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Something to keep out the chill?

Tags: Brandebras,  Gidon,  Brev

Short Summary: Brandebras apologizes to Gidon for the harm he's caused, and passes on a rather ..odd.. gift
Date (real-life): 2010-07-11
Scene Location: Bree: Market
Date (in-game): May 3050
Time of Day: Morning
Bree Market - South(#24374Rto)

This section of Bree is known locally as Market South. There are shops lining both sides of the road, selling a variety of wares and services. Here, at the southern end of Bree's Market two roads meet, one from the east and one from the north. Night has fallen and little can be gleaned from the pale light of distant lanterns. A few men scurry about on their business, gone as quickly as they came.

Obvious exits:
 Large Wooden Door leads to The Longhole.
 Sewing Shoppe leads to Sewing Shoppe.
 Alleyway leads to Large Field.
 Bakery leads to The Bakery.
 East leads to Bree Market - East.
 North leads to North Market.

================================== Bree Time ==================================
Real time: Sun Jul 11 15:01:54 2010
Bree time: Morning on Highday of Spring - May 26,1450

Breelands Weather
The spring air is cool but pleasant around you. The sky is clear with only slight wisps of clouds overhead. The moon is above the horizon and in its full phase.

It's a fine, fresh morning. A westerly breeze sends wisps of cloud scudding across the sky and keeps the air from getting too hot - just the sort of weather for a stroll or perhaps a spot of shopping. Here in the southern part of the market the air is filled with the cries of stall-holders: "Rhubarb! Fresh rhubarb!" "Winter apples half-price, still good!" "Best weed in the Four Towns, right here!" and Bree's more discerning housewives are already on the prowl, baskets on arms.

Amidst the early shoppers Brandebras Bywater threads his way with a squeeze here and a bump there. "Oh, sorry, I didn't see you, Missus Taterfurrow. I was looking for someone." Indeed, his curly head turns from right to left and he stands on tiptoe as he scans the area. There's a satchel slung over his shoulder, likely he has messages to deliver.

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon is ambling sort of idly through the market, looking bored. His left arm is tied to his chest so it won't be jostled or moved. He's not really paying much attention to anyone, not buying anything, doing nothing but wandering.

"If you were looking, you would have had your eyes open," the plump woman Brandebras had jostled chides, but there is a twinkle in her own gaze. "Oh ..." She fumbles in her purse. Ask the grocer to keep two dozen eggs for me, will you?" She presses a couple of coins into his hand. "Now off with you! Mind you don't run anyone down."

Milk for Missus Featherfern, eggs for Missus Taterfurrow," repeats Brandebras as he trots on his way. "Milk for Missus - oh!" He's caught sight of Gidon. Immediately he rushes toward him, one arm waving wildly.

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon threads his way carefully past a woman, and around three men who are arguing over the worth of an axe. He doesn't see Brandebras racing towards him - perhaps a good thing, or he might run away!

Brandebras keeps right on waving. In the end it is the proximity of the three arguing men that saves Gidon, for the hobbit skids to a stop rather than run through them. "Uh ... Master Leafthicket," he calls out, perhaps a little red in the face (but then, he was running). "Hello?"

[Nob(#16122)] The boy turns around as he hears his name, but it takes him a minute before he sees who is calling. "Uh, yes?" he asks, cautiously, taking a step backwards just in case.

Brandebras blushes as Gidon steps back. "It- it was just..." He hesitates, biting his lip, and then it comes out in a rush. "I - um, I wanted to say sorry for falling on you the other day. I /really/ didn't mean it-" He looks at the bound arm and his face falls. That doesn't look so good. "H-how are you?" he falters.

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon blinks, then he grins. "It were slippery," he says, agreeably. "Weren't your fault." He looks down at his arm. "Brev said I should keep it still, so't can heal up."

Brandebras' flush deepens, and he looks even more uncomfortable. "I really am sorry," he repeats. "Ma's sent you some of her dried-apple pie, it's in here somewhere." He pulls the satchel on his shoulder round so that he can rummage. "And she said - who?" He stops in mid-flow, blinking at the unfamiliar name.

[Nob(#16122)] "Pie?" The boy's face brightens. "Wish I got pie more often. I don' know how t'make it though," he says regretfully. "Who? Oh - Brev. Friend of mine."

A few moments of blessed silence follow; when Brandebras' excavations are complete he holds out a rather battered-looking paper bag, clearly not thinking about how Gidon is going to carry it. "Ma's the best pie-maker in the world," he states proudly. "She won a special award in the Shire for it. And I know what you mean about the making. Ma gives me her recipes, but - well, they never seem to turn out right for me. There's always something left over on the counter afterwards." His round face is rueful.

After a moment he adds, hobbit-curiosity getting the better of him, "Do I know him? Mister Bref?" After all, isn't it his job to know /everyone/ in town?

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon reaches out for the bag - good thing he's not carrying anything else! As it is, the pie might be a bit more battered before he gets home with it. Wherever he's calling home just now. "Brev," he corrects. "Don't know if you know him. S'from Dunland. Dark-looking, bit taller than me."

Brandebras is slowly shaking his head, but at the mention of Dunland he stops. "Oh. You mean those southerners with the dirty skins." He pulls a face. "I did see one of them in the Pony. I thought he looked like one of the Tall Folk, but when I asked if he could tell me any stories, he told me to - well, I don't know I should repeat it. It wasn't very polite," the hobbit states primly, frowning. "You shouldn't take up with folks like that, Master Leafthicket. It's not .. right."

His mouth shuts. Now that his lecture's delivered, is he about to go? But no, he's fiddling about in the satchel again.

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon's face is suddenly stiff and angry. "He's my friend," he snaps.

Brandebras, head down as he rummages, winces at Gidon't barked words and looks up. "I'm sure you know best, Master Leafthicket," he says placatingly, the furrows on his smooth brow suggesting he's nothing of the sort. "But Ma's right worried about you. She asked where you lived, and I said out past Archet in a little house near the swamps, and she said..." His voice mercifully fades for a moment as ducks his head and fumbles inside the satchel. When he looks up again there is something in his hand - something limp and yellow. "-to keep the chill off." He holds the 'something' out; it is a long, yellow knitted scarf. Clearly Ma Bywater does not believe in hot summers.

[Nob(#16122)] The boy looks at the scarf rather astonished. "She said what?" he asks, his voice no longer angry. "What's that for? You wear it? Tain't that cold..."

Brandebras nods his head up and down solemnly. "She said you'd catch your death of cold, out there all alone without a woman to look after you. Out there with all those vapours and wraiths and nasty slimy things." He shudders at that.

Ma's words of wisdom dutifully delivered, the young hobbit glances round, lowers his voice and confides under his breath, "She fusses over me like that, too. It's .. a bit embarrassing, sometimes."

[Nob(#16122)] 'Without a woman'... Gidon blushes slightly, and a smile quirks his lips. Hurriedly, he agrees, "Aye, sounds like it would be. I ain't cold, honest. I got m'dad's cloak, even."

Brandebras nods, doubtfully, and bites his lip. "I think you'd better take it," he blurts out at last. "She'll give me such a scolding if she thinks I've forgotten something important like- like- oh!" Presumably Brandebras' memory has just been jogged. "I've really got to go," he says earnestly, thrusting the scarf even closer to Gidon.. "Maybe you could put it round your neck - or we could wind it round your sore arm. Should I do that?" Eagerly he stands on tiptoe, ready to begin ...

[Nob(#16122)] "Ah, no!" Gidon says even more hastily, stepping back again and holding out the hand that is holding the pie as both warding and receptacle. "Just... just put it on my arm here, by this pie..."

"All right," Brandebras agrees cheerfully, draping said item across Gidon's good arm. "You'll need to be careful you don't drop it, mind ... and I /really/ need to go. I hope your arm is better soon, Master Leafthicket!" With a wave he turns and dashes off, only to stop a few feet further on as something falls from his satchel and he has to grope for it underneath one of the stalls. Oh dear ...

[Nob(#16122)] Bemused, but grateful, Gidon watches Brandebras race off, stop, drop things, hunt for them.... He shrugs, and grins, and turns away, shaking his head at the weirdness of the yellow scarf wrapped around his arm.

"Apple?" enquires a voice from behind Gidon, and Brev steps up holding two of said items, wrinkled but still edible. He gives Gidon's full hand a cursory glance. "See you've been shopping already. I could stick it in your mouth like a pig waiting to be roasted, or - what in Kiern's name is that?" He is staring at the yellow wool.

[Nob(#16122)] A familiar voice sounds from behind his left ear, and Gidon stops, still grinning, to look around. "Sure," he says, "Got a ..." At the interruption, he turns a little red, embarrassed, but laughs. "Somebody thinks I might get cold," he says. "Told you that hobbit knocked into me? He brought a pie - " Here he waves his hand around, showing off the paper-wrapped item; and flapping yellow in the breeze. " - an' this."

Brev whistles softly. "One of those wee rabbity fellows willing to give up food? You must have made quite the impression Gidon lad, I think he's in love with you." He ponders practicalities for a moment, then solves the issue by sticking one of the apples in his own mouth and holding out his free hand for the bag and scarf, mumbling something that might be, "Here."

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon can't seem to stop himself from blushing at every other comment Brev makes - and sure enough, he turns red again. But he is grinning as he says, "Is not!" He watches Brev cram the apple into his mouth, and holds out the pie obediently.

A raising of the eyebrows is Brev's response to the blush; still, he takes the pie and thrusts the second apple at Gidon.

[Nob(#16122)] The pie is exchanged for an apple, and Gidon lifts it to his mouth taking an enormous bite, and crunching it up. The scarf has started to unwind itself during this process, and now one end trails near the boy's knee. He looks down at it, "oo-id arf," he mumbles, and tries to catch it around his arm to at least wind it back up again, farther from the ground.

Brev now has a free hand to remove his own apple. He spits out a pip toward a shopper whose back is turned, then glances down at Gidon's difficulties. "Here, I'll give you a hand." He reaches for the longest scarf-end with an apple-sticky hand. "What am I supposed to do with it, lead you around like a goat on a tether?"

[Nob(#16122)] "Do and I'll 'baaa'," Gidon threatens darkly. "No, wrap it up again, I guess. I don' know." And with growing dismay, he ponders the problem. If Brev wraps it around his arm again, how will he ever get it undone, one-handed? "No, here, stick it in ... " Too big for a pocket. Finally, he shrugs. "Wrap it round m'arm," he says. "Can, er, 'forget' it at th'Pony or something."

"Really?" Brev looks across at Gidon, grinning. "In that case I'll- oh, you'd rather just carry it. Pity." Dutifully he winds the scarf round Gidon's arm, then sticks the half-eaten apple back in his mouth to tuck the end in neatly. He removes the apple again, grimacing and muttering, "Tastes of wool. There you go, anyway. Honora'll find it very fetching."

[Nob(#16122)] Red tinges the boy's face. "I ain't wearing it!" he protests. And in an attempt to change the subject says, hopefully, "Don' you want t'go somewhere an' let's eat that pie. Ought t'be good."

Brev's lips twitch. "I'll be sure to mention it to her." At the change of subject he glances down at the paper bag he's carrying and shrugs. "Could do. If you find us 'somewhere'. Of course," and the twitching of his mouth becomes a lopsided smirk, "you do realize the rabbit-man could have poisoned it. Removing the lone witness to his crime of assault ..." He finishes off his apple, unconcerned.

[Nob(#16122)] "Would not have," Gidon retorts automatically. "I ain't never heard of a hobbit killing nobody, an' if they did, t'wouldn't be poison." He grins suddenly. "Messing with /food/?"

Brev lets out a guttural laugh. "Come to think of it, you could have a point. He lobs his apple-core over his shoulder.

[Nob(#16122)] "There's that pond," Gidon suggests as they amble along. "Off east a bit?"

Brev stops in his tracks, gives Gidon a level stare. "You wouldn't be .. ah, winding me up, would you? Remember what happened last time I was there? Some overendowed Breewoman tried to make out I was assaulting her. Thrilling stuff, it was." His tone is dry.

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon smirks. "Course not," he says, snickering. "Probly she ain't never gone there again anyways." Serious again, he says, "But if you don' want to. Nice place, that's all. Din't figure'd be too many folk there this time of year."

"Only half the population of Bree, likely," Brev says disparagingly, but he's grinning back at Gidon's smirk. "You're getting devious, lad. How about Bree hill? Not been up there in a while." The grin suddenly fades, and he shakes his head as though to clear it - or perhaps just to dislodge a fly. The breeze pushes dark curls across his face and he pushes them irritably out of his eyes.

[Nob(#16122)] "Right," Gidon says agreeably, and turns his steps. He gives Brev a sideways glance, and after a while says, "What is it?"

Brev, by this time, has turned into the wind. "What is what?" he enquires, the moment of irritation seemingly past. And then he jerks his head. "Come on. Lets see if any of tnose snares I left have caught any rabbits. Who knows, might even get lucky and find a rabbit-man in one." And the corners of his mouth turn up in a wicked smirk.

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon looks at the elder man again, and is silent. He is getting used to Brev, it seems - for the shock on his face only lasts a second before he says peaceably, "Wouldn't want one, y'know you wouldn't. Leave 'em makin' pies."

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