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Tags: Caoimhe,  Brev,  Thomas

Short Summary: The Tunnelly pipeweed shop is the scene of a theft ... and an assault (with an apple no less!)
Date (real-life): 2010-08-13
Scene Location: Bree: Market North / Tunnelly Pipeweed Shop
Date (in-game): September 3050
Time of Day: Night
Tunnelly Pipeweed Shoppe

As you step into this comfortable shop, the atomsphere is filled with the sweet aroma of fresh pipeweed. A large pelt rug is laid before the doorway, giving the shop a homey feel. The shelves, racks, and counter are all freshly painted. Pipeweed plants line one shelf and labeled by brand. There is a small fireplace to the right of the shop with a large sofa sitting in front of it. The shop is arranged so customers can browse at their leisure. The shelves and racks are filled with different pouches of pipeweed with labels. There are several paintings of the village Tuckborough, the heart of Tookland, and Longbottom the birthplace of Longbottom Leaf pipeweed. Tapestries of Bree and Shire Pipeweed Farmers are displayed around the shop's walls.

A small hobbit stands behind another counter polishing an assortment of hand-made pipes and pipe cleaners.Pipeweed barrels are lined up in the corner of the shop for sampling. Several small tables are set in near the counter for customers to examine the pipes and sample the pipeweed. Another large round wooden door leads to the storage room of the shop. A large blue book is laying on the counter. +inspect the book to learn more about pipeweed. Another large round wooden door leads to the storage room of the shop. There is a large sign describing the various pipeweed products and hand-mand pipes - +inspect sign to see the items.

Obvious exits:

================================== Bree Time ==================================
Real time: Fri Aug 13 17:29:18 2010
Bree time: Night on Sterday of Autumn - September 3,1450
Moon Phase: New  Moon

Breelands Weather
The autumn air is cool but pleasant around you. The sky is cloud-filled and gloomy.

[Caoimhe(#31517)] The early evening quiet is already apparent in Bree, as deserted streets rest beneath the lavender sky after a long day of being trampled by busy feet. The air is mild, almost warm, and the scents of trees and plants have overpowered some of the animal smells that are always present here. Into the quiet, a pair of young men walk- or is one of them a woman? Indeed, though the second figure wears breeches as well, and her hair is pinned up, there's a feminine curve to her hip and a swagger to her walk. She's holding hands with her companion, as lovers will, and by their calm, assured steps, they seem out for a private evening stroll to simply enjoy the sweet air. Their steps bring them around to Tunnelly's store, the pipeweed seller, yet they linger outside, as everything here is closed.

Brev is clad in his leather jerkin as usual, but it is hidden beneath a coarse brown overtunic. The dagger in his belt is tucked inconspicuously in a fold. His steps are light and careless, but his gaze is sharp and darts this way and that, inspecting each tree and each shadow of a building for signs of life. He sniffs the air, then leans his head agsinst his companion's as lovers might, his cheek resting against her smooth brow - but he murmurs in her ear, "This the place? If you can divert any prying eyes, figure I could get us in." Over his shoulder is slung a small satchel, but there's nothing very odd in that, is there?

[Caoimhe(#31517)] Caoimhe closes her eyes as Brev rests his head alongside hers, and when he whispers in her ear, she giggles, her cheeks turning rosy with the pleasure of it. And she is pleased, there with him; in love, even, so that the gestures safely mask their true reason for being out so late. She slips an arm around Brev's waist as she turns to murmur a reply, "You've got to show me how to pick a lock. But you do it. I'll keep a watch." Her voice is steady and assured, but beneath that, there's a hint of excitement, a little thrill of Brev's presence and the act of doing something forbidden combined.

When Caoimhe's arm slips round his waist, Brev's mouth curls up in a lopsided grin. "If you keep distracting me like that I won't." His breath is warm.

But a moment later he turns his attention to the door, businesslike. "A set of carpentry tools helps. Not to mention spending hours hanging around waiting someone else to fit the damn things." His hand slips to his satchel, emerging with something that has the look of an awl - long and slender-tipped, it should serve well enough as lock-pick. Silence falls as he sets to work, easing the point gently this way and that.

[Caoimhe(#31517)] The golden haired girl finds that her breath catches in her throat, and her eyes slide over Brev's and linger there: the distraction is mutual. Luckily for her, Brev is able to turn his mind back to the more urgent matter of what's at hand. She leans up against the store's display window and crosses her arms, trying to look at ease. As someone who likes the night, that isn't difficult. She breathes the air deeply and chats quietly with Brev as he works, pretending to be taking a rest from her stroll. "I've never liked this stuff. My dad used to take it, once in a while...smelled up our house something foul." Her slanted hazel eyes leave the street for a brief moment to watch her lover's face.

Brev's features are focused in concentration; eyes slightly narrowed and head canted as he listens for the click of the lock. He's listening too to Caoimhe, though, for at the end of her commentry he mutters: "Bloody stuff costs enough. But a few in Dunland use it - and once do, they crave it. Like spirits for some. Figure anything that gives others a hold on a man's best avoided." The words break off as the tool he's using jerks and there's an audible click. "Done," he offers succinctly, then as there's the distant echo of footfalls he looks up and round, frowning. "See anyone?"

[Caoimhe(#31517)] "Or perhaps it's like my mamma said, and more than once; anyone who's made enemies in this land should know enough to stay away from the drink and weed, because once you don't know where you are or what your name is, that's when someone slips a knife between your ribs and has you as dinner," Caoimhe says, smiling as she quotes her mother. Her smile widens as she leans in and adds in a lower voice, "She also said, 'Never let a man put his hand in--" whatever that gem of advice from Muirgheal is, it doesn't get completed yet.

Caoimhe straightens at the sound of a footfall, looking sharply around. A knife comes sliding quietly out of its sheath at her side (the wicked longsword notably absent from her person tonight), and she murmurs, "Just a moment," before slinking off, catlike, into the surrounding darkness as it deepens, her eyes brightly reflecting their color in the starlight.

The door of the pipeweed shop is lost in the gloom of the night - it would be hard to see the two figures standing there.

Brev's cheek starts to twitch at Caoimhe's first words, and he gives a grunt and a nod in answer. "Aye." And he offers a stiff grin - though from the number of times he's bared his own ribs recently, it would appear he does not mistrust this girl at least. His eyes glint as he waits to hear whatever other piece of advice was about to be offered - alas, he'll likely never know. When Caoimhe moves off, knife in hand, to investigate the sound of footsteps, Brev is left alone. Warily he slips the awl he'd been using as a lock-pick back into his satchel; his hand instead curls round the hilt of his dagger, helf-hid in the folds of his coarse overtunic. He draws it and waits, patiently, gaze scanning the marketplace and most especially the direction in which his companion has gone.

"Oh no you don't!" comes a young man's voice. It's Thomas, and he's chasing after a few wayward apples that have rolled out of a wheelbarrow he's pushing, the young man completely oblivious to any knife-wielding bandits about here.

[Caoimhe(#31517)] "Here, kitty, kitty.." calls Caoimhe, pitching her voice just a shade above normal, so that it sounds high and girlish in soft tones. She wiggles the dagger hilt back and forth in her hand as she walks, still calling out as though for a lost cat. The dangerous look in her eyes shows that it's not a helpless animal she's searching for; yet that's nearly what she finds, as she stumbles upon a young man with a wagon filled with apples. One greenish-tinged piece of fruit rolls toward her, and she stops it with one foot, still shaking her dagger back and forth. Her eyes narrow as she mutters, "Evening." And while she takes a deep breath that sounds more like a sigh, she quietly wishes that Brev would come and help her here.

Brev listens to the sounds of the marketplace, and to Caoimhe's efforts, lips twitching at her 'girlish' tone. At the greeting, though, he frowns. Carefully, and as unobtrusively as he may, he edges round the corner of the pipeweed shop so that he can approach Caoimhe and her as-yet-unidentified company from another direction. His dagger is fully drawn now, though still concealed, and his left hand gropes within the satchel for a backup weapon of some kind. It comes out holding a small wooden-hafted hammer.

"Hello?" Thomas says, sounding concerned and not at all scared. "Have you lost your kitty?" he squints into the darkness. "If you help me find my apples, I'll look for your cat." He squints again as Brev approaches. "Erm...hello?"

[Caoimhe(#31517)] Hearing Brev approaching from behind, Caoimhe smiles at the thought of him at her back. She bends down and picks up the hard green apple while Thomas speaks, sheathing her dagger again: there's no need for that now that the apple's in hand. "Here's your apple back," the blonde drawls, and- with a fleeting flash of guilt in her eyes- she lobs the apple with great force right at the boy's temple; she's got fantastic aim in the darkness.

[Thomas(#31512)] Ow.


That is all.

Not a word from Brev; he turns his head as though entirely disinterested in youngsters and apples (it does a good job of hiding his features in the dimness too) and saunters past the pair, swinging the hammer nonchalantly. Except, that as the apple goes flying he pauses in his stride, turns and raises the hammer-arm to deliver a back-up blow if needed.

[Caoimhe(#31517)] Caoimhe watches as her apple makes its mark, and then visibly relaxes. She falls easily into stride with Brev after a few hurried paces to catch up. "Didn't need a witness to all this," the blonde murmurs to her lover. "Now we can get on with it...but perhaps a little haste would be in our favor?"

Seems the hammer-blow isn't needed. When Caoimhe steps to his side Brev grins in admiration. "Neatly done," he murmurs, snatching a few moments - precious or otherwise - for a kiss. "And aye - you go on, be right there."

He jerks his head toward the pipeweed shop and its unlocked door, then turns back to prod Thomas's prone figure with the hammer-haft. When there is no response he stoops to turn the youth over (he's sheathed his dagger by now too), upending the barrow nearby. "Poor lad must've tripped and hit his head on the cobbles," he mutters mockingly. With Thomas seemingly out cold, he doesn't bother trying to disguise his singsong accent.

[Caoimhe(#31517)] Caoimhe manages an arm around Brev's waist even as they walk, so that she can prolong the kiss for a few seconds more. "Alright, love," she agrees, sounding a little breathless. She leaves her daggers resting in their hiding places and slips quickly, quietly into the dark shop. While she waits for Brev, all is silent within; that is, until a very loud sneeze reminds Brev- and anyone else around here with ears- that Caoimhe is within.

In the dirt, Thomas grunts, then stifles a "huh?" at the sound of the sneeze. He pushes up on his elbows.

"Don't breathe," a voice says sardonically from the doorway of the pipeweed shop. Brev steps within, then pauses. He does not possess Caoimhe's uncanny night-sight; more precious moments are spent striking a spark to light a tiny lamp that casts only a few feet of glow even when unshielded. He lifts it high. "Bet this whole lot'd go up like a tinderbox," the man mutters, clearly tempted by that thought, but then practicality wins out. "See a cash box? And which of these," he glances blankly toward the carefully labelled barrels, "is Long Bottoms? Fetches the best price."

[Caoimhe(#31517)] "I didn't know starting fires was on your mind," Caoimhe teases, searching her pockets for a handkerchief and coming up with nothing but a few silver pieces; clearly this isn't a crime of necessity, then. "I'll look for the Long Bottoms, you grab the cash?" the girl offers, bending down to examine the labels. "And our witness?" she adds hastily, wondering now just what Brev has done with the boy.

The boy, in fact, has scrambled to his hands and knees and crawled into the shadows along the side of the shop. He's listening closely, trying to crawl very quietly toward the entrance to get sight of who the robbers are. At Caoimhe's question, he shrinks back against the shop wall.

Brev grins at Caoimhe. "Must admit a fire would provide a diversion," he responds, setting the lamp down so that he can pull out a small sack from his satchel (is there anything else in there?) "Here," he tosses it in the girl's direction. He's moving to investigate a box tucked out of the way under the counter when Caoimhe's final question reaches him, and he pauses, shrugging. "Looked to be out cold. I could always go back and give him another tap. Your friend from Combe, wasn't it?"

[Caoimhe(#31517)] Caoimhe debates this, and shrugs. "Friend? I've not really got those. Perhaps, though; if he could keep his big mouth shut, he might qualify as a friend," she tells Brev in whispered tones. She's found the right barrel, and so she lifts a lid (careful not to breathe in too deeply) and begins to fill a bag with the weed. "Well, just make sure he's still out; I'm done here. Got the cash?" She rises to her feet and comes to stand at Brev's side, another kiss quickly given while she waits for an answer.

[Thomas(#31512)] Thomas waits no more: He springs to his feet and shouts loud, trying to wake the world, it might seem. "Guards!! Guards!! Thieves!! Robbery!! Fire!! Caohime and and...and that man!!! That creepy man, Brev!!" He's screaming, off at a run, toward the nearest guardpost.

Brev, fiddling with the lock on the box he'd lifted, shrugs and gives up at Caoimhe's distraction. He leans into the kiss, then pulls away to murmur in answer, "Got /something/-"

At that moment Thomas' shout pierces the air. The man scowls and hisses angrily, "Kiern! Could have at least kept you out of it. Thought he was in love- Out. Now. And split up ... Meet back where I dropped that dagger?" For a split second his gaze slides westward, then he's through the door and ready to run for it into the night.

[Caoimhe(#31517)] "I'll see you there, love," Caoimhe agrees at once. As she bounds out the doorway behind Brev, she scowls darkly in the direction that Thomas fled and snaps, "I wish that apple had hit you a hell of a lot harder." Then she's tearing off across the market, thinking of nothing but the place where she will reunite with Brev.

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