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DOL AMROTH: An Officer Resigned

Tags: Elusul,  Sul,  Elphir,  Rand,  Tuil's Logs

Short Summary: Elphir calls upon Elusul in the great cabin of the flagship Palanauth.
Date (real-life): 2014-02-26
Scene Location: Dol Amroth Harbor: The Palanauth - Great Cabin
Date (in-game): April 16, 2061
Time of Day: Early Afternoon
Weather: Clear

Captain's Cabin(#23543Ve)

The cabin takes up the whole stern of the lower deck, from port to starboard. Painted a brilliant white, the cabin radiates light when the sun's rays stream in through the stern windows. Against the bulkhead beside the door is a great desk of black wood -- carven in relief with a scene of some great battle, inlaid with pearl and silver.

A curved scimitar of Umbar and a broken shield are hung over the desk; beneath is a small dated plaque of steel. A horn sits in a stand upon the desk, weighing down a thick sheaf of sea maps.

A truck and cot sit against the hull of the ship, neatly made and topped with fine linens.

Obvious Exits:
 Out <O> leads to the The Palanauth: Main Deck

Weather:            Clear
Time:               Early Afternoon <14:37:45 >
Season:             Spring
Date:               Oranor - April 16, 3061
Real Time:          Wed Feb 26 19:52:35 2014

The great cabin is alive with light streaming in from the windows along the stern. Beyond them, the ships of the harbor lie at anchor and Dol Amroth rises up beyond in all its splendid glory. Here in this cabin, there is much that is splendid, though it is of an austere kind. Footfalls are heard right overhead from officers walking the quarterdeck. And a man sits at the desk that is against the bulkhead that separates this cabin from the rest of the deck. He is tall, but thin, and not thin by nature, but rather due to what could be ill health judging by his paleness. He is hunched over as he works and there is much grumbling as he writes and fights his papers with only one hand.

         This Man is tall; his hair is cut to around the shoulders and is dark. His tired grey eyes are rather deeply set and bear just a touch of blue. His face holds the memory of great physical strain and is pale. The nose is long and proud and the square chin is firm. Overall he stands over six feet (6'4") and is long of limb.
         He is dressed in a long midnight blue tunic that falls to his knees; the empty left sleeve has been pinned up so as not to be a bother. Embroidered across the front of the tunic is the device of a silver four-rayed star. He wears a silver chain and over his left breast is an eight-pointed star, a compass, with the Sindarin letters of the directions inscribed in faint gold. A black belt is fastened around the waist and his knee-high riding boots and riding leathers are of the same leather.

There is a rap against the cabin door--

A deep voice says, "His Grace, Prince Elphir Imrazor."

Elusul calls back after what seems like a long moment of collecting himself and stilling his emotions, "Allow His Grace in."

The adminal gets to his feet slowly, picking where he will stand with care to avoid the beams that hold up the deck above.

The door opens.

Here is Amroth's field commander: the sure hand by which Ar-Gimilkhor was halted, of average height and build with grey eyes which shine like stars.

Elphir says, "A lovely ship, Hir Elusul. It has the fit of its Captain."

The young Prince looks around and crosses to where the window looks out into the Bay. He cranes his neck downwards to allow his gaze up into the heavens.

"How are you?" he asks.

Elusul coughs on cue and replies, "I am well enough. I find the sea air does much to revive me and one cannot help but prefer one's own ship where he is master to that cold spire in the sky." He ventures a wane smile and adds, "You are well, Your Grace? Your recent campaign does you credit."

"It is well that our battles are over; for that I am glad and well," says Elphir, his eyes still locked among the stars.

They linger there some moments longer before he carries his mind, and those eyes, back to this ship.

He looks to Elusul and says, "It is for that spire which I seek thy company this eve. Will you have a seat? And if there is a seat for me too..."

Peering about, the young Prince attempts to locate a chair aside from Elusul's own.

Elusul motions for the young prince to sit at his desk and then he retreats to his cot. Sitting down carefully, the admiral breathes in some of the sea air and asks, "For the spire? Am I to be relieved then?" Again the wane smile. "My wife would like that very much."

The young Prince takes his seat and answers plainly, almost relievedly.

"You are."

"You will choose the manner of your exit, for thy leal service goes with my family's greatest appreciation. Have you thought upon it?"

Here for the first time in a long time perhaps Elusul sits up straighter, not quite as burdened by the responsibility he has borne for so long.

"The manner of my exit is my lord the Prince's choice. I am and remain his loyal servant. The Swanfleet is almost completely rebuilt and my duty is done. As I said, my wife will be pleased."

The admiral shrugs and adds, "I have no boon to ask for. My own son will rise and fall on his own as I did myself."

The young Prince rises and says, "Then-- you offered me your cables and I regrettably chose to accept your resignation."

He extends out a hand.

"Thy chains, Hir."

Elusul slowly takes off the insignia of his office with his one hand and then holds them out for Elphir. "For the Prince Imrahil."

"For the Prince Imrahil," answers that Lord's eldest son, accepting the Admiral's chain. He takes a last look around the cabin and then seeks its exit.

Just before the door he stops to ask, "Your son. What is his name?"

"Arachas Elusul's Son of the House of the Isilrim." Elusul uses the utmost formality as he declares his son's name, recognizing the moment for what it is.

"I will remember it."

"Good night, Hir."

There is the flourish of a Guardsman's white cloak as he steps through the doorway, and then Elphir is gone.

Elusul sits back down on his bunk and swings his legs up with a practiced motion. Lying back with his head on his pillow, the former admiral closes his eyes and sleeps the sleep of peace.


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