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(Archive)A moonlit meeting

Tags: Brev,  Gidon

Short Summary: Gidon tracks down an absent friend in the Chetwood. Takes place sometime before 'New recruit' log
Date (real-life): 2010-08-18
Scene Location: Bree: The Chetwood
Date (in-game): September 3050
Time of Day: Night
The Chetwood

The trees of the Chetwood stand like silent guardians of the forest. The undergrowth that flourishes between the trunks adds an eerie wall against any intrusion into the dark heart of the wood. Many of the trees here are smaller in stature than their brethren further into the forest, though, perhaps a sign that logging once took place here. Light from the waxing gibbous moon filters down through the sparse canopy, and it is possible to make out a few details of your surroundings. Tree trunks are visible, their thin shadows giving the area a somewhat erie feel. The underbrush that grows between the dark trunks is merely a shadow that obscures any path. Every so often, an owl's hooting can be heard in the darkness. The night is alive with the sounds of insects, and all around, fireflies blink in the darkness. There is a broken branch in the shrubs by the eastern path.

Obvious exits:
North, East, and South

================================== Bree Time ==================================
Real time: Wed Aug 18 15:44:06 2010
Bree time: Late Night <04:12:18> on Sterday of Autumn - September 17,1450
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous Moon

Breelands Weather
The late night autumn air is cool but pleasant around you. The night sky is cloud-filled and gloomy.

The boughs of the Chetwood are dark, and alive with nightly rustlings of bird and beast. Somewhere off to the west a fox barks, and an owl glides whistling through the darkness, a sudden screech heralding the fact that it's found some unwitting prey. In one place, though, where faint beams of moonlight filter through the canopy, all is still. There a larger tree stands encircled by brethren that are no more than saplings. The large tree itself has wide, spreading branches that might easily hold a man's weight. From the ground below, it's hard to tell - but might one of those accommodating hollows amidst the branches be occupied?

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon has tried several days in a row to find Brev, and been unsuccessful. And now, he has broken his agreement to stay in Bree at night, and come to the woods. Aware, awake - he can surely hear any bandits long before they will see him...

The boy is as silent as always; more so maybe, since he is trying so hard and going so slowly. But he has found little in the way of a trail, and what there is is confused and uncertain - and might not even be the man he seeks.

But circling through the woods, he at last finds himself at the edge of a patch of moonlight, near one of the largest trees in the Chetwood. He peers up at it, but though the moonlight makes some of the surroundings visible, the inner branches of the tree itself are lost in shadow.

Silence. It continues, unbroken, until the owl hoots again, this time further away. It is at that point that a single acorn drops on Gidon's head. The large tree would appear to have uncannily good aim.

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon's head jerks up, and he stares into the branches that he can't see. Then he looks around carefully, searching each shadow, listening to each rustle. When he is as certain as he can be that there is no one else around, he moves to the tree, and starts to climb.

This isn't the easy task it used to be for him; one hand can only be used for balance. But there are branches easily placed and Gidon manages the climb without too much additional noise. When he is partway up, he whispers, "Brev?"

Gidon's query is answered by a single word in a familiar sing-song voice: "Alone?" A dark lump detaches itself from the tree-trunk as Brev leans forward, and the moonlight glints on the unsheathed dagger in his right hand as he, too, glances round the clearing. He can't have been resting easy these past nights.

[Nob(#16122)] "Aye," Gidon replies, and the relief in his voice isn't hidden at all by how softly he speaks. Slowly and cautiously, the boy climbs up farther, until he can sit on one of the tree's branches, and start to unsling the bag he has tied to his back.

Brev watches a moment longer, then sheaths the dagger so that he can offer Gidon a steadying hand. "So," he murmurs, one side of his mouth pulling back. "You're about to tell me what a bad, bad boy I've been?" Brev, too, is alone; Caoimhe must have other business.

[Nob(#16122)] The hand is accepted, and Gidon glances up, a flash of grin visible in the darkness. Finally, he gets the sack undone, and hands it to Brev. "Thought you might be hungry," he says diffidently. "Brung some food."

Brev chuckles at that. "I'm that bad a hunter, eh?" One brow is tilted up, and a brief smirk lightens his features. After a moment, though, solemnity returns. "A diet of rabbits gets a bit monotonous. 'Sides, don't dare hunt round here, it'd leave too many tracks." He reaches for the sack. "Tell me, Gidon lad, what are the good citizens of Bree up to these days?" It's a loaded question; he leans forward to ear the answer. "And," he adds almost in afterthought, pausing to select an apple, "Thanks".

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon settles back against the trunk. "Come out couple days ago, lookin' for you. Guards wanted t'see in my sack. Know you're my friend." He grins again. "Told 'me was m'lunch. Couldn't eat that much in a week!" He half shuts his eyes, remembering. "Some dorf said I got t'talk to another one; he ain't been around yet though. Tell 'em what I know about th'bandits. Oh, an' there was a woman come in t'town with a horse. Called herself Tir. Bought some of m'herbs - she din't know nothing 'bout anything going on though. Um..."

"Gidon," Brev's voice is wary now. "Might be best if you didn't look for me - for a little while. Figure you'll be followed. 'Less you want to head somewhere I'm not?" He cocks his head, questioning.

The rest of the words are digested between bites of apple. "Dwarves," he mutters sourly. "Don't trust them in this. Too bloody direct. They'll hack first, ask questions later. Damn, wish there was someone who- Not seen that fellow Lee around, have you? He'd a sharp head on his shoulders." He makes no comment yet regarding the unknown woman, though from the frown creasing his brow he's pondering something.

[Nob(#16122)] The boy looks up. "You want 'em t'follow me to th'wrong spot?" he asks. "I c'n do that." But to Brev's caution, he only shrugs. "Ain't goin' t'be nobody following me I won't know 'bout."

He shakes his head. "Ain't seen 'im. Though - that woman, she looked a bit like 'im. Tall. Said something 'bout her brothers." He cocks his head in question.

Brev merely grunts to that. "New in town, you said? I'd be careful round that woman, if I were you. Brigands come in many forms - and horses don't come cheap, do they? If you're meeting her, do it somewhere public like the Pony or the Market. Don't want you getting hurt again while I'm not there."

[Nob(#16122)] "Pony," Gidon says. "Want me t'ask her, does she know 'im? I won' say nothin' else."

Brev stares blankly at Gidon for a moment; clearly their trains of thought do not coincide. "How's about you try to find out what she's after in town, why she's really here. Oh, and ask /her/ what she's seen of banditry. Lone woman, tempting target - if she says 'nothing' she's likely lying."

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon nods. "Said she told her brothers stuff. For their trading. Y'think she might be one of 'em?" There is a distant noise, and he is suddenly alert and silent - half-turning his head to listen. Then a fox barks and he relaxes. "Coulda just took m'herbs, din't got t'pay for 'em. An'..." He hesitates, his face turning a darker shade. In a near mumble, he adds, "Helped me a bit..."

"Or the brothers are," Brev offers. He, too, freezes, and even when Gidon relaxes one brow quirks up in silent query. "Best not tempt fate, here," he murmurs quietly, when at last all is still again. "Keep this short, eh? Now that woman - might not just be the herbs. Could be she's after things she thinks you can give. Like information. Helped you how?" In the pale moonlight the blush is likely not recognized for what it is.

[Nob(#16122)] "Just held open th'sack," Gidon says. "When I was puttin' what she din't buy back. Thing is - I coulda done it. She din't have to or nothin'." He nods seriously as Brev points out what the 'brothers' might be. "I'll ask her. Careful-like. Don' worry, I won' give you away." He hesitates. "You got anything? From what you was trying - t'get in with 'em?"

Brev scowls at the question. "Got nowhere yet. Took some time to work our way round from the Downs, figured here was the first place they'd search. Headed for the Forsaken Inn now. I'd not linger there, the place is surely watched, but there's a man with an interest in pipeweed. I'll make subtle enquiries." He grins for a moment, but it fades almost instantly. "'Course, there's Caoimhe too. Damn, I wish she was- I was-"

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon nods. "If there's anything I c'n do..?" he offers, then frowns. "Ought t'be a way you could let me know.... Eh. M'out here an' in th'marshes most ever day. Need me, y'can find me. Member that place in the water we went huntin' ducks?" At Brev's mention of Caoimhe, his scowl deepens for a minute, then he leans forward, interest piqued. "Wish what?"

Brev gazes bleakly eastward. "Marshes is good," he murmurs approvingly. "Noone but you ever has the idiocy to actually go there if they can help it. "If the Dwarves or the bandits don't finish me off, bloody insects probably will."

There is silence, then he mutters, without looking back in Gidon's direction. "Wish she was out of this. Thinks she can take care of herself." He snorts. "Sure she could take any /one/ man in a fight, but they might not give her the chance. And I think I-" He stops; some things are best left unvoiced. Of course, his cheek is twitching.

He gives himself a shake, then states briskly, "I'll look for you in the marshes, then. If I get in, might have information to pass. 'Course, at first anything they feed me will likely be false. What /I'd/ do were I testing someone."

[Nob(#16122)] The lad's expression darkens to one of concern, but if Brev doesn't want to say anything more about the girl, he won't either. "Right," he says. Hesitates, and looks at the man, and reaches out to touch his shoulder briefly. "Be careful..." Without waiting for an answer, Gidon slips out of the tree, making his slow, careful, not-quite-as-soundless-as-he-would-like way back down, and thence to Bree.

Brev's brooding expression lightens at the touch. "And you too," he murmurs quietly. He waits until Gidon is gone and then leans back against the tree-trunk to resume his vigil of earlier, sighing softly.

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