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Tags: Elphir,  Indoron

Short Summary: At the pinnacle of Amroth's city, Elphir and Indoron talk.
Date (real-life): 2014-02-27
Scene Location: Dol Amroth
Dol Amroth: Prince's Castle - Tower of Imrazor Parapets

The sea roars in its deep tone. The rumble of the great Ulumuri of old, those horns wrought by Ulmo cast their sound. Here you are upon the highest pinnacle of mighty Dol Amroth the White: The Citadel by the Sea.

Here vision is afforded no meager glance, for about you all is plain. To the North, like a shining jewel, the white town of Edhellond is awashed by the estuaries of Morthond. Beyond it, many leagues distant and on the edge of sight, you see the vision of the Ered Nimrais, the White Mountains cutting into the hard horn of Arda. To the East, the fair citadel and its towns stretch out before you, a jewel under sun and moon. Then to the south, the proud towers rear up in glorious slendour, but they are dwarved by mighty Imrazor the Tall. Then at last your gaze bends west. There you see the pale ribbon of the Bridge that leads to the Sea Tower: Tirith Aear; but beyond it, league upon endless league, the wide sea rolls. The gulls cry, Dol Amroth is present, yet distant in the self-same glance. Has the bliss of Numenor truly faded?

Boom, crash. Boom, crash. Boom, crash.

The sea rocks like a pendulum, pacing this night in Dol Amroth with a steady rhythm. The air is thinner at Amroth's peak and it has a faint smell of salt. Across the distance many a place may be seen; it is said the Dunedain would gaze west out of reverence for a land lost. But this Guardsman...

He sees Elphir prone, lay flat against the surface of this open expanse. His hands prop his head from the ground and his eyes look up silent to the heavens.

Indoron seems to be about on his perpetual inspection. Once again he comes upon the young prince and his minder and the captain smiles upon seeking what Elphir is up to this night.

"The sky is pocked with stars."

"And we have so few Gods to name them all," states the young Prince, and here his speech betrays his exasperation.

He pulls his allbright eyes to Indoron and though he does not yet move from his spot, he says, "Captain Indoron. Would you be bored to talk of the heavens?"

"It seems an appropriate subject this night." Indoron looks up and comments matter-of-factly, "A soldier must often navigate by the stars when they are not obscured. There, the Sickle, the first constellation I teach those who do not know of such things."

A princely hand is raised upwards and it traces the line of the Sickle in the skies.

"I am not long from a soldier's duty."

"I have it that we learn a great many things in times of war-- here, you teach your soldiers of the stars."

Imrahil's son rises to add, "Yet we are of the class that may wander about such subjects in times of peace."

"Peace? What is that?" Indoron frowns slightly, but then goes on, "The constellations are so many. Anarrima, Menelmacar, Remmirath, Soronume, Telumendil, Valacirca, Wilwarin. Or shall we speak of stars themselves: Alcarinque, Borgil, Carnil, Elemmire, Helluin, Luinil, Lumbar, Morwinyon, Nenar, Til? And of course the star that led our people to Westernesse, Gil-estel. So many and yet so many more unnamed, uncounted except perhaps by the Eldar..."

The Telumehtar lord shakes his head and asks, "Do you believe in the astrologers who claim our fates may be divined by reading the stars?"

Elphir listens to a list of constellations and stars, and to the young Prince it is poetry.

"I believe many things, but not that. Are we so arrogant to say we can know the mysteries of the heavens? No sooner can we say we know every star can we say we know our fates, and who is to say even the Eldar have them counted? Let us look West, it is said, for there is our legacy."

"Yet I look up, for there is mine."

Indoron looks not up or west, but East. "There is my fate and the fate of all my kind. We need no star to show the way. Yes, there are other times and places, but ever it looms before us." He lowers his voice and whispers, "I have seen it, when the gloom has spread over all and the stars have been obscured. Then comes the cold and grown men throw themselves down, or wish they could if they weren't frozen with fear."

The captain looks up and calls, "Star of Hope, forlorn Hope! Intervene for us as you did Elves and Men in the Elder Days!"

Boom, crash. Boom, crash.

Still, the tides of Belfalas break themselves upon Dol Amroth.

"In my father's city, we fight for love and duty, and pray for the light."

"Do not despair, my Lord," says Elphir, "My dreams are not the same as yours. Look East if you must, but Gondor is the rock upon which It breaks."

Indoron looks up at the sky, at Elphir's inspiration. "You speak much like one of my soldiers, newly enlisted. He is young and idealistic. I suppose you're right. We are alive and for all I know, that is what hope is. One breath at a time."

"And what a breath it is--"

Elphir pulls his eyes from Indoron and they return to the heavens.

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