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Bree - Ered Luin - Shire - Mithlond
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Welcome to the BreeWiki! On the game, be sure to type +BREEINFO for additional information. Questions/Comments/Concerns can be directed via +MAIL to MINION-BB, or emailed to

Please use the menu above to navigate pages related to the Breefolk culture!


Be sure to always +BBSCAN to check for new posts on BEST-BB (OOC News) and BEST-RP (IC News). And +BREEMOTD for TP Info and events! An archive of past TPs and major IC events can be found Here.

Wiki Updates:

Add your old (and new!) logs to the RP Logs page!

Current TPs:

  • What's this about a couple of strangers showing up in town, and buying the old pipeweed haunt in the North Market (The Treasure Hole) right out from under the poor old previous proprietor? What do foreigners know about pipeweed, anyway?

Current Events: None right now, check back soon!

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