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Name the Herb

Tags: Hraefengar,  Gidon,  Ollie,  Nurenhir,  Sulgirion

Short Summary: The Rohir is feeling better, and it seems Elladan promised to bring him to Imladris. Meanwhile, the steward Nurenhir names off a list of herbs for Gidon and Sulgirion.
Date (real-life): 2010-04-26
Scene Location: Shepherding Village

============== Lord of the Rings Calendar <in English> ==============
IC time is:    Mid Afternoon < About 4:02 PM >
IC day is:     Wednesday
IC date is:    October 12
Moon phase:    Waning Crescent <HIDDEN>
Earendil:      Gil-Estel is not visible.
IC year is:    Third Age 3049
RL time:        Mon Apr 26 21:20:58 2010

It is sunny this afternoon, but bitterly cold. As the Shepherding Village rises taller and vaster under the industrious hands of the builders, various bits of furniture begin to pop up around the camp, half-built and unsanded, from pieces of unused timber. Here, Nurenhir is sitting on a still-wobbly stool by the fire, grinding a collection of herbs and grasses into fine powder under a pestle.

[Ollie(#15066)] Gidon crouches near Nurenhir and watches him. He has been silent while the elf works, but now he asks, "What're you making?" Beside him, his half-grown dog lies curled up with his nose tucked into his tail. The boy shivers a little, pulling his cloak tighter and edging a little closer to the fire.

A swooping disturbance foretells the arrival of another, and the familiar shape of the Great Eagle lands somewhere nearby where the others sit. The massive wings are tucked away as Sulgirion avian-steps closer, giving a low caw in greeting. He stoops his neck, his large amber eyes watching as well while the Elf works.

Hraefengar comes from his tent, walking a bit stiffly, leaning on a staff. His dog is beside him, walking contentedly enough. The man shivers despite his warm clothing, and he makes his way towards the fire, the elf, the boy, and the eagle.

"The herbs I collected," says the elf simply, dusting a bit of greyish powder from his fingers. "Some are useful for healing, and others for cooking. And some more are good for both. Since it is winter, it is best to preserve a collection until the spring comes again." The landing of the eagle flutters Nurenhir's hair, and he smiles.

It is only when the Rohir draws near that the elf stands (one will notice a longsword at his side, looking a little newer than before), pulling a small envelope from his satchel.

[Ollie(#15066)] The boy nods, looking at the powder with a bit more interest. "Which are which?" he asks. "I know some, pick 'em t'sell in town." He looks up as the eagle waddles over, and though he is still a little nervous in its presence, he is much more comfortable than before.

Gidon nods to Hraefengar, looking at him worriedly. "Are - you all right?" he asks.

Sulgirion gives a bob of his head as Nurenhir explains, and he gives young Gidon a peer from his eyes as well -- a pity the mouths of birds are incapable of smiling. Then the eagle's bright gaze rises at the arrival of the Rohir. "Aah, I hope the healer found you, boar-hunter," says Sulgirion. "You are looking better, I think." Then the hooked beak quiets as the elven steward stands and brings out the envelope.

[Hraefengar(#30729)] "I feel... better," answers Hraefengar, smiling reassuringly at the boy. He nods his head, then looks questioningly to the elf and at the envelope before taking it. "More herbs, Nurenhir?" he asks softly, then turns to the eagle. "Hir Elladan Elrondson came to me. He tended me until I felt better. He says he shall take me to Imladris."

"That is mint, as you may know," says Nurenhir, pointing to a fragrant pile. "Feverfew. Woundwort. Yarrow. Lavender and thyme for the pork ..." the elf's voice trails off, and he looks to Hraefengar. "Elladan is here? Then this will last you until then; take it with your food, for it may be bitter."

[Ollie(#15066)] Gidon smiles back, though he still looks worried. Then his attention goes to the elf's explanation, and he nods, nods again. "Yarrow and mint," he says. "Know them." The others, he stares at fiercely, committing them to memory, whispering descriptions to himself under his breath.

"Imladris," the giant bird clicks his beak happily, "you shall like it there. It is a.." Sulgirion pauses, searching for a word, "timeless place, or so it feels. Songs, laughter, cakes," here a look is given to Nurenhir. "A great haven for healing."

Sulgirion shakes his head a little at the list of herbs. "I do not know much about the plants of the ground. Not many grow in the high peaks of the mountains."

"Lavender is soothing too. It can calm the spirit and ease bad dreams," murmurs Hraefengar. "Yes, Elladan is here. He came to me and roused me from where I lay senseless, and then in pain. I am glad of it. I hope I shall find some ease there for a time. It shall be a long journey home, but it shall have to wait for spring. And at the end of the road are my wife and my children. I miss them."

"The winters are harsh in the north," comments Nurenhir, sitting back down, "but you will find that Imladris is gentle. Though ... the end of the road ... I hope you will return swiftly and easily there. Have they waited long?" His voice is low, attention downcast; he is fingering the dried herbs.

[Ollie(#15066)] Gidon's eyes flicker up to Hraefengar. There is a little line of a frown between his eyebrows. 'Lavender,' he mutters. He is only partly paying attention to the conversation, though he glances up at Sulgirion when he mentions plants of the mountains before going back to his fierce memorization.

"There are not many at all in the peaks," comments the eagle as he catches sight of Gidon's gaze. "But I can tell you the names of a few that I have heard mentioned in the elders' scrolls later, if you would like." Sulgirion cants his gold-crowned head, and he merely listens as the other two speak. Slowly, drawn by instinct perhaps, his eyes drift toward the skies.

[Hraefengar(#30729)] "This shall be my... second winter away. They probably think I am dead by now. But I had my duty, and I was not expecting to be abandoned. I shall have to find provision for the journey home, for it is many weeks to ride. Though my coin is nearly exhausted, and I have little else to trade save my clothing and my songs." A brief shake of his head. "But Dealfyr enjoys the ride. If the healers of Imladris can replace my herbs... well, I have an even chance of making it back home alive. But it is dangerous to travel alone." Hraefengar shrugs his shoulders.

"But it is good to have a home that waits. Perhaps you will find a traveling companion in Imladris," answers Nurenhir gravely, his eyes shifting among the herbs for a moment more. Then he smiles at Gidon. "If you like, Gidon, I will show you some others if we gather herbs. But it is dangerous outside and we cannot remain there for long."

[Ollie(#15066)] Imladris... The word drops into Gidon's consciousness and he looks up, a little confused by the (to him) non sequitur. Then he blinks and smiles shyly at elf and eagle. "Thank you," he tells them both. "I'd like t'know more." He glances over at Hraefengar again. "Where're you going?" he asks the man.

The avian's eyes seem to grin at Gidon's eagerness to learn, and then Sulgirion shifts his attention again as the boy inquires to Hraefengar. Still keeping his head canted as he harkens, the eagle turns his neck sideways, and begins cleaning a few ruffled feathers on the top of his wing.

"Few come from the North to the Mark... to Rohan," says the Eorling, his voice soft. A little sad. He shakes his head, then draws himself straighter and smiles. "First to Rivendell, Gidon, and then, come spring, if I am well enough, home. A long road, but home at last, to the fields and plains."

The elf nods, gathering up his collections of crushed herbs into little pockets of parchment. But he has run out of the latter, and frowns slightly before rising again, wandering off towards a grey tent.


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