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Roleplay Class

Short Summary: A class on beginner and advanced techniques on storytelling
Date (real-life): 2002-07-30
Scene Location: +GOOC
Roleplay Class:

You say, "To avoid large amounts of spam, we're going to use things I've seen work before in the past. If you have a question you'd like to ask, please page Arelion that you have a question and he'll queue you up. If you have a comment you'd like to add about the topic, please do the same."
Elnara says, "I'm game."
Elnara grins
Analdin plays games.
You say, "This is not to stifle comments and or questions, but to give them their fair due. So, I encourage you all to page lion if you have something worthwhile to add or a good question for the group."
Elnara raises an eyebrow. "Do I want to know what games?"
ArÈlion nods. I'm Gwen's lackey.
Analdin looks innocent. "Baseball."
You say, "So, before I get started, any questions on the format of the class? No need to page Lion on these. :)"
Analdin says, "What's the rule on not-so-related but interesting and funny side-comments?"
Analdin says, "Like the kind I make in English class that makes my teacher glare at me. Will you glare, Gwen?"
Elnara says, "use OOC."
Analdin grins.
Elnara says, "you know, the +os."
Analdin actually know the answer to that one... page.
Analdin says, "But since no one was asking a question... nevermind. I'll shut up now."
You say, "I rather keep the off topic comments to a minimum just because I want to get through a lot of stuff. :)"
Elnara says, "let's go then!"
You say, "So, we have a fairly good crowd here who I'd say most have some idea of how to roleplay. So, I'll touch on the basic RP stuff just quickly."
You say, "Also, if this class is lame, I'm sorry. It's my first. ;)"
You say, "BTW, how many went to Lini's class?"
Ad·r raises his hand.
ArÈlion did, briefly.
Drahceer raises a hand.
Analdin did not.
Angmir missed it. :/
Merilin missed as well
Analdin has a doctor's note, though.
You say, "I believe one of the big points of Lini's class was the idea of Show, don't Tell. I can't say that I went to it, and didn't read the log, so I don't know how she approached it. So I'll touch briefly on this subject."
You say, "When folks come to the mush, we all have our own ideas about how to write our poses. Through the years, the Elendorites have created "rules" for roleplay that are not hard rules, but guidelines that allow your poses to be both non-offensive to read and quite hopefully enjoyable. The main idea of this is the idea of keeping your poses, and descriptions even, third person non-omniscient."
You say, "Oh, question, would you all rather me spout off at you till someone has something to add/a question or enage you all and ask you questions like students dread in a real class? ;)"
Ad·r nods.
Ad·r says, "Yes."
You say, "Yes is not a valid answer. ;)"
Ad·r says, "Spew away."
ArÈlion says, "Actually, some interaction might be nice."
Ad·r says, "Yes, I'd rather..."
ArÈlion shrugs.
Angmir says, "Either way's fine with me."
You say, "Well, here's a for instance questions, "Gimme some reasons why third person non-omniscient is a good way to do your poses?""

You say, "Ah, and for these, just spout stuff off... no need to page lion"
Ad·r says, "Because a pose should be a snapshot of the scene, the other player is not inside your head, so he/she would not know what you were thinking/feeling."
Angmir says, "Also because it doesn't force a specific (and possibly un-IC) response from the people you're posing to."
Duilin nods to Angmir, "Good answer. For Adar, why should it be a snapshot?"
Ad·r says, "Like a visual picture. It moves, but it is not internal, it is external."
You say, "Ah, but why should it be like that?"
Ad·r sweats, "Uh...because the other player is not privy to your thoughs. It makes the RP more realistic.
Ad·r says, "If I am RP with Gwen, then I can't read her mind, ICly or OOCly, if I can read her mind OOCly, then I may transfer (subconsiously) that knowledge to my IC self."
Ad·r says, "Thus comprimising the integrity of the RP."
Angmir says, "The way I see it, it's like a play. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo doesn't hold up a big sign saying 'I'm feeling desperate.' (...and I know, I'm guilty of posing thoughts sometimes. I'm working on it. ;)"
Merilin nods "Show the feelings in a facial expression or something..or in the way the char acts.."
Ad·r nods.
Duilin grins, "But it's just two people creating a story/roleplay. From that perspective, it's not that important if you pose thoughts if the story is good. I'll stop grilling you and give you the answer on why I believe it's important.

Mushing is comprised of two big things. Creating a story with your writing and interacting with others. Both are necessary for good RP. If you are a fantastic writer but give nothing that the other people in the scene can use, it makes for bad roleplay. If you engage people well in your poses, but are an unintelligible writer, it makes for bad roleplay. By writing in the show don't tell style, everything you pose can be used by the other players for their next pose. It promotes interaction between others. Thoughts and ideas, while they may be perfectly written well and add some pretty stuff to the scene, add nothing to playing the role you are in and how it interacts with the other characters.
Ad·r takes notes.
Analdin is logging.
Ad·r was joking. ;)
You say, "Does that make sense? Anyone have anything else to add to the why for show and no tell?"
Angmir nods, "Makes sense."
Ad·r understands.
Analdin has a thought.
Analdin says, "Oh, wait. Nevermind. It was covered while I was running stairs."
You say, "Cool. I'm going to guess Lini went over ways to show and not tell, so read that log. ;) We'll also touch again on the subject. But, this leads in to the next part of basic roleplay. Writing."
You say, "The first thing I want to note is spellcheck. ;) Mushclient and Simplemu have spellcheckers if you register them, and if not, write poses in word or outlook express, or learn to spell ;). I've given up on the latter, so I use mushclient's spellcheck. It makes reading poses that much easier and again contributes to making interaction between players easier. People don't have to figure out what you were trying to say and can concentrate of what is being said instead. I'm really guilty of not doing this as well, but it's best to read your pose once over before hitting enter too. Catching other typos and the lot."
You say, "Also, it's hard to nom someone for an FC if they get their, there and they're wrong all the time or something ;)"
You say, "Which, btw, is the point for all these classes. We in Gad want you all to be fantastically successful writers/roleplayers so we have to deliberate for hours on who would be the best Imrahil because you're all so good. ;)"
Analdin pipes up, "When in doubt, www.dictionary.com!"
ArÈlion grins
ArÈlion has a thought...
You say, "Or www.m-w.com just because it's shorter to type ;)"
You say, "Go for it, Lion"
Elnara says, "hey, how do you quote a poem? in order to space down, you generally have to hit enter."
ArÈlion says, "I understand that some of our players, our really good players, are ESL (English as a Second Language). I know if I had to MUSH in French or Spanish or something, my head would implode. So just wanted to point that out, before anyone +grates someone for bad spelling. :)"
You say, "%R is a carriage return."

Duilin nods, "Which is why I recommend using technology. I can't spell at all and I'm not ESL. ;)"
ArÈlion grins.
Elnara has left.
You say, "The last thing I wanted to touch on for RP basics is how to make your roleplay better."
Elnara has arrived.
Elnara has left.
Elnara has arrived.
Elnara has left.

Elnara has arrived.
Elnara has left.
You say, "I can't say exactly how "good" these methods are, but on occasion they've helped me out and I've been happy with the results. The first is know what your capabilities are and deficiencies. When you pose, make the most of your strengths and watch in others ways to work on your flaws. For instance, I like to think I'm a pretty good dialogue poser, so my poses are generally almost all dialogue. I'm not so good at body actions and descriptions, so I watch for good ones in other people's poses, imitate them as I can until I get a feel and toss my own style into it. But it's dangerous to work on everything at once. Concentrate your time and effort into improving one aspect, vocabulary, descriptions, movements etcetc, until you see improvement to a level you are pleased with then move on to something else."
You say, "Anyone have any other ways to improve your writing?"
ArÈlion has something small. :)
You say, "Go for it"
Merilin does too

Analdin gets in line.
ArÈlion says, "I like the discussion about dialogue. To me, dialogue is generally what drives RP forward, and not pretty poses about a character's mannerisms or facial expressions. I'm overgeneralizing, of course... but my big temptation is always to blab about what Arelion looks like or acts like, and not actually DO something with my pose."

ArÈlion says, "Meri, then Dinny. :)"
Duilin nods, "We'll touch on getting stuff done in a scene later in class too. :)"

Eliniel has arrived.
Eliniel comes flying out of the sky, removes a red cape emblazoned with "SuperMom," and stuffs it into a magically disappearing diaper bag.
Analdin yays!

Eliniel waves.

Merilin hmms, well this might be covered later as you just stated Gwen, but I'll throw it out. You mentioned what could improve writing poses..I've found that if I pick up on something that the other player has mentioned in their pose and use it in my own, then that helps the writing flow much easier in the scene. After all, certain things are mentioned for just that reason, I think. Though it's up to the individual player if they care to notice or not, naturally.:)

Ad·r says, "I gotta go to class."
Analdin says, "But you're in class!"
Ad·r chuckles.
ArÈlion says, "See ya, Ady."
Ad·r says, "Modern Brittish Fiction awaits..."
Ad·r waves.
Analdin grins, "Laters, Adar.
You say, "Oh, another thing that's really small but makes poses nicer is using %R's to break them up. I learned this from our great roleplayers that we have now and in the past. One two or three 3-4 line poses are much easier to read and follow than one 10-15 liner."

You say, "And Dinny, you had something?"

Analdin says, "Sorta along the same line as Meri's comment... I know that one of my problems with RP is that I tend to do the same things over and over again -- use the same phrases, same motions, same things. Something I've found that helps that a lot -- and I know I'm not the only one afflicted with this, now that you all know my weaknesses ;) -- is to remember something my theater teacher in high school told me.

Whenever you're at a loss, or think you need something more, or need variety, explore your setting. Try to tie the place where you are into the scene -- heaven knows, we're not just bodies sitting around making dialogue all the time... finding one little part of the room through the room's desc, or using the environment, can really round out a pose."
Analdin says, "The key is just not to FOCUS on the setting. Use it to decorate. ;)"
Analdin lags.
Elnara has arrived.
You say, "Good deal"
Eliniel says, "May I, Gwen?"
You say, "Sure sure"

Eliniel says, "Something else to remember -- and here's my weakness ;) -- is that you have five senses. Including sounds, smells, sights in your poses makes them fuller and more believable. And think of how your char would look or behave while speaking. Does he gesture wildly? Make faces? Raise or lower his voice? That sort of thing."
Analdin makes faces.
Eliniel gesticulates in Dinny
Merilin gestures wildly
Eliniel says, "Ahem. In Dinny's face."
Duilin chuckles, "And with that, we'll finish off Roleplay basics."
Drahceer has reconnected.
Analdin says, "Well, you were asking. ;p"
You say, "The next topic I'd like to move to is character creation."
You say, "And good news, we're not too far behind ;)"
Merilin sucks her thumb
You say, "The one fatal trap I see many many new players get caught in is they want a really exotic history or description but want to play an archetype personality. The quiet and shy girl, the grim and dark warrior, the old and wise scholar. Sadly, for roleplay, this is completely backwards. ;)"
You say, "You should know more about your character than you do yourself, since you create all their history, feelings and emotions. Figure out who your character is. Decide what they are good at, and more importantly what they are bad at. What personality flaws do they have, what fears, where do they show their incompetence. This is not to say that you need to make klutzes who are scared of everything, but people are interesting in stories not in where they succeeded but in where they failed."

ArÈlion has a question.

You say, "Go for it lion"

ArÈlion says, "What's the general concensus on giving other players access to your history? I know most people have theirs set vis, for all to see... which is cool, but strikes me as a bit unrealistic, and tempting for other players to abuse ICly. Mine just says 'find out ICly' or something to that effect, as do several others. Thoughts?"

You say, "When I'm saying all this about knowing your character, I don't mean for anyone to put any of that in a history."
You say, "I generally look at the history attribute as common knowledge that someone could learn about your character from asking around."

ArÈlion nods :)
You say, "Personally, I don't read them ;)"

You say, "Too, it's important to not just say, "Bob's afraid of pliars," but know why. "Bob's afraid of pliars because his friend danny used to hit him with them." If you want to improve your roleplay, having a really defined character and knowing your character really well -will- make your roleplay better. It'll give life to your text."
Merilin nodnods
Analdin only nods once.
You say, "A brief rant/venting/comment ;) on shy/quiet vs outgoing characters. Your roleplay experience will be lessened if you play a character that doesn't like to talk with people, since this game is all about interaction. It's a difficult balance to strike between playing a shy/grim & quiet character and still being entertaining to interact with. It's sorta like real life. So, be careful about being too quiet and introverted."
You say, "Any questions or comments on character creation?"
Analdin has a comment.
You say, "Go for it Dins"

Analdin says, "Specifically about being quiet/introverted... It's possible to play one and have a lot of fun with it. I really view dialogue and description as something of a balance -- and where your character lands on the outgoing/introverted scale is really going to have a big effect on that. The key to playing a quiet or a shy character is to really play off of that. If your character is shy, it doesn't mean your RP has to be withdrawn, as is often the trend. RP big -- describe things, act shy, etc. Also, remember that sometimes extremes like being too shy and being too outgoing can be viewed ICly as character flaws. Good. Everyone needs flaws. So use that as a boost to find things to RP about."
Analdin says, "I'm done now. :)"
Angmir has a comment also.
Elnara has left.
Duilin nods to Dinny, "Good comments. I'm horrible at playing quiet shy characters, so I can't say good ways to play them, but Dins brought up some good points. Go for it Ang."
Drahceer has partially disconnected.
Angmir says, "I suppose this is more about character interaction than character creation... but anyhow, one thing I've noticed is that quite often, people seem to actively avoid having their character rub anyone else's character the wrong way. I think there would be a lot more interesting RP to be had if people wouldn't be so hesitant to start conflicts-- conflicts create RP, and often TPs as well. Anyway, I guess that's more of a rant than anything. ;) I just wanted to point out that sometimes you can get a lot of good RP out of your character not always being "nice.""

ArÈlion has somethin' too. :)
Duilin nods, "Conflict it on the board for the class. :)"
You say, "Go for it, Lion"
Angmir says, "Oops, spoke too soon then. :)"
ArÈlion says, "Sorry if I'm jumping ahead again, but the point you and Dinny made about flaws is great. I think the best way to maximize the fun of playing a character is to watch them grow and evolve. A good way to do that is to give them flaws, and then watch them overcome them, or succumb to them, over the course of their "lives". For example, everyone probably knows that Arelion has a weakness for the ladies, and a streak of Girithlin vanity. It's been great fun ICly ticking off other characters with those flaws, but also watching Arelion "grow up" and work through them, as well.
Duilin nods, "Excellent point, Lion"
You say, "Anyone else?"
You say, "Good."
Merilin nods and agrees about the flaws
You say, "Now we're get on to the fun stuff!"
You say, "we're going to get on"
You say, "This part of the class I'm kinda excited about as I don't believe Elendor has ever touched on this subject before. But, it's using Acting Techniques for your roleplay."
You say, "Any actors out there?"
You say, "Good, no one will be able to catch me when I make stuff up"

ArÈlion grins

Elidloth has arrived.

You say, "The style that I briefly learned in my stint here in college was good ol' Method Acting. I'll toss out a few things and you can apply them how you'd like."

Elidloth throws spit balls at the teacher.
Anokuil has arrived.

Anokuil says, "hello all :)"
Elidloth says, "I'll be back in a bit."
ArÈlion says, "Please page questions to me, too cut down on spam for Gwen. :)"
Elnara has arrived.
You say, "We're just getting started on acting techniques for Roleplay."
Anokuil says, "okay"
You say, "The "Method" required a performer to draw on his or her own self, on experiences, memories, and emotions that could inform a characterization and shape how a character might speak or move. Characters were thus shown to have an interior life; rather than being stereotyped figures representing a single concept (the villain, the heroine), they could become complex human beings with multiple and contradictory feelings and desires."
You say, "A good place to start using method acting in your roleplay is using the magic "What if?". I'm sure most if not all of you do this already, but don't know it's an acting technique. Quite simply, The "magic if" asks the actor to begin his work by asking, "What would I do if I were in these circumstances?""
You say, "The answer to this simple question can be a springboard to creativity and inspiration, because it allows the actor to realize the fact that, after all, he is living out a fictional life, a figment of the author's imagination, with sets and props that are actually just sets and props -- not real trees or real windows, or real guns."
You say, "It is the actor's job to make the props and set real to himself. By using the "magic if" the actor is granting himself permission to "believe" in these imaginary objects, in the same way a young girl believes her doll is real, or a young boy believes he is really "Tarzan ", or "Konan", or that the broomstick he is using is really a gun."
Elnara blows big brother a kiss
ArÈlion says, "Nice."
You say, "It's magic of the kind that children possess, and few adults retain from childhood, for reasons that most of you adults reading this can relate to: Play is for kids: "Mommy, can I stay up tonight and wait for Santa to come?" Responsibility is for adults: "This damn Santa guy is costing me a fortune!" Honest expression is for kids: "I hate you! I hate you! I wish you were dead!" Diplomacy is for adults: "I'd like to visit John in the hospital, but I just can't find the time right now."

If you haven't discovered this yet, I'll tell it to you now: Actors are still kids. They have to be. They have to be able to pretend and become their characters. This can at once be applied to your roleplay. You are, afterall, playing a role. Pretending to be someone else. Be your character, feel what they feel and your responses and words will come more naturally and realistically. And on occation, you'll get all teary eyed during a sad RP. ;)"
You say, "So, when you go into a scene, how do you start?"
You say, "Well, the first thing you should do is figure out what was happening the moment before the scene started."
You say, "Quite often people pose "walking into the tavern." but I'd bet most have no idea what their character was doing right before they decided to go into the tavern."
You say, "So, before writing out that scene, give a moment to figure out what your character is doing right before then. What sort of circumstances they were in, what mood? Who were they with. Flesh it out. :) You'll come into the scene with plenty of RP ammo as it were."
You say, "When you "walk" into the scene, method acting dictates you should have a goal of that scene. When your character enters, what do they want? Do they want to cross the courtyard, get a beer, talk to someone, take a break? Find a goal, and drive their actions towards that goal."
You say, "It's quite possible the goals may change as the roleplay goes on, but don't forget about your original goal. Keep track of it. If you run into a friend and he mentions a mutual friend got hurt, your goal may change to making sure the friend is all right, but you're character still wants to get across that courtyard."
You say, "Even better, acting teaches that your goals are things you want from that person. As the scene goes on, since it's not prewritten, figure out as soon as you can what you want from them. It may be friendly conversation, it may be for them to buy you some food because you have no money, it may be for them to leave you alone. Figure out what purpose they serve to your character right now and again, work towards getting it."
You say, "Any questions up to now?"
Analdin says, "What's for dinner?"
You say, "Meatloaf"
Analdin says, "Thanks."
Duilin nods
You say, "I'll continue then :)"
You say, "Hopefully, I'm not putting you all to sleep :)"
ArÈlion says, "Please. This is great. :)"
Analdin grins.
Angmir says, "Not at all, this really is great. :)"
Elidloth snoars.
Elidloth says, "just kidding :)"
ArÈlion has a quick and inane observation.

Elidloth says, "I have a bit of a question"
ArÈlion says, "I hope I'm not just parroting what Gwen said. But something I saw in Lorien was what I called the 'Mae govannen syndrome', and I've seen it elsewhere, usually in the dreaded 'Tavern RP.' It basically consists of, in the Lorien example, two elves standing around saying 'Mae govannen, mellon', and talking about the weather, or how pretty the trees are, and nothing actually happening. Who wants to read a book with no plot? The goal concept forces us to accomplish something, even if it's minute or subtle, every time we go IC and pose. That makes for good RP, I think."
Elidloth says, "eh nevemrind. answered it myself"
ArÈlion shuts it.
Duilin nods to Lion, "Exactly. In this way, every scene has someplace to go. And the conflict of getting it."
Elidloth shrugs, "I dunno Lion, sometimes I like casual pointless RP"
ArÈlion hates it. ;) But to each his own, I guess.

Angmir says, "Really? I dread it, it feels so stagnant."
You say, "Even in casual RP, you have goals. Even if it's just to sit back and have a friendly conversation. :)"
Elidloth says, "Even if you choose not to choose, you still have made a choice eh?"
Merilin shivers at tavern rp for the most part;)
You say, "Which brings us to how to get those goals. Actors are taught to think about the ways to get their goals by using action verbs. Bob wants to get Ralph to buy him a beer. How can Bob do that. Bob "implies" Ralph should buy him a beer. And when Bob realizes that that action is not working, he should change actions. So, then Bob "advises" Ralph that it'd be in his best interest to get Ralph a beer. Finding that not working, he begs. Then forces. etc etc. Think of what your character is doing with action verbs and your roleplay will go someplace."
Merilin grins and wants to throw Lion off the balcony next time she sees him..see?
You say, "It has to, since you are doing actions and not just making idle conversation or going with the flow."
You say, "No, see wanting is not an action verb. :)"
ArÈlion laughs!
You say, "You intice him to jump. You beg him. You push him. ;)"
Merilin nods, but my point is premeditation;)
Duilin nods and is being silly ;)
ArÈlion takes notes for the Grand Jury.
Merilin grins..but what a waste *leswoon*
You say, "So, you have how you got there, why you're there, what you want there and how you're going to get it."
You say, "The next thing is kinda nebulous for roleplay, but I'll mention it. It's choosing what you want and how important it is. Setting the stakes for the scene."
Elidloth says, "I *want* to kill Arathil every chance I get, but does it happen? Noooooo."
Elnara says, "why would you want to kill anyone?"
You say, "When you set high stakes for your character, you set how exciting and important the scene is. If you want to have exciting scenes, set your stakes for what you want very high. Bob needs that beer, because he is thirsty sets low stakes. Bob needs that beer because he is poisoned and only a beer can save him sets the stakes much higher. His actions will be more determined and will raise the height of the RP in terms of excitement."
You say, "In a roleplay sort of way though it can be dangerous in roleplay, as if every scene has really high stakes, people will think you REALLY melodramatic. :) But keep it in mind. :)"
Duilin hmms at the time, "I think Part 2 is going to be a seperate class. ;)"
You say, "Any questions or comments?"
ArÈlion says, "None from me. :)"
Merilin grins..that's cause you're hanging over the balcony, Lion..
Elnara says, "nothin here."
ArÈlion laughs
Duilin nods, "So, that all makes sense? I'm impressed with myself. ;)"
Analdin is impressed with you too, Gwen.
Angmir says, "Makes sense to me."
You say, "Then, we'll move the coversation to Hooks, briefly touch on combat and then call it. :)"
You say, "Anyone know what a hook is? :)"
Analdin says, "Something you fish with."
Angmir says, "In an RP context, something people can RP of off."
Analdin says, "That too."
Drahceer has reconnected.
Duilin grins and nods to Angmir, "Exactly."
You say, "Hooks allow players to respond to your poses and too give you something to respond off. They may come in dialogue, "I would go to the party with you, but really been to busy." (A hook for the other person to inquire about what they are doing), actions, "Bob sniffs his nose and wipes it (A hook for the other person to ask if they are feeling well), or environmental, "As bob talks, grey clouds overhead block the sun out." (Hook to comment of the weather/clouds/etc.)"
You say, "A sad thing I see happen fairly often is people take a hook, but then kill it in the pose right off. For instance, Bob see Lucy walk in and is taken with her appearance. He poses interest to Sam and Luke about who the pretty girl is. Sam takes the hook, knowing that lucy is his wife, and says, "Yes, she is quite the beauty, is she not?" continuing the hook. Then Luke poses, "Ah, that's Lucy, sam's wife." The hook is dead."
You say, "So, remember to give as well as take. When you respond to a hook, give the person back a hook, something they can use in their pose. They may or may not use it, but it keeps the scene interesting. Remember also, that hooks are subtle. If someone doesn't pick up on your cold ICly, no need to pose about it every other sentence until the person responds to it. Remember, you're telling a story, not just reacting. And your telling it with the intention to make it interesting to the other people in the scene. Make interesting hooks that keep people's interest, and people will enjoy rping with you."
ArÈlion has a comment along those lines. :)
You say, "Go for it"
ArÈlion says, "Related to what Gwen was just saying... I think good 'hooky' RPers tend to be the ones who carefully read the poses of others, and react accordingly with a hook based on what they've read. Like a good conversationalist, a someone good with RP hooks listens (reads) as well as talks (writes). Or to use a sorta risque metaphor, great hook-filled RP is like a nice make-out session. ;) There is give and take. When you finish an RP like that, you feel as if you've interacted, and have not simply been 'posed at'. Whew."
Merilin chuckles and agrees
You say, "Yes, roleplay like a good make-out session. Wiser words have never been spoken. ;)"
Analdin has a comment, too...
ArÈlion makes out with Gwen
You say, "Go for it, Dins"
You say, "Iew!"
Analdin covers her eyes.
ArÈlion grins
Duilin gargles with vinegar
Merilin can see the +poll now...
ArÈlion laughs!
Anokuil laughs
Duilin is curious if they'll change it ;)
Merilin rolls with laughter
Angmir grins.
Merilin wondered that too..
Analdin says, "Just a quick thing, also related to what Gwen was just saying -- which is good, because I like to go off topic, too... ;) Actually, continuing along the idea of what happens if someone doesn't pick up on a hook. Don't think it's because they don't care about you. Don't get offended. Sometimes it's quite in character for a person to overlook a certain thing, or to ignore certain behaviors. But if they don't notice it, then continue to play it subtly... like, Analdin is often wounded, but hates spending time in the healers place, so his wounds last long. If I'm RPing with someone and they pick up on the bandages or the limp, that's fine -- it's there for them to use if they want to use it. But if they don't, it's not a problem -- I just have to be creative and find something else. That doesn't mean that I drop what I've already established, though."

Duilin nods to Dinny, "Exactly. Don't force a hook. :)"
Elidloth forces a hook.
You say, "Which brings us to a type of hook that I brought up before on the Gondor +com that I think is far underused. Yes, Gossip!"
Analdin says, "What did we ever do with those gossips that used to chill outside the WTI? ;)"
You say, "I think they were nuked ;)"
You say, "Remember, in Gondor there are no newspapers, there are no telephones, and certainly, there is no gnews bboard. ;)"
You say, "Gossiping is how news is gotten around. Talk to your IC friends about what's going on in your life and in the lives of the people around you. And feel free to not tell it exactly correct. ;)"
Elidloth says, "but.. but.. that'd be... lieing!"
You say, "If no one is gossiping to you, you can use gnews as a source of some gossip you might have heard about, but generally, Gnews is an OOC bboard to keep you all informed about what's going on around the culture. :)"
Merilin will brb
You say, "No, it'd be your character not exactly remembering the circumstances because they don't log their lives ;)"
Elidloth grins.
Analdin logs her life.
Elidloth says, "I want to play an old man"
Elidloth says, "So i can be senial"
Drahceer has partially disconnected.
Analdin says, "Speaking of logs, I'm going to have to run here in about 15 minutes. Is there anyone willing to take up the log?"
Elnara says, "you already are!"
You say, "I'm logging."
Analdin says, "Ah, good."
You say, "As, tonight, I'm gonna do a lot of copy and paste ;)"
Analdin grins.
You say, "So, yes, gossip lots. Use hooks. Use goals. Use actions. Making your RP move and jiggle. ;)"

You say, "Finally, we'll end on combat."

Elidloth moves and jiggles.
Drahceer attacks Duilin with a big big stick.

You say, "Basically,just two quick things. We've mentioned it many many times, but -please- pose realistically to your character in regards to combat. Our character's aren't invincible and should show things like fear and uncertainty when their lives are on the line. In the case of giant trolls or Nazzies, it's almost mandatory. ;)"

Elidloth agrees very much.

Analdin is scared of Nazis.
You say, "And if you setup a skirmish between us and a baddie culture, be sure to lay down all the rules before hand. Remember, the default for combat is +flee. If you want to use a free flee, let everyone know beforehand else you may find yourself being labeled a twink."
You say, "And that's about it... any final questions?"

Elidloth says, "Like.."
Elidloth says, "I find it a little embarassing that half the Orcs we fight in Ithilien kill off their characters.."
Elidloth says, "But not a single Gondorian is scratched"
Elidloth says, "Im prolly guilty as anyone.."
You say, "Well, you don't have to die. And I know we get scratched up. Mordor just has a completely different philosophy when it comes to characters."
Elidloth says, "I have lots of respect for them"
Elnara has left.
You say, "And so, we'll always run up against the issue that we don't die enough, but that's fine because we're about roleplay and not combat. :)"
Elidloth says, "But serisouly when's the last time one of us has died? Morn was the last."
Angmir says, "The OOC reality of orcs vs. humans, though, is that orc characters are much more 'disposable' and are viewed as such by their players."
ArÈlion says, "Some of us will die pretty soon, Elid."
Elidloth says, "WHAT?"
Duilin shrugs, "Why does anyone need to die?"
Anokuil says, "wow that is something to look forward to.."
Elidloth says, "I disagree with that statement."
Angmir says, "With whose statement, Elid? Mine?"

Elidloth says, "Orcs are /not/ disposable sword-fader, and don't let Hollywood tell you different."
Analdin says, "Fodder, Elid."

Elidloth says, "Thank you dinny :)"
You say, "They are much more disposable though"
Elidloth says, "Why?"
Elidloth says, "Who says?"
You say, "If you don't believe it, go reread the Mordain help files :)"
Angmir says, "That's how they're played though. I alt an orc in Isengard (but not for long-- I've found that orc RP just isn't my thing), and that's the philosophy. You don't even need to write a history for an orc character."
Elidloth shrugs.

Elidloth says, "I dont agree."
Elidloth says, "No matter what any doc says."
Analdin says, "That's fine."
Analdin says, "You don't have to agree. :)"
You say, "Anyway, Thank you all for coming :)"
You say, "I hope you learned something :)"
ArÈlion says, "Thanks, Gwen! :)"
Angmir says, "Yes, thanks! :)"
Analdin says, "Yay! Thanks, Gwen. :)"
Anokuil says, "Thank you for doing it :)"

You say, "If you have any comments on how the class was run, toss me a +mail :)"
You say, "It was my first and all. I'd be curious if people thought certain things could have been done better. :)"
Merilin says, "Good job, Gwen :)"
Anokuil says, "It was done very well :)"
You say, "I'll reschedule part 2 for next week :)"

Angmir says, "Oh, really? It won't be tonight then?"

You say, "No, part 2 of the class. Tonight's will be part 1 again."

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