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On the Trail of the Bandits

Short Summary: Bolosi and Gardi (Nob) interrogate a Bree man.
Date (real-life): 2010-08-13
Scene Location: Bree
[Bolosi(#31483)] As the day fails, the Forsaken Inn is populated by its usual patrons- most thugs and mercenaries looking for work or spending their blood money on ale, others just poor workers drowning their sorrows at the bottom of the tankard. As one enters, he is bound to receive hard stares from rough-looking men. Best to avoid such trouble. Sitting near the bar, on a stool, is a stocky dwarf with a flaming red bears. He seems to be watching the door.

The door swings open, slamming against the wall. But the person coming in seems in no way discomposed by hard stares or rough men. This second dwarf pauses, his gaze scanning the room, then heads directly for the other dwarf. "Trail run out," he grunts, and hoists himself onto a stool. "Ale!" he calls, thumping the bar with the palm of his hand.

[Bolosi(#31483)] There is momentary silence whilst the dwarf enters, and with a bit of guto, as a few brigands here and there mutter among themselves. But then the steady murmur of conversation begins again. As Gardi arrives at the bar, the red-bearded dwarf gives him a firm nod. The stocky dwarf has the look of a warrior- his face is scarred and fierce, most of his features hidden beneath his flaming facial hair. Beneath a thick travelling jerkin, is a sheet of chain mail. A glinting hammer is strapped to his waist- carved into a shape perfect for crushing skulls.

" Gardi," He grunts, his voice the rough gravel of a heavy smoker, " Good to see you. Bolosi's upstairs. We need to talk." He speaks low, glancing around as he does.

Gardi nods, but doesn't move to go upstairs - not until his beer has arrived! Then he takes a long drink from the tankard, and sighs, wiping his mouth. "Right then," he says. "Upstairs, you say?"

[Bolosi(#31483)] Folli, the red-bearded dwarf, nods and sets off towards the stairs, growling at any thugs who dare to look his way. If Gardi follows, he will lead him up the creaking stairway and onto a dusty first floor, where there are a few spartan guest rooms. Giving three firm raps on the nearest door, it swings open, to reveal another dwarf. This one is taller than most dwarves, and a less stocky. He has a long, black beard and intelligent eyes.

The tall dwarf speaks in a soft voice. " Welcome, Gardi. Please come in." The room is as spartan as most, with only a bed with a hard mattress and a knarled desk. Sitting on a chair, in the centre of the room, is a weak-lipped man. Sitting by the desk, facing him, is a formidable looking dwarf with a black, braided beard and a barrel-chest.

Gardi enters the room just behind Folli, clutching his half-full tankard. He lifts it, taking another drink, and belches. "Who's this, then?" he asks, jerking his head towards the man.

[Bolosi(#31483)] Bolosi rises as Gardi enters, giving the fellow dwarf a firm nod. Folli enters as well, close behind Gardi, and Horgor shuts the door behind them, locking it. The man in the chair appears to be positively terrified. His face is white and sickly looking, and his hands quiver, as if he's very cold. A roaring fire growls in the fireplace.

Bolosi looks at the man as he speaks, his eyes hard. " This one is called Burkin. He's a bandit...Well, he was a bandit, until he stole from their chieftain and had to flee for his life when he was found out. He's come to us, trying to sell us information..." He glances at Gardi, " ...And if he speaks the truth, then his information could be invaluable."

"Hmph," Gardi snorts. "Why believe a traitor? He's already lied to one master, what's to keep him from lying to another?" He walks to the fire, turning so his back is to it, and stares at the quivering man scornfully.

[Bolosi(#31483)] Bolosi grunts. " Not this one. He's got nowhere else to go. If we don't deal with his old companions, then they'l kill him. He's not doing this out of goodness- but out of desperation." He fixes the pale man with a hard stare. " Well, start singing!"

The man looks around wide-eyed for a moment before lickign his lips nervously and beginning. " It's...It's all t'do with the Southerners..." He says, looking at Gardi as he speaks, " They're the ones who started all this. They came here about two years ago...And ever since, strange things have been happening."

"Southerners?" Gardi interrupts. "From where? Dunland?" He looks at the man keenly, then shakes his head. "You don't have the look. Lying already, I knew it."

The man looks rather panicky. " No, sir, I swear it! I'm from Bree...But these men...They were different. Not from Dunland, sir, but further South...South and East!" He looks at Bolosi in a pleading fashion. Obviously, the aid of the dwarves' matters much to him. The gruff dwarf just gives him a long, hard look before looking to Gardi. " Hear him out, brother. That is all I ask. Then pass your judgement."

Gardi grunts. "Very well," he says reluctantly. "Tell your story. What is south of Dunland?"

[Bolosi(#31483)] The man looks shaky, yet goes on, his voice trying to convince. " South and East, sir. A land beyond Gondor. That's where they came from, with bags o' gold and promises o' freedom. They spoke to the bandit chieftains, sir, and paid 'em well t'stop the fightin' and work together. Ever since, they've bin organisin', smoothin' o'er ol' quarrels, formin' alliances. More and more outlaws are flockin' to 'em, under the banner of our leader. A man named Harrow. He's the one who's got direct contact with the Southerners." He falls silent, catching his breath and looking at each dwarf before saying, " It's true, sir! I swear!"

"Hmph." It seems to be Gardi's standard reply. His gaze flicks to the other dwarves, settling on Bolosi. "D'you believe him?" he asks bluntly. Back to the human. "Where's this Harrow? What do these 'southerners' get out of it? They pay you ... for what?"

[Bolosi(#31483)] The pale man gives a gulp, and he speaks in a low undertone, glancing at the door as if to look for eavesdroppers. " For our loyalty, sir. They wan' our loyalty. Ever since they came, and the brigands started oranisin' under Harrow, the outlaws 'ave become so much more powerful. They're casuin' all kinds o' trouble, and the Bree Guards to scared t'do anythin' about it. Robbin' merchants, plunderin' caravns, kdnappin' and ransom. They're gettin braver and braver, and there's nothin anybody's doin' about it!" His voice becomes a deathly whisper, " Mark my words, sir, it won't be long before they march into Bree and take over the town."

"Loyalty for what?" Gardi asks, less scorn in his voice as he frowns. "Who'll be marching into Bree? This Harrow of yours?"

[Bolosi(#31483)] The pale man nods. " Aye, sir, Harrow. He hates Breefolk...Detests 'em, some say. He 'as a personal vendetta against the town, an' wants t'see it burned t'the ground. That's no secret. An' these Southerners...They seem t'be more than happy t'let Harrow cause chaos. They pay 'im t'do it. I don' know why, sir, but that's what they do. Please, that's all I know...."

"Vendetta. Hmph." Gardi doesn't look too convinced, but he is frowning - worried about something. He looks up at Bolosi from under bushy eyebrows and jerks his head towards the door. "Talk to you?" he says. "Private-like..."

[Bolosi(#31483)] Bolosi gives a gruff nod. " Lead on. Horgor, see if you can get anything else out of him. Details, and the like." And with that, he shall wait for Gardi to head out. Folli sits on the bed and glowers at the ex-bandit, stroking his hammer.

Gardi finishes his ale at one swallow and vanishes through the door, into the hallway.

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