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Unwelcome visitors: Aftermath

Tags: Brev,  Gidon,  Bolosi,  Honora

Short Summary: Bolosi and his companions have come to seek out news of the bandits
Date (real-life): 2010-07-19
Scene Location: Bree: The Chetwood
Date (in-game): June 3050
Time of Day: Afternoon

The Chetwood
The forest here seems darker and fouler, and the trees seem to grow crookedly at strange angles. There is a small stream through the forest here that runs east-west. To the east, the stream plunges down into the rank Midgewater Marshes, its clean water mixing in with the brown muck and mire of the swamps. There are several paths here that lead away into all directions, but the most well-worn of them leads to the west.

A small hut has been built into the woods; an anvil sits in front of the door.

Obvious exits:


Scene: midafternoonish. Gidon and Honora are sitting in the doorway of this cabin. Brev is nearby under the trees at the edge of the clearing. G is about 15-16; Honora's a year or 2 older. Gidon has obvious bruises on his face, and scratches on his neck; and not so obvious bandages around his wrists and ankles. Also a splint on his left forearm.

For once Brev is not wearing his leather jerkin, and his dark head is bent over something in his lap: said jerkin, currently being held down with a bandage-wrapped right hand whilst he plies a needle clumsily with his left in an attempt to mend the rent in it. He is clearly uneasy, for every now and then he glances up at the trees surrounding them, or tilts his head to listen to any change in the forest sounds.

He breaks off his mending abruptly with a jerk and a muffled curse, sucking on a finger.

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon continues to Honora, "And the splint, that's the same as from before, remember? When that hobbit knocked me down?" He doesn't mention that being dragged around and tied up and fighting with Cleaver for his axe has re-broken the arm.

 From the directon of the road, approach three dwarves. The lead one, who is formidably built with a braided black beard, walks with one handheld axe clenched in his right hand. The dwarf to his right is tall for his kindred, with dark eyes and dark hair, his hand resting on the hilt of a long sword of the fashion a man would wield. To his left, is a red haired dwarf with what appears to be a warhammer strapped to his back.

 All approach with a certian wariness, as if expecting trouble.

No sooner has Brev set eyes on the trio of walkers than he's on his feet, needlework discarded. His left hand holds a slender dagger pulled from his boot, whilst the fingers of the right are forced to curl round the hilt of the one at his waist, despite a grimace of pain. "Ware, company," he calls softly over his shoulder without turning; rather he steps forward so that he is between the oncomers and the little cabin. "Looking for something?" he calls, the singsong Common alive with tense challenge.

[Nob(#16122)] And in the doorway, Gidon's head snaps up, and he drops his arm from around Honora's shoulders to pick up his own knife, and stand up, taking a step forward, so that as Brev is between the newcomers and himself, so is he between them and Honora.

 The company of three draw to a halt only metres from the challengin Brev. The largest dwarf, the one in the middle with the braided black beard, is closest to him- the other two flank him, their eyes glancing around warily for dangers nearby. Gazing at Brev for a moment, his face expressionless, he eventually speaks. " Hail, cousin. I am Bolosi, son of Boli, and these are my companions..." He gestures to the tall dwwarf with the long sword, " Horgor, son of Horlin..." He gestures to the red haired dwarf, " And Folli, son of Folgo."

 He looks back at Brev. " We are here because we heard of more bandits in this area- we have committed to driving them from this wood."

Brev's eyebrows lift at the Dwarf's address, and his considered response is a still nod, first to the speaker and then to the other pair. "Afternoon," he greets them evenly, the words still holding that singsong quality - presumably an accent of some sort. "Interesting aim, that. You're too late to find them here. Tracks have gone cold." He hesitates, flicking a glance over his shoulder to where Gidon stands, then mutters lower-voiced, "though no doubt they'll be back. Nothing good lasts forever."

He does not sheathe his dagger but his arm has at least dropped back to his side; the fingers of the other hand, his right, uncurl slowly from the other dagger-hilt as though it were a great effort. He continues to watch the Dwarves warily - after all, that's an awful lot of ironmongery to face down one-handed.

[Nob(#16122)] It is only dwarves. Gidon relaxes, and puts his arm back around Honora's shoulders as she stands beside him. "They were here th'other day," he adds. "Brev there, an' Lee, they run 'em off."

 Bolsi frowns, gazing around at the scene. " I hope you succeded in driving them out before they could do any serious harm. It seems that the Chetwood is ever the shelter for such dangerous folks- I doubt you have seen the last of them."

 As he speaks, he slips his axe back onto his belt, and the corners of his mouth tug up into a half smile. " I was unaware that there were others who were fighting the brigands- perhaps we could be allies, of a sort.

[Nob(#16122)] This seems to be the first time it has occurred to Gidon that the bandits might come back. He has lived here 15 years, after all, and never had trouble. He looks from the dwarves to Brev, and asks, "They won't come back... will they?"

Allies? It's surely a generous offer, that. "Perhaps, Master Dwarf," Brev replies evenly, one corner of his mouth twitching slightly. "Though we don't all have your grand ideas. The wanderer - Lee - might share your aim, I fancy he's off tracking right now. Mine is simpler - to inflict on that pair, stroke for stroke and threat for threat, what they did to the lad." His voice hardens.

It is then that Gidon's interjection comes, and he hesitates only briefly before replying, "Kiern, Gidon, use your wits. They've used this place once, what's to stop them doing it again? 'Sides, we made a fool of them and they won't like that." The statement is matter-of-fact.

 Bolosi watches the exchange with discerning eyes, his thick brow furrowed into a frown. " This pair you mention...What exactly have they done?" At his side, his companion still have wary eyes.

Brev mirrors the frown with one of his own. "Up to the lad if he wants to talk," he says at last, stepping back to give Bolosi room but adding in a fierce undertone, "But I won't have him pestered."

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon is still looking a little shell-shocked by the thought that his home is no longer safe. "I - " he begins, then glances down at Honora, then up again, clearing his throat. Deliberately trying to make his voice casual, he says, "They busted in while I was sleeping. Couldn't get to m'knife." Not that a knife would have helped him, against two grown men, one with an axe. "Tied me up and made me cook for them and stuff." He lifts his good arm, shaking the sleeve back to show the bandages around the wrist.

"I ain't hurt bad. Bruises." He says nothing of the threats.

 Bolosi's frowns deepens, and the red-bearded dwarf mutters darkly. The tall one shows no reaction. " They seem to have a habit on preying on the young. My companions and I came across a larger band of seven, who lived in tese very woods, not far from here-they kidnapped a young girl and had evil plans for her. Wretched plans...We slew them, with the help of a friend, and rescued the girl. She is re-united with her father now."

 He looks at Brev, " The bandit's seem to be gorwing ever more active in this area- I fear they are more organised than we firs thought."

Brev flashes Gidon a sudden glance. "And the arm? It was near-mended before." He, too, says nothing of threats.

At Bolosi's words his jaw sets, and he shoots the younger man a sidelong glance without saying more on the subject. When the Dwarf is done, he shrugs. "Such things have always existed. Where there's trade, there's those that prey on it - and cause a little trouble elsewhere when they can, too. No doubt the likes of yourselves with your fine axes and stout armour wouldn't be bothered by it." He seems remarkably unperturbed by the idea of banditry. "Likely you'll have no trouble when it's your time to move on."

[Nob(#16122)] His arm. Gidon looks down at the splints, then back up again. "Yeah. Broke m'arm again." He listens to the talk back and forth, but after a minute, bursts out with what is most on his mind. "I don' want t'live in town! I c'n keep the bar down when I'm sleeping..."

[Bolosi(#31483)] Bolosi's frown thickens. "Perhaps there has indeed always been banditry, cousin, but that fact is no reason to accept it. Two such incidents so close together in the same general area raises my suspicions- and it makes me question who's responsibility it is to police this place."

Brev snorts. "Thought there were other inducements to living in town." Very deliberately, he lets his gaze slide to Honora, and for a moment his sullen features lighten in a wicked grin as he waits to see whether the hint will have any effect. "And Kiern, Gidon! Noone can watch over you /all/ the time, even if you'd have it. I keep out of trouble by staying on the move, not sitting and waiting for it to come to me."

Bolosi's words bring his attention back to the Dwarf, and at the final words he lets out a bark of laughter. "The Breeguard's, I suppose. Or noone's, out here in the wilds. The folk round here are little people, simple farmers with no notion how to fight. Seen a lass beat one of their 'best' in a brawl." Softly, he chuckles.

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon watches Brev's gaze move to the girl, and he blushes. As usual. And tries to change the subject quickly. "Don' need folk watching over me," he says stubbornly. "Now I know they're out there, I'll watch."

[Bolosi(#31483)] Bolosi watches this exchange in silence, but his attentions drift somewhat from his current situation and he ponders the banditry problem- Brev was right, bandit's in places like these are a constant. Yet, something nags at his mind still. They just seemed to...Confident. To sure of themselves. It was normally things like poverty and starvation which drove men to banditry, and most were not inherently evil- yet he had encountered a few who seemed far more sinster than he would have thought. On top of this,they were rarely skilled in combat, relying more on ambushing their victims. Yet, he had faced a "bandit" who showed all the signs of a skilled swordsman.

 Glancing at Horgor, their eyes met, and he knew they were thinking the same thing.

Brev's gaze slips back to Gidon for a fleeting moment, and he smirks at the youth's blush. At the protest he rolls his eyes. "Watch, aye, but there's only one of you. Not saying you have to go sleeping in fields or bedding in stables, sure we could find you some place to call your own for a few weeks." He appears to be missing the point of the objections. Softer he adds, "These fellows here are talking fighting talk. And damn it, you know I can't fight when there's an axe at your neck."

He notes the Dwarves' silence, and he lets his focus rest on them, his features assessing, as though they might yet pose threat.

[Honora(#17022)] Honora finally has something to say, now that the shock of all this is wearing off, and it's delivered in her usual bossy, know-it-all tones. "You know, Gidon, it -would- be nice if I didn't have to trek through the dark woods just to see you...putting -me- in danger of bandits and who knows what else," she says first, pointedly. "But-" and here a look at Brev, "If you wouldn't have it...I could always move. Here. With you." This of course is directed back to Gidon.

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon listens to Brev, reluctantly, but Honora's outburst wipes all thought of the man's words from his mind.

"But..." he protests. "I come in. Some..." He turns an even fiercer red at her suggestion, darting an agonized glance at Brev and the dwarves. But beneath his blush there is a pallor, and he shakes his head vigorously. "No! You can't! He said..." He stumbles to a halt, unwilling to say what 'he' said; the same odd look as before back in his eyes at some memory of what the bandits had threatened him with. His arm tightens around her shoulders, and he doesn't answer Brev at all.

 Bolosi wakes from his thoughts, gazing around at the scene. " Well, friends, if all is handled here we shall depart. I must take my suspicions to those who's responsibility it is to listen..." He gives a grunt, "...Whoever that may be. Before I go, is there anything you ned help with?"

Brev turns sharply back to the younger pair - seems he's been listening then, even while watching the Dwarves. "See that big mouth of yours is good for something, eh?" he tells Honora drily, then shakes his head. "But no. Not here. Sure the lass can find some place closer to the town that's big enough for two." And he actually winks. The thought of Honora moving in with Gidon doesn't seem to bother him at all.

Bolosi's question brings his head back round. "Yes," he answers. "One thing. When you find word of banditry - I want to know."

 The large dwarf nods gruffly. " I shall send word, cousin. Now, if you would excuse us, we had better get back to Bree."

 And with that, the three dwarves give nods of farewell before turning and stalking back off through the woods.

[Honora(#17022)] Honora puts both her arms around Gidon's waist and leans against him. "Who said what?" she asks sharply, having picked up on that. "I reckon I could-" she halts, then, meeting Brev's words with a surprised glance. "Oh? Big mouth?" Luckily for Brev, perhaps, Honora is disinclined to get into a quarrel while she's holding onto Gidon. "He's right, actually," she says to the lad. "We -could- find a place for two, a lot closer to Bree...how would that be?" she wonders, watching Gidon's face for a reaction.

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon looks up at Brev, then back to Honora, and hesitates. Finally, reluctantly, he says, "Said, if I had a girlfriend... there'd be one for both of them." He doesn't look at Brev now, only at the ground. "Could move in t'town for a bit... come back when they get caught." Shyly now, he glances at Honora. "But .. your da? Won't he - ?"

"Cousin?" Brev repeats to himself in disgust, once the Dwarves are well on their way. "Do I look remotely like him? Even if I hacked off both legs at the knee and didn't shave for-"

Gidon's words cut across his mutterings, which cease abruptly. He looks back to the younger pair, pity shining in his amber eyes. "Gidon," he tells the youth with an odd gentleness, "men /say/ many things. But it's over now. Forget." He glances from one to the other, and adds, in a quite different tone. "And don't let me interrupt your .. ah, deliberations." He even manages a twitch of the lips. "I'll be right over there." He jerks his head toward the unfinished mending and steps away.

[Honora(#17022)] "One what for both..?" Honora raises a brow, contemplating just what that could mean. "Are you that afraid of the gossips? Of course my da' would object, but...what's an objection going to do? It's only words. You aren't afraid of words, are you? A little gossip and a few naysayers...or perhaps many...isn't that still worth being with me?" She pulls Gidon closer against her and watches as Brev walks away.

[Nob(#16122)] "Nothin'," Gidon says gruffly, watching Brev walk away, gratitude that he won't say in his eyes. He looks down at Honora and fumbles for words. "Don't bother me none," he says at last. "But you - you got to live with them folk. Sell stuff to 'em..."

Brev sits himself down, picking up the half-mended jerkin and ostensibly resumes his mending, though under his breath he's murmuring something filthy-sounding. Maybe he's just very clumsy with the needle. He sends occasional dark glances toward the forest, and once looks back to see how the 'deliberations' are faring. For a moment, an odd expression comes across his swarthy features - envy? Surely not. Then it is gone, and he resumes his watch of the Chetwood.

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