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Kel's Favorite RP Moments

Aaron enters the small parlour from the hallway.
Aaron has arrived.
<OOC> Aaron wants answers.
<OOC> Frarin eeheehee.
Thari has connected.
Anyone that walks into the parlour will see a grand mess. There's a black film over 
half of the room from a bucket of ash that was  kicked. Keldean is standing with a 
small handbrush near one of the plush chair, and the boy is equally coated in the 
soot, his face  and arms stained, and his clothes and hair thick with the stuff. 

The dead body of Frarin is on the floor, half-stuffed into the hearth where a grand 
blaze is smoldering away.. the stench is horrid. Frarin's HEAD is laying on the 
opposite side of the room next to a small square-headed shovel, the blood still wet 
and sticky..
<OOC> Thari reads pose, jaw drops.
[Nob(#16122)] "Hmph," Nob says, as he meets the boy's eyes and holds them. A long silence 
follows. Longer still. Finally, Nob nods once. "Very well," he says. "I'll give you one 
more chance. But mind you, if I even hear a breath of you stepping out of line once more, 
out you go! And I want you and my wagon and the wood back here in two days, d'you hear? 
That should be plenty of time for you to find enough to fill it up and come back."

Keldean looks incredibly relieved, letting out a half-sigh, half-laugh, his pent-up stress 
making him almost giddy. "Thank you, Nob! I won't.. I promise. I'll leave as soon as I 
change. I'll be fast.. " The teen heads for the door then, not wanting to give the hobbit 
the chance to change his mind.

<OOC> Nob says, "Heh. You're going to steal my horse and my wagon, aren't you?"
[Cordelia(#1394)] Cordelia smiles softly and squeezes Keldean's hand. "If we get out 
of this together, I'll do better than that--I'll take you with me and Liuni to my 
home. I think you'll like it there."
<OOC> Cordelia lets rhif pose ranger reaction? That is, if they're not all out on pee breaks.
[Frarin(#31050)] It is quite late by the time the Beorning woman Halla and the two dwarves 
make it back to the caravan. The distance is barely a mile, but with Frarin and Halla 
half-dragging, half-carrying the gravely wounded Ranol, and the frequent stops made on 
the huskarl's behind, the journey has taken a little over four hours.
<OOC> Grot says, "Dude... did you just hit my Jumjums, too!? :P"
<OOC> Gimli says, "Now you can after all those troll gals without danger of knocking themj up ;)"
<OOC> Grot nods! "I think I'm going to say inner leg, as RPing out my castration would 
      go a little beyond the realm of PG-13. :P"

Kel's notes:

  • +COM/WHO <channel> (to list people in a channel)
  • &history me= (to set character history)
  • &describe me= (to set character description)
  • @set me/history=vis (so people can see said history)
  • +display name/attrib (+display keldean/history for instance)
  • +cwho - See who is online in the cultures
  • +breehere - See who's on Bree
  • +rpc - the folks that can go anywhere
  • +com <channel>= (how to chat in various places)
  • Th num(here) - to give the # of the room you're in.
  • @set me=nospoof - turn off blind posting.
  • help +com toggles (set channel options)
  • +top/culture; +top; +cultures (to find out how much I need to get a life)
  • help +finger fields
  • +finger/set endnote=


  • @set me=enter_ok
  • @eunlock me

Object Stuff

  • @tel #26826 - Keldean's Object
  • @tel #20948 - Attic in the Pony
  • @tel #22315 - Hrappi (Ranol's Pony)
  • @tel #22407 - Cecilia's Object (in Dunland)
  • @tel #21495 - Cecilia's Object (In Beorn)
  • @desc Name=Description
  • @name OldName=NewName


+whisper Thari=\\Ranol leans over to whisper to Thari, "We're having hobbit stew tonight.." then he turns Jopper about and begins riding the pony away to the north.


+speak sindarin=\\Keldean says quietly, "I don't know what you mean." He switches to common to add, 'Can't you explain it better?'

Whisper + Speak COMBINED!!

+whisper/sindarin target=