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Dunland Map for Elendor (Click to enlarge)

Welcome to Dunland: the Home of the People of the Hill Lands

"In the foothills of the western side of the Misty Mountains lived the remnants of the people that the Rohirrim later called the Dunlendings: a sullen folk, akin to the ancient inhabitants of the White Mountain valleys … hardy and bold … " (Unfinished Tales, Part 3, chapter V)

"Only in Dunland did Men of this race hold to their old speech and manners: a secret folk, unfriendly to the Dúnedain, hating the Rohirrim …" (Lord of the Rings, Appendix F)

"… the wild men of the Dunland fells… Not in half a thousand years have they forgotten their grievance that the lords of Gondor gave the Mark to Eorl the Young and made alliance with him … They are fierce folk when roused. They will not give way now for dusk or dawn …" (Lord of the Rings, Book 3, chapter 7) - J.R.R. Tolkien

These pages are the official home of Elendor's Dunlending culture, a premier MUSH based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Here you can read about our history, geography, culture and way of life.

We are a small kingdom nestled between the Old South Road and the Misty Mountains. Our warriors hold our border against our mortal enemies, the Forgoil of Rohan, and continue fighting to regain the land that they stole. The goblins of Moria also pose a constant threat as we fight to drive back their continued raids along our borders. For those who seek a calmer life there is the chance of trade with Bree and the possibility of meeting one of the many strangers who wander through the Dunlending homelands, while the constant shifting alliances of our political structure provide numerous opportunities for intrigue and diplomacy.

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