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Sleeping in the stable

Tags: Brev,  Lek

Short Summary: Lek is aroused from his slumbers before dawn by someone else with the same idea as he did - maybe.
Date (real-life): 2010-06-29
Scene Location: Bree: Stables
Date (in-game): April 3050
Time of Day: Predawn
Weather: Rain

Stall after stall lines the walls of this small outbuilding on the south side of the Prancing Pony, confirming that this building indeed serves as a stable. Heavy solid wood, practical though not beautiful, makes up the construction of the beams and gates that keep the beasts securely locked inside. A low wooden trough runs through each of the stalls so as to provide fresh water at all times, and bales of hay rest in the corner of each stall. Two large windows on the south wall, one at the front and one at the back of the stables lie propped open with a chunk of wood, affording fresh air to the animals as well as their owners and the stable hobbit who cares for the place. The doors currently stand wide open, though a heavy iron bolt can be seen from the inside, making it fairly evident that the stable can be protected from things on the outside if necessary.

Obvious exits:

================================== Bree Time ==================================
Real time: Tue Jun 29 15:31:12 2010
Bree time: Dawn <06:33:36> on Mersday of Spring - April 20,1450
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous Moon

Breelands Weather
The dawn spring air is cool but pleasant around you. A light drizzle trickles from the sky.

Morning is almost here. The sky to the east is lightening, though the steady drizzle masks any hint of sunlight. Most of the Inn's inhabitants are still sleeping; those unlucky enough to have to be up before the dawn go about their tasks in near-silence, tiptoeing around to avoid waking paying customers. The stable is quiet too, the only sounds the snorting and whuffing breaths of horses and other livestock.

But then the door edges open a fraction - very quietly - and the drizzle is blotted out for a moment by a cloaked shape, man-high rather than hobbit.

[Nob(#16122)] There is a boy sleeping in the first stall by the door - he looks to be about 12; or younger as he lies there, his hair tousled and his face as innocent as a babe.

The figure in the doorway is silent a moment, as though listening, then he pushes the doorway wide enough to enter. The man - for such he is, though the sodden hood of the cloak he wears covers his features - steps in carefully and starts to move along the row of stalls. He steps carefully to avoid making much noise - is it mere courtesy or does he wish not to be heard? He pauses at the first stall, glancing down with eyes not yet adjusted to the dimness toward the hump that marks the sleeper. The rain drips from the hem of his cloak.

[Nob(#16122)] The hump stirs - perhaps it is the coolness of the air coming in that disturbs him; for there isn't enough light to wake him. Then Lek sits up and yawns, rubbing sleepy eyes. His hair sticks up in strange directions and there is straw in it.

There is some snorting and stirring amongst the horses as that current of cooler air is felt. The man peers toward the far end of the line of stalls, shrugs and starts to edge past - but at the yawn he thinks better of it. "Sure you're supposed to be sleeping on duty?" The Common is singsong, the tone mocking.

[Nob(#16122)] Lek blinks and squints, trying to see who is talking - all that he can see is a large, silhouetted shape. "Got t'sleep sometimes," he mumbles. "Ain't been nobody in here anyways." He scrambles towards the door of the stall and peers outside. "Tain't even light!" he says, aggrieved.

Lek's visitor watches the lad's action with a snorted breath that's probably amusement. "True," he agrees, amiably. "Go back to sleep then. Don't mind me." He neatly sidesteps the stall door over which Lek is leaning, moving on to the next. "Fine beast, that." Even though he's out of the rain, he doesn't push back his hood - come to think of it, does he have something in his hands? Neither can be seen beneath the wet cloak.

[Nob(#16122)] "What're you doing?" Lek asks, curiously. "Looking for something?" He glances over at the horse. "Aye, tis." He doesn't sound overly excited about it though. "Looks good. Nasty temper though. Always trying to take a bite out of me."

The stranger steps hastily back at the warning. "In a manner of speaking," he answers the lad. "Or some place." A drip falls from the hood and he shakes his head irritably to clear it, without brushing it away. Another step past, then his head twists back. "You work for the rabbit-men or something?"

[Nob(#16122)] "Work here, aye," Lek says. He is sounding amazingly alert for having only woken up about 3 minutes ago. "What sort of place? This here's the stables," he offers helpfully. "Why d'you call them rabbit men? You mean the hobbits? They ain't so bad."

"I can see that," the man offers drily. "So ... I'm looking for somewhere. In the stables." A pause, then he adds doubtfully, "Think you call it a stall?"

The other question is answered with a shrug. "Hobbit, rabbit - sounds the same to me. Easy to confuse. Both like eating, running ... and breeding, judging by the number of them about the place. Hmm - you reckon they'd make good dinner? Maybe I've been after the wrong game." The man's tone is completely solemn, and with his hood shadowing hsi face it's hard to tell whether he might actually be grinning.

[Nob(#16122)] "Stall," Lek repeats and waves his arms towards the compartment he is occupying. "This," he says. "Lots of them. You need a place to sleep? I won't tell th'stablemaster..." He blinks, uncertain how to take this treatise on hobbits. "Don't think so," he says cautiously. "Like berry pies, m'self."

"They're like berry pies?" The scorn drops away from the stranger's tone for an instant; instead it sounds mystified.

Then he shrugs, the motion jerking the hood further back, revealing at least the gleam of eyes and lank strands of dark hair plastered to swarthy features. "Stablemaster, eh? Paid for the place, it's none of his bloody business what I do with it. How often does he come round, anyway?" Those gleaming eyes peer sharply at Lek.

[Nob(#16122)] The boy blinks, startled. "I like berry pies," he repeats, slowly. "To eat...?" Then his brown eyes meet the man's. "He comes around," he says noncommitally. "Some. When he wants. I keep them fed and watered, and mucked out. He don't do so much. Never climbs up into th'haylofts, except to see if we're running low."

"Ah." The man does not look up at the hayloft, merely nods. "I see." That topic is seemingly forgotten as he moves on to the next stall, occupied by a sleepy ox. "Definitely not that one," he murmurs wryly. "Sounds like you're doing all the work. Hope they're paying you well for the privilege."

He steps away, then glances back. "Don't have any berry pies, and last night's haul was poor, but if you'll see to it I'm not disturbed I can offer a haunch of rabbit for supper instead. That do? Of course, if you don't, I can make things uncomfortable too." The threat - if threat it is, surely he's no more than teasing? - is accompanied by a half-smirk. He pauses, hand on the door of a stall that has stirrings within. Is it his beast? Someone else's? Who knows.

[Nob(#16122)] "Sure!" Lek grins conspiratorially. "S'long as you don't fuss up th'horses." He looks outside again, deciding it's not light enough yet to qualify as 'dawn', and vanishes from sight - curling back up in the hay most likely.

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