' or anything. Seeker doesn't entirely look like he's really awake yet.

[Cordelia(#1394)] "Dammit," Cordelia mutters at the broken mug. "Kel, I can get.." she says, peeling back her covers and starting to very carefully swing her legs over the edge of the bed. It's a slow and probably painful process, still, though, and she doesn't get very far before Seeker gets up. Cordelia stops and stares back at that man, just watchign for the moment.

Keldean is squatting down, picking up the broken pieces of the mug. When she mentions getting it herself he quickly shakes his head as he looks up at her. "No! You're hurt. I can do it." He notices Seeker moving about then, but other than a wary look towards the man he goes back to cleaning up the mess.

[Rhifaroth(#27282)] For his own part, the man pays the other two barely any attention. He finds what he is looking for, a squarish chunk of something, smells it, then closes the cabinets. A glance over his shoulder and no comment about Cordelia getting up. Keldean seems to have that under control anyway.

Finding a cloth and stepping back to the basin of water, the Dunadan dunks his head into the water. At once Seeker begins to rub the lye soap into his scalp, scrubbing viciously. For that few moments, the man has his back to the others, tending to that ichy head that's been bothering him. Then he uses one of the cups to dip up water and rinse.

When finished, he straightens back up and wipes his face off with the cloth, then scrubbing around his neck, hair dripping wet. Seeker turns then to watch the others, "Cups over here, Kel."

[Cordelia(#1394)] The scrubbing process is watched with some interest for a while, Cordelia herself actually quite clean, since the healers immersed her in a warm bath when she was first brought in, to warm her quickly. Her hair, of course, is still tangled, and watching Seeker scrub his head prompts her to run her fingers through her hair again now. "There a comb over there?" she asks him, trying to keep her voice casual. Why should she be nervous? But she is.

Keldean finishes cleaning up the mess, then dumps all the broken pieces into a garbage pail. He fetches a fresh glass of water for her, only giving Seeker mild interest. The teen is getting this distinct feeling that he's going to be chased off very soon.

[Rhifaroth(#27282)] Cordelia's question causes the man to glance about, "I don't know." he looks around a bit but doesn't see one, "You can ask the folk who work here. I expect they can find you something."

Rhifaroth rinses out his cloth, then scrubs a bit underneath his loose shirt before tossing the cloth into the basin of dirty water. He dumps out the basin where such is supposed to drain and tips it up to dry. Turning back, he walks over towards the cot he slept in and picks up his studded leather jerkin to put it back on, "You seem to be doing all right. I best get out. I presume Thari's still out there, somewhere."

His grey eyes skimming over Keldean, the man adds, "You are looking better, lad."

[Cordelia(#1394)] "I'll ask," Cordelia replies, obviously referring to the comb. Her face darkens again at the mention of Thari, and her hand goes to her nightgown, resting against her ribs. "I ...could..help.." It's tentative, but she looks across the room to Seeker, expresssion and tone sincere. "I'd be slow, but I could help. And..." There's something else, and she's hesitant to say it, though the hesitation is directed toward Seeker, not Keldean.

Keldean looks back towards Seeker with a sudden suspicion. "Thanks.. when did you see me when I was sick?" He doesn't remember the man ever visiting while he was ill. He glances back at Cordelia questioningly, since she was the one that took care of him the most during that long week.

Cordelia gives a quick 'hell if I know' shrug to Keldean, quickly followed by a startled look as she realizes just when Seeker saw the ill Keldean. She says nothing and looks to the Dunadan, amused suddenly.

[Rhifaroth(#27282)] His hair still dripping wet, the Dunadan is busy securing the buckles under his left arm of his armour. Seeker glances up at Cordelia and vaguely frowns, but does not answer her. Not yet. Instead, his glaze slips to Keldean before he moves to pick up his cloak, "I caught a glimpse of you out by the stables. I think you were retching at the time." There is a sympathetic note in the man's voice.

There is no clasp on his worn, mended cloak. Just a tie that has already been replaced at least once. Making that fast, Seeker finally looks back to Cordelia, "I'll consider it. I've had broken ribs and arm myself, last January. You won't like it, Cordy. Rest."

"Oh.. " He flushes in mild embarrassment, looking away from the man again quickly. He looks at Cordelia again, frowning. "I don't think you should go anywhere. You could get more hurt. Besides, I'm sure all the dwarves are looking. I could give them information for you. Who attacked you? What did they look like?"

[Cordelia(#1394)] The woman's smile grows just slightly and she might look smug for half a second before the expression flees her face. Cordelia seems to struggle with something for a moment, then nods to the bowman."How long?" she asks, expression clearing instead. "I mean, to be up and about again? And..." there's that struggle again in her expression.

Cordelia glances to Keldean and frowns at his questions. "Well, ...uh..." She's hesitating and looking back to Rhifaroth.

[Rhifaroth(#27282)] Seeker moves back to the cot he had slept in and throws back the sheet, exposing the blade laying there. He picks it up, draws out the naked long sword and examines the steel for any blemishes. He uses the sheet to make sure it's clean, rubbing at it a bit, then resheathes it and puts the sword belt to settle low around his hips.

Glancing up from what his hands are doing, the Dunadan shrugs, "Depends on you. Be up and about today if you like. But it'll take a few months to mend bones. Longer to regain strength in your arm."

There is a glance to the young man for his question, but then a nod to the woman, "You can tell him. In this very rare case, gossiping about it might actually do some good for a change."

Keldean throws a scowl at Seeker when he mentions gossip, really starting to mislike everyone harassing him about that. "I didn't say I was going to gossip." He grumbles, but all the same, turns an expectant look back to Cordelia.

[Cordelia(#1394)] The comment about gossiping doesn't sit well with Cordelia, either, and she scowls briefly. She's not, however, taking her eyes off that sword as the man cleans it--perhaps the sight of it is making her change her mind.

"A head or two shorter than you, at least," she says, not sparring Keldean so much of a glance. "Brown hair, but not dark like mine. Brown eyes, but not like mine. Dark cloak, dirty. Wool. Club that he used as a walking stick. He didn't speak, so I don't know if he had an accent or not. But he looked local. Not like me."

[Rhifaroth(#27282)] Having buckled on his sword belt, Seeker sits down on the chair, left hand absently keeping the scabbard from getting fouled out of long habit, and pulls his boots on. A look to Keldean, "Good enough if you don't, Kel. Folk will take you a lot more seriously if you act responsibly. Stop ragging on you. Take you seriously."

His own voice bearing a trace of a foriegn accent, Seeker turns his gaze to Cordelia as he stands back up, boots on. He looks vaguely amused.

Keldean ignores Seeker, now. He's looking at Cordelia and she can likely see the irritation on the boy's face at the continuing lectures on behavior. He considers her description and it matches half the men in Bree. "Do you think they were.. " He trails off, recalling that promise to Frarin a few days past. "How do you know they were robbing you?"

[Cordelia(#1394)] The bowman is a never-ending puzzle, that's for certain. And here he is, doing it again, so that Cordelia squints at him in confusion and frustration as Seeker seems to react to her description as if she is joking. There's fear in her eyes, too, but that's been there ever since she came to herself the previous day. "He," she answers, distracted by Keldean's questions at last. "It was one man. "He took down Thari. Blow to the head with his club. And then he came after me, and I was still conscious when...." Well, she leaves it at that and goes hot-faced suddenly.

[Rhifaroth(#27282)] Now dressed, and about as washed up as he's likely to be able to get without a proper bath and new clothes, Seeker walks back over to the cabinet and picks up the small block of soap. He rolls it up in the damp cloth and then tucks it into his belt in back while he is still turned away from the others.

Picking up the tail of his cloak, the Dunadan turns around and starts walking across the infirmary, rubbing his hair dry a bit more, "Well, I'm off then. Kel, see that she eats something, won't you?"

Keldean is distracted by Seeker, about to ask Cordelia a question when the man addresses him. "Yeah, I will." He answers quietly, watching him closely. Something is going on..

[Cordelia(#1394)] Still with that puzzled look about her, Cordelia sinks back down into the bed, flopping her good arm over her eyes. "No food," she groans at the idea. "Not hungry and my head is starting to pound."

[Rhifaroth(#27282)] Coming to a stop by the curtain, Seeker looks back, "You've been in here more than two days now, Cordelia. Sip some broth, at least. You won't mend or clear your head if you don't eat and drink enough."

A polite nod to Keldean, then the man slips through the curtain and into the outter hall. His voice can be heard speaking to someone else out there for a moment, something about Cordelia. Afterwards the sound of a door opening and closing as the man departs out into the morning.

Cordelia sputters a bit as the Dunadan leaves. "Kel ask them for something for my head," she pleads. "I can't eat when I'm feeling like this."

"Yeah.. ok.." The teen sounds worried again, eying her with concern. "You.. you think you'll be okay, right?" Keldean hasn't seen someone so hurt before and it's making him uneasy.

[Cordelia(#1394)] "Oh, I'll heal." Cordelia sounds quite certain of that, but just /how/ she knows such, she doesn't say. "But Seeker is right--I need broth. Something. I just have to try to not throw it up."

"What did you mean? You said that he hit Thari, and then he came after you, but you were still conscious when..�? When what?" Keldean is still concerned, but she wouldn't have trailed off like that if it wasn't important, right?

[Cordelia(#1394)] "When he robbed me," Cordelia answers, irritated. "I had coin on me. Wages from the Pony. I assume that's why he went after the two of us, though it still seems suspicious, if you ask me."

Keldean leans against the bed, "Why is it suspicious? Other than him robbing you, I mean.." He lifts his arm to muffle a cough, a lingering bit of the sickness he's recovering from.

Cordelia glares at Kelden. "You should be in this bed, not me." She even half sits up, but it is too abrupt, and her hands go to her head. "Dammit!" she curses, then mutters some other curse in another language, perhaps forgetting herself. "Do Ilook rich?" she continues after a moment. "Do I look like I'd have coin on me? I mean, why rob me? And the dwarf...well, there's another matter. Maybe our talk /did/ get to the wrong people?" She sounsds worried.

Even though she's injured, and wouldn't really do anything regardless, the boy jumps back at her glare and attempt to sit up. "Be careful.." He cautions, brown eyes wide again with worry. "Maybe they just wanted Thari, and you were there? I really hope he's okay.." There's heavy doubt in that sentiment as all that talk of the murder floats through his thoughts. Rather than admit that their gossip may be the cause of harm to others, he steps further away. "I'll go find someone to get you some soup. Okay?"

[Cordelia(#1394)] "Please. And maybe some bread, too? But a potion for pain first?" The woman peers through the fingers that are covering her face as she cradles her head, silently cursing herself for slipping up once again and speaking in her native language. Keldean will ask her about -that- later. For now he has other things on his mind. He nods and disappears, off to fetch the desired items for Cordelia.

Keldean will ask her about -that- later. For now he has other things on his mind. He nods and disappears, off to fetch the desired items for Cordelia.

[Cordelia(#1394)] When Keldean returns, Cordelia might seem to be asleep again, face pale against her pillow and her eyes closed.

Keldean returns, frowning as he sets down the bowl of soup on the side table. "Cordelia.. I have the soup." He says softly, not sure if he should disturb her or not. "The healer said she would bring some medicine in a minute.."

[Cordelia(#1394)] Cordelia's eyes snap open as Keldean speaks to her. She's in the one occupied bed in this room, bandaged up, face pale--and up until Keldean just arrived with a bowl of soup, apparently asleep. "Oh.." she replies to the youth's words, rubbing sleep out of her eyes. "Were you gone long? I think I fell asleep.."

"Not that long.. Here, eat some soup." Keldean picks up the bowl again and offers it to her. He muffles another cough in his sleeve, but thinks little of it beyond the inconvenience. The teen looks remarkably better than he did a few days ago at the stable, but he's still recovering, looking a trifle thinner from lack of nourishment and not back to full strength yet.

[Cordelia(#1394)] The woman, of course, just stares at the bowl, giving Keldean a funny little smile. "You're going to have to either hold it for me so I can eat, or set it on the table there, next to the bed, so I can eat it." She gestures with her chin to the one arm that's in a sling, then shrugs apologetically. "Unless you want to feed me."

"What?.. oh! Right.." He flushes, grinning in embarrasment. "I can hold it." Keldean sets the soup down again long enough to perch on the edge of the bed, then picks it up again. One has to question the wisdom of one so recently sick being this close to another patient, but Kel knows nothing about sickness or disease.

[Cordelia(#1394)] "Thanks, Keldean," Cordelia answers quietly. She spoons up some soup, blowing on it lightly to cool it, then eating carefully, grimacing as she swallows. "They said they would have something for the pain soon?" she squints at him. "But I need to ask you somethign..."

"She said she had to.. mix up the herbs, or something like that. I'm not sure." He shrugs. He wasn't paying that close attention. "What?" Keldean isn't the greatest nursemaid, but he's putting an effort in. At least the boy is keeping her company.

[Cordelia(#1394)] "All right." Cordelia takes another spoon, not looking as if she is enjoying eating the soup any more than downing the nasty potions the healers give her. But she eats anyhow. "Look...I don't feel safe anymore. You understand, don't you? I need you to go to the pony and into the little area in the attic that Nob let me have. There's a bundle there of my clothes. Could you bring it to me? Carefully? There's something in it I want. But don't show anyone!" she whispers, looking around as if the walls have ears.

"What is it? You're not leaving are you?" He asks, tone growing alarmed now. Not only is it stupidly dangerous for her to go anywhere in her state, but he would be left here all alone.

[Cordelia(#1394)] "Keldean..." the young woman sighs, exasperated. "My head feels like I was hit over the head with half a tree. I'm not in any shape to go anywhere right now. I'll tell you, but swear to me you won't tell anyone else or show anyone else what it is? _Especially not that creepy Seeker character. Or the dwarfs."

"Oh.. " Keldean sighs in relief. Well, it's no surprise, right? The boy has a wild imagination. "I won't tell anyone. I promise." He's been saying those words a lot lately.

[Cordelia(#1394)] Right. No surprises at all. "It's a knife," Cordelia whispers, leaning forward to tell the youth that. "I had it with me on the road, when we used to travel because...well..it was dangerous out there, especially if you're a woman.But I've just kept it wrapped up in Bree. I mean, there's a guard here and all, and it's a walled town. I /should/ have been safe and now I'm just scared not to have it on me, even here in this house."

Keldean seems troubled, not answering immediately upon her explanation. He holds the bowl steady for her, his elbow propped on his knee. If she doesn't feel safe, should he? All this business with a murder, Thari is missing, Cordelia attacked.. Aaron drew that dagger in the Pony that one day, Adelaide has a -sword-. "Maybe it isn't safe.. " He whispers, sounding even more worried now.

[Cordelia(#1394)] "It's /not/ safe," Cordelia presses, her voice still a whisper. "I went out for a walk, Kel. Just a walk. And look where it got me. And Thari..." she shivers. "If a dwarf can't be safe in the woods here...Will you get it for me? It's hard to sleep. I keep having nightmares about it." The healers and Rhifaroth might confirm that, in fact. She looks up into his eyes, pleading.

"I will, don't worry. I'll go right now, okay?" Is it eagerness to help, eagerness to see the dagger, or the fact that the healer woman is approaching and she had told the boy earlier she was mixing medicine for him as well? Keldean sets the soup bowl down and grabs up his coat to pull on. "I'll be back soon."

[Cordelia(#1394)] "Thanks," Cordelia answers, though she eyes the bowl of soup with a frown. She sits up carefully, determined, apparently, to get her legs at least over the edge of the bed, despite the pain. That accomplished, she picks up the spoon again and eats slowly. "Remember what you swore," she reminds him as he leaves.

Surely the nurse will help the poor woman. Keldean nods and hurries out before medicine is forced upon him as well. The last thing he wants is to be knocked out for the rest of the afternoon.

Players: Keldean, Cordelia, Rhifaroth, Seeker
Located in: Breefolk