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As with Elendor Logs this is another fan site for folks on Elendor to use. I originally had the wiki set up for Bree, but decided to expand it more generally for everyone. It's meant as a supplement to the game, not as a replacement for any tools in the MUSH. --Keldean 18:00, 30 December 2008 (UTC)

Please try to note. Everytime a page is edited and saved, a new version is saved to the database. When you're making lots of small tweaks in a row, please try to use the Preview button in lieu of saving a new version every single time. Thanks!

The ElendorWiki has 248 articles.

Character Directory

Want to list your character in here for people to reference?


All cultures are welcome to use this wiki if they like, please contact Gwen for getting started (simply to keep things consistently organized)

Cultures Ruler (s)
Arnorian Feandril and Elrohir
Beorning Isobel and Corawyn
Breefolk Saruman and Tobbit
Dale-Lands Isobel and Corawyn
Dunlending Sauron and Shavyak
Erebor Isobel and Corawyn
Ered-Luin Saruman and Tobbit
Galadhrim Silaeth and Gandalf
Gondorian Rananar and Gwendion
Haradrim Sauron and Mara
Imladhrim Feandril and Elrohir
Isendrim Sauron and Shavyak
Mithlondhrim Saruman and Tobbit
Mordain Sauron and Mara
Morian Silaeth and Gandalf
Ndaedeldhrim Isobel and Corawyn
Northern Silaeth and Gandalf
Onodrim Sauron and Shavyak
Rohirrim Rananar and Gwendion
Shirefolk Saruman and Tobbit
Yfelwydan Feandril and Elrohir