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Tags: Elphir,  Lominzil

Short Summary: Elphir summons Lominzil.
Date (real-life): 2014-02-28
Scene Location: Dol Amroth
A beautiful eve stretches like a canvas over the Prince's Castle. And here, on one of its many balconies, sits young Prince Elphir. He has situated himself precariously, his seat upon the railings, his body ever threatening to fall over the edge. A dour-faced Hir Elyan is not far and does not look happy.

"If a wind were to take---" says the Guardsman simply.

"How many times must we have this discussion?" answers the young Prince.

More simplicity from Hir Elyan: "Every time, Your Grace."

Elphir sighs and looks up, appeasing Hir Elyan with these words: "Once the Squire arrives I will grant you your wish, Hir."

A wind in the door brings a sable-cloaked youth, and succor for Hir Elyan:

"I have arrived, Your Grace," says Lominzil Girithlin, checking himself as he glances first to the Guard.

Elphir leaps down with an athletic grace, his booted feet sounding light upon the pavement.

"So you have," says the Prince happily, "Inside with you, Hir Elyan. I am sure the Squire will shout if I take my seat upon the rail again-- will you not?"

"The Prince will not come into danger," assures Lominzil of the dour-faced Elyan.

Upon the side, he waits for the door to close, his chin lifted in attention and shoulders thrown back.

Hir Elyan gives to Elphir one last sour look-- then, he is gone.

"Do not mind the Guardsman, Squire," the Prince is saying, "Having seen my birth, his is a selfish desire to see his own death before mine own."

Yet his tone changes in an instant.

He looks to the Girithlin with long, starry grey eyes and asks bluntly, "Why is my brotherhood not yet afforded thy company, Squire?"

"I am a difficult brother," says Lominzil. "Fey, unforgiving, and long in shadow. For Hir Elyan's sake, Your Grace ought to be wary of such men."

The Squire answers Elphir's gaze only once, then keeps his gaze bent down.

"I am unprepared and unfinished."

The Prince has an answer-- quicksilver, swift.

"We ought be wary of many things, I am told. Treachery. Death. The South. The East. Squires. Knights. Fathers and Mothers. Sons and daughters."

"A generation of men in service of my House..."

Here, Elphir's voice slows. Books have taught him much, but there is little in a book which might control the rawness of this finish.

"...Rocked by fear."

"They are burdened, Your Grace," Lominzil replies evenly.

"Nonetheless I stand before a Line for whom they would give themselves freely," he says. "How will you give them hope?"

Elphir laughs a laugh whose beauty is in its bitterness.

"Squire," and the Prince is earnest now, "I am not the line between hope and despair."

"Courageous men may follow Elphir, son of Prince Imrahil, Lord of Belfalas."

"Hope is not the same. Many courageous men who lack hope see their deaths a simple vanity of the Gods. A hopeful man, oh, he shall die too-- this is our race's fate. But a hopeful man does not die meaninglessly; no, his death is his own, as is his hope, and no other may take it from him."

"So despite Hir Elyan's insistence, I will sit upon the rails, and if fate take me for this folly, at least they will say the death was Elphir's."

"Ah, Your Grace," amends the Girithlin, "It would be the Squire's neglect."

He does dare to raise his eyes now, "What might one hope for in death? For what is to be found in the grave?"

"What might one hope?" probes the young Prince before he answers himself, "Why, one may hope for many a thing."

"Me, I care not for the manner of my passing. I wish only to be buried with my eyes facing the stars."

Elphir leans back against the rails and moves his eyes up to the sky.


"Mine will be earned, not given," answers Lominzil. "I hope for much still."

"There are rails to be crossed," he draws a breath and raises a brow, "friends to succor, questions to be answered."

"There...are...," says Prince Elphir, his attention now only half to the conversation. Eventually, his eyes return to Lominzil.

"Tell Hir Elyan I require five minutes of peace and then I will retire to my chambers. Tomorrow, I will see you at dawn's break."

Lominzil closes his mouth, and places a hand across his chest.

"Let you be far from the rail when Hir Elyan returns, Your Grace."

He leaves quietly.

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