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Amon Thranduil: The Elven Kingdom of Northern Mirkwood

Nestled in the northeastern reaches of the great forest of Mirkwood, Amon Thranduil is one of the four remaining elf-homes in Middle-Earth. It remains a haven from the spreading darkness of Sauron, a beautiful oasis amidst the dark, evil-infested tangle of the forest. Governed wisely by Thranduil (the ElvenKing from 'The Hobbit'), with the help of his son, Prince Legolas (a companion of 'The Fellowship of the Ring'), the elves of Amon Thranduil have maintained its freedom since its founding thousands of years ago.

Harboring a variety of occupations, from warrior to diplomat, trader to healer, and much more, Amon Thranduil provides the opportunity for a player to interact with others in a kingdom of good surrounded almost entirely by evil.

Due to the cheerful nature of the wood-elves that populate it and its unique location close to several cultures, in addition to almost constant feasting and merriment, the culture also has a great deal of interaction with the men of Dale and to a lesser extent the dwarves of Erebor and the Emyn Engrin, as well as the Beornings to the west.

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