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A Broken Web

Short Summary: Elves from Amon Thranduil and Lothlorien join together to repel an orcish scouting party, but it gets complicated when a giant spider turns the hunters to hunted
Date (real-life): 2010-09-11

(Archive) - Sauron drops by Dol Amroth

Short Summary: Kaide, a Mordain spy is questioned by Ivriniel... then... SAURON pops in!!!
Date (real-life): 2000-08-08

(Archive) Blood on Emyn Arnen

Short Summary: Orcs (and worse) of Mordor root out a camp of Gondorian knights and rangers in Ithilien, and much bloodshed ensues.
Date (real-life): 2002-11-23

(Archive) The Fellowship of the Sword 77 - The Morgul Valley

Short Summary: The company overcomes great fear and Nazguls and recovers the final piece of the Sword of Anarion.
Date (real-life): 2001-02-18

(Archive) The Fellowship of the Sword 42 - Rowaen's Rescue

Short Summary: Rowaen, near death, is lead by Kaide down the forest path. There they encounter the Gondorians a royal melee ensues.
Date (real-life): 2001-01-06

(Archive) The Fellowship of the Sword 39 - Captured!

Short Summary: Maernus, Rowaen, and Morrandir do battle with the orcs of Mirkwood but are bested. Rowaen is captured, but Maernus and Morrandir escape! [Comment: This might have occurred after the party arrived in Amon Thranduil and the squires were wandering in the wood. Not a smart thing. It also may have happened on the march through the forest]
Date (real-life): 2001-01-05

(Archive) The Fellowship of the Sword 36 - A Strange Tryst

Short Summary: Uvatha and Khamul, Wringwraiths, disguised as Riders claiming to be from Rohan, approach Indilzar, Tamran, Morrandir, and Aearwen and gain information from them regarding the Quest.
Date (real-life): 2001-01-02

(Archive) The Fellowship of the Sword 35 - Rowaen Stands Alone

Short Summary: On the eaves of Mirkwood, the squire Rowaen does battle with the orc, Ogral. The orc does him better and Rowaen flees. However, there is something more evil than an orc stalking the Fellowship...
Date (real-life): 2001-01-02

(Archive) The Fellowship of the Sword 28-Battle of the Gladden Part 2

Short Summary: This is the other part of the battle... that occurred in the other room (see episode 27)
Date (real-life): 2000-12-18

(Archive) The Fellowship of the Sword 27 - The Battle of the Gladden

Short Summary: After the Fellowship leaves Lorien they are escorted up to the Anduin Valley by the Galadhrim. However, a force of orcs from Mordor has gathered, perhaps hearing that so many Men of Gondor have gone forth. A battle is given, and it is seen that the Witch-King himself is present. While Arnafel and Thorondur attempt to deal with the Morgul Lord, Indilzar battles Grishnakh and his orc retainers with Doran. Doran, however, is gravely injured. Indilzar rescues Doran, and Doran is knighted by Arnafel.
Date (real-life): 2000-12-17

(Archive) Rorgan and the Wolf's Fleece Part XVII

Short Summary: This is a big battle. I am not sure if it is part of the TP but it was in Rohan and involves several cultures.
Date (real-life): 1999-10-30
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