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Blood will out

Tags: Caoimhe,  Brev,  Thomas,  Ernie

Short Summary: Young Caoimhe shows off her skills, much to Thomas' chagrin, Brev's approval and Ernie's confusion
Date (real-life): 2010-06-30
Scene Location: Bree: Prancing Pony
Date (in-game): April 3050
Time of Day: Evening
Common Room

This large and rectangular room serves the purpose of Common Room for the Prancing Pony. Large windows along the western end of the room peek out over the Great East Road which runs outside the Inn. There are long tables with bench seats for the patrons in the centre of the room. Nestled into the wall is a large fireplace with several bundles of wood piled next to it. Overhead, lamps hang down from roof beams, but their light is dim and half-veiled in smoke. The corners of the room are wrapped in shadow.

Obvious exits:

================================== Bree Time ==================================
Real time: Wed Jun 30 15:33:12 2010
Bree time: Dawn <06:39:36> on Sunday of Spring - April 23,1450
Moon Phase: Full  Moon

Breelands Weather

[Caoimhe(#31517)] Though the spring night air may be chilly, the common room at the Prancing Pony is packed so full of people that most of the men- if not a few of the women- have broken a sweat, between the near press of bodies and the constant motion of servers coming and going with trays of hot food and drink. There's a fire going in just one of the hearths, and it's getting down to embers, but no one is bothering to stoke it back to blazing. In one corner of the room, toward the back wall, a cluster of men have gathered, and they're cheering and shouting at something.

There's little Caoimhe Coruciel, the teenaged girl with her very long blonde hair and slanted eyes, kicking and wrestling on the floor. Regardless of whether brawling is allowed here, it's what Caoimhe's gotten into, and she's got a grown man, a logger, in a headlock. Tears of laughter have formed in the eyes of some onlookers, while others applaud the girl, who holds up her free hand in victory.

One more figure edges into the Common Room, safely anonymous in a grey cloak. Brev pushes his hood back as the blast of heat hits him, then steps back into the shadows, seemingly in no hurry for drink or food. The shouts from the corner draw him, and he steps up just in time to see Caoimhe win her victory. One brow arches, and he comments quietly to the person nearest, "Nice. You have this sort of entertainment every night? Next time, you should get her to do it naked." The flicker of amusement in his eyes suggests that the proposal wasn't in earnest.

"What?!" Thomas has been watching the wrestling match all too eagerly, even wagering a coin on the contest with a few of the other local market boys. He must have bet against the girl, though, because as the match breaks up, he turns a scowl on the grey cloaked man, head whipping about at his comment.

"It's shameful enough that she rolling about on the floor like that! You don't need to....." At that, he breaks off abruptly, then points a finger at Brev. "You! You were the sneak in the night!"

[Caoimhe(#31517)] The sound of raised voices- in fact, a voice familiar to her- causes Caoimhe to look in Thomas and Brev's direction once the match has broken up and the onlookers have scattered. Silver disappears into a pocket sewn on the side of her breeches, its glint visible for a moment before it falls out of sight. The girl flashes a big grin at the scowling Thomas, and then, recognizing Brev, she hurriedly straightens her clothes and runs her hands through that long gold hair, trying to flatten it into something prettier. "Hi," she says as she steps up to them, her cheeks still flushed with excitement. Thomas' face is telling of something, and she asks him wryly, "Bet against the skinny girl?"

Brev's response to those first words is a snort. "Shameful for the loser, aye." At the accusation - which turns a few heads, though most of the watchers are more interested in what Caoimhe will do next (and the rest of the Common Room is trying hard /not/ to watch the outlandish scene!) - he turns amber eyes on Thomas, quite unperturbed. "Speak for yourself." One corner of his mouth twitches.

At Caoimhe's look the twitching becomes a smirk. "Not bad, for a youngster. You should try to use less force next time, though. Some of those kicks weren't needed. Best to expend the minimum of effort." The fact that the girl's behaviour might be inappropriate doesn't appear to have registered.

"I don't go skulking around in graveyards trying to hurt people at night!" Thomas huffs indignantly. "Threatening people and snaring young women!" He speaks loud--loud enough for the crowd to hear clearly. "Who are you, anyway? What do you want with us and...uh...oh..."

Caoimhe's approach and words causes him confusion. "You...you don't want the Bree Guard to arrest him? I mean..you're all right? I mean..."

[Caoimhe(#31517)] "How're your traps doing? Caught anything...tasty yet?" Caoimhe asks Brev coolly, trying to sound older than her fourteen and succeeding somewhat, until she starts smoothing down her hair again and tugging her clothes into place, glowing under the praise but looking nervous despite herself. "Arrest him?" Caoimhe says, slanted hazel eyes widening at Thomas. "No, I...in fact, I owe him a meal. Or are you treating us all, Thomas?" Caoimhe suggests, clapping a hand amiably on the lad's shoulder. She doesn't give any indication that Brev has ever threatened her in the slightest, a slight smile on her face as she gazes around the common room at its patrons.

Skulking in graveyards? Snaring young women? A few more heads turn, this time from the non-brawl-watchers. A group of hobbits tsk loudly and shake their heads. At the mention of Breeguard, one of them trots over to a broad red-faced man with a mug on his hand and thumps him on the back. "That's you, Ernie." 'Ernie' looks up from his pint and sprays beer across the table, choking.

Brev arches a brow at Caoimhe's query. "Rabbits," he says blandly. "That's generally what one catches in snares. Rather it was something else?" He turns a forbidding look on Thomas without replying to him directly; the observant might notice, however, that his gaze sweeps the room as though noting barriers and exits, and his hand strays toward his belt. Just in case trouble is on its way ...

"Rabbits! You didn't come after us as if you were catching rabbits!" Thomas objects loudly. He twists around to look for "Ernie," but he's hesitant. "He...he attacked you,no?" he says to Caoimhe. "And no...I have no coin," he sulks. "You pay for stuff."

[Caoimhe(#31517)] Caoimhe turns scarlet at Brev's reply. "I have no idea what you're talking about," she answers quickly. Her eyes move to the Bree guard, the man spitting beer on the table as he's thumped across the back, and then to Brev, who is looking around cautiously. "You know, I don't think you've much to worry about, there. I beat that one," she nods to the guard, "In a match just a fortnight ago. Granted, he was well into his ale by then." Her smile to Brev is almost shy as she asks, "If I pay for our dinner- yours too, Thomas-," she adds, "Would you...show me a little of what you know? About fighting, I mean."

Ernie rises to his feet and sways his way unsteadily across the room to where Thomas, Caoimhe and The Unknown are standing, oblivious to the fact that events have moved on. "'Ere, 'ere," he says, planting fists on his hips in an effort to look forbidding (though the swaying rather spoils that). "Wot's all this about 'restin' folk? Someone bin causin' trouble? Stealin' rabbits, was it?" His smile for Thomas is approving, almost fatherly, but when his beer-assisted eyes fall on the dishevelled Caoimhe they widen slightly and his features redden even further. "You all right, miss? This 'ere fellow ain't been makin' .. uh, Lewd Remarks?"

Brev lets out a snort in Thomas's direction. "Didn't want-" Whatever else he is about to say is cut short by the Breeguard's arrival. His mouth opens for what's likely some witty remark then shuts again as he thinks better of it. "It's all right, they're not causing trouble, they're just youngsters," he offers innocently. "And the lass is an acquaintance of sorts. I know her mother."

Flicking a glance in Caoimhe's direction, he adds cryptically, "Anything's possible."

"Hey!" Thomas protests, but he looks at the drunk Ernie, looks at the very pretty Caoimhe, and shuts his mouth. "Erm...no sir...no trouble. This man here is just buying us dinner is all and uh..we were talking about rabbits." He coughs, shrugs. "But I have to see to some things first, and then I'll be back for that meal." And with that he slinks out the common room.

[Caoimhe(#31517)] Caoimhe raises one gold-brown eyebrow at the Breeguard, and she points a skeptical finger at Brev. "Him, Sir? No, no lewd remarks, there." She blushes faintly again. She frowns at Brev, then, and is quick to jump in and protest, "I am -not- a lass! I'm a lady, and I expect to be treated as such." She curls one hand in a fist in invitation to anyone who wishes to dispute this claim. "See you in a bit, Thomas," Caoimhe adds as the farmer's son rushes off, "We'll order for you..." her voice trails away as he's already gone.

Ernie's wandering gaze pulls reluctantly away from Caoimhe to fix first on Brev, puzzled, and then on Thomas. "Iffen you're sure there b'ain't trouble-" he begins, and then swallows hard - whether it's due to evidence of Caoimhe's feistiness or his own roiling stomach, who knows? "Uh, think I'll just go and use the necessary." He beats a hasty, wobbling retreat across the room, followed by a chorus of sniggers from the watchers.

Brev arches an eyebrow at Thomas' departure, but he says no word until the Breeguard is well out of the way. "Funny, the effect I have on some folk," he remarks drily, glancing at Caoimhe. "And ladies don't fight. So I'm reliably informed. So are you a lass who can hold her own and is willing to learn, or a lady who's too delicate to breathe, let alone sweat? The choice is yours." His lips twist into a sudden smirk.

[Caoimhe(#31517)] "Just because I can throw a solid punch and I'm not afraid to bite a woodsman doesn't mean I don't want to be treated like a beautiful lady would..." Caoimhe stops herself, the rest of his words registering, and she ends with, "Just- shut up and let me buy you dinner." She drops into a seat at the nearest empty table and waits, hazel eyes on Brev, for him to join her. She adds, loud enough so that her voice carries to him, "I might be willing to learn. If you'll accept some payment for it, so it's not a favor."

A sound uncommonly like a snort escapes Brev at Caoimhe's first words, and amusement glints within his amber eyes, but he remains dutifully silent until he's seated, sliding onto the bench opposite Caoimhe. "I'll have the stew, then," he says aloud, though one brow has arched up at the offer. "Payment, eh? Can't say I've ever been one to refuse that." His lips twitch, then his features harden. "Just lets get one thing straight. Some payments I don't take, and don't want." His gaze slides to the golden tresses and away; he does not quite scowl, but the look is rather less admiring than Ernie's had been. "I'll take coin - or kind. Foodstuffs, cloth ... anything I can use. Don't carry much coin if I can help it, invites trouble."

[Caoimhe(#31517)] Caoimhe misses the mark on just what is not desired, as she ventures in a very lowered voice, "...Blood? Why would I suppose you wanted blood, anyways? And I don't do killin' as a favor. That'd cost more than you're worth." She surely doesn't look as though she's ever killed a soul, but who knows, with her mother being what she was, and her father not in his right mind? "We'll make some arrangement, after lessons. I could provide food, or clothes. Up to you." Caoimhe shrugs, now back to a normal speaking voice. When she thinks he isn't looking, she sneaks a sideways glance at him, and hers is rather...adoring? Hopeful? Hard to place.

Brev's eyebrow remains lifted, and one corner of his mouth twitches slightly at the first words, despite himself. "You only do it for fun, eh?" His gaze rests on the girl's odd necklace for a moment, then moves on. "Life's worth more than death. Once something's dead, its usefulness ends. And I like things to be useful." He shrugs, then looks away to see what others are making of their meeting. Quite fortunate, that, for if he'd seen the 'adoring' look he surely would not have let it pass?

Briskly, he turns back. "Fine, then. Meet me up at yon graveyard, shouldn't be too many prying eyes. Or else out at young Gidon's place in the Chetwood. Plenty of open space out there. Now, what about this meal?"

As the pair await the food and Thomas' return, his lilting voice can be heard raised in most unBreeish talk: "Oh, and I don't advise biting a goblin. Amount of filth that's in their blood, you might as well eat dung ..."

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