Jadiran Dunhallow

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A girl in every port.

Jadiran Dunhallow

Clan Wulf
Home Dunhallow's Hold
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 16
Occupation Archer
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Hair Curly brown
Eyes Green
Skin Tan
Height 5'9"
Weight 160lbs

Player Keldean


Jadiran Dunhallow stands at a moderate height, bearing a figure that's fit but not overly muscular. His tight brown curls are held at bay by a green sash of cloth that's wound around his head a few times. It closely matches the green of his eyes. Along the left side of his face is a network of ugly scars that peek out from behind the sash, extending from his upper cheek and down to his neck. He has two piercings on his right ear, a silver hoop and stud.

Jade carries a longbow and quiver full of arrows, each marked with two green bands sandwiching a white. His cloak and clothing are all of quality tailoring, fitted and well-stitched. Belted at his waist is a long hunting knife.