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(Archive) A flying visit

Tags: Isobel,  Ormesir,  Raugsaul

Short Summary: Between Galadhrim elves and Giant Eagles, Isobel Taurdain is having an interesting morning.
Date (real-life): 2013-01-06
Scene Location: Approach to Esgaroth
Date (in-game): November 3057
Time of Day: Morning
[Raugsaul(#29253)] It's early morning though the sun has risen. The people are waking up and going about their business. It's a cold winter day but not snowing or anything and high above the lands is another who's been awake for a lot longer. He has been scouting it seems and now flies to rest a bit. Raugsaul circles lower as he approaches the outskirts of the city the first sign may be the worrying horses in the stables. He carries something with him perhaps more food as he flaps his wings giving a bigger clue with the sound and wind gust sent down.

Isobel Taurdain has but barely set out on her ride, the stables still discernible in the distance behind her. The horse moves at a sedate pace, Isobel's white cloak hanging down on each side to the finely muscled hocks. The scholar herself squints up at the morning sun while letting the reins hang loosely; she's adjusting her gloves and the dappled grey mare may go as she pleases. Her ears twitch, suddenly, and she seems to become more alert, nervous even - Isobel sits up straight and reaches for the reins, looking surprised.

Raugsaul circles a bit more lowering each pass. "Hail, lady of Dale."the voice of the eagle breaks his silence. It's with a final swoop that he lands a bit away from the noble riding. The large avian drops his catch which seems to be a bit more fish which he's caught. The large wings fold behind him and he stands to full height as he awaits for the other to recover perhaps he's used to the typical response to his kind.

And what does one say to that? Isobel gapes and clutches the reins tightly but before she can say anything (or think of anything to say perhaps) the horse bolts, throwing her rider. Isobel's plaintive shriek is abruptly cut off when she hits the ground and she lies still for a moment, staring at the sky, before jerking upright. "Eagle," she breathes, taking in the majestic sight of the bird with wide eyes full of shock and unmitigated admiration. Perhaps there's even a hint of longing in there as she stands stock still, eyes roving greedily over the gilded feather tips.

[Raugsaul(#29253)] There is a good natured wince in his eyes at first but as the horse un-seats it's rider the eyes showing intelligence. Raugsaul looks to the human though as if looking for injury, his large head lowers a bit still looking as she lays still he nudges softly as he can at least before speaking "My appologies to have startled your mount. Are you hurt?" It seems he doesn't see any injuries as he stands back to full height.

Nudged by an eagle - Isobel's eyes go even wider, if that was possible, and she holds perfectly still. "Apology accepted," she squeaks and swallows hard. Clearing her throat she tries again to master the wavering in her voice - "Hail, eagle," she speaks hoarsely, craning her neck as much as she can. Isobel goes red in the face suddenly and unsteadily scrambles to her feet. While eyeing the large creature cautiously she offers a deep curtsy. "Hail and welcome, I should say. Forgive me, my manners are... sadly lacking." She smiles wryly, tremulous though it is.

Raugsaul nods in a bit of a bow taking a few steps back perhaps he's a bit to close at the moment. "It is not a problem, it is early yet." The humor has returned to his voice though he does bend down and snapping up a fish he gobbles it down easily enough before turning back his feathers ruffle slightly as he relaxes a bit more. "Where were you headed if I may ask it is rather early though the sun has risen so dangers are limited."

The sounds of a horse approaching at a brisk walk can be heard coming. A tall, thin figure seemed to have just arrived in town, his cloak still worn and dusty. He peered ahead at the two figures, eyes widening tremendously at the sight of the Eagle as he draws up the reins of the equine he rode - a rather familiar, fearful-eyed dappled mare who snorted, balking finally a short distance away despite the rider's command of the animal.

Almost transfixed Isobel stares as the fish disappears. The feathers ruffling draw her eyes and she blinks, shaking her head slightly. "Just... out for a ride. My horse... well, it would be cruel to leave her locked up without taking her out every now and then. And, ah..." she falters, licking her lips. "Where were you headed, if I may ask?" Uncertainty runs through the words, knotted into them like invisible strings. Isobel shifts from one foot to the other, biting her lip.

Just then the sounds of a horse reaches her and slowly, as if she's reluctant to do so, she drags her gaze from the eagle and turns her head towards the sound. Her eyes narrow as she squints into the distance, shading her eyes with one hand- "Brienne!" she exclaims after a moment, relief evident.

[Ormesir(#31473)] The horse nickered anxiously, and the hooded man slid out of the saddle with easy grace, putting a reassuring hand ont he animals' neck. He spoke softly, and with some coersion, got the horse to come a little closer to the eagle. But after a distance, she just plain refused to go closer. Not wishing to push her, the man turned instead to the woman and Eagle "Brienne is her name? " he asked, his voice soft, and accented. Turning then to the eagle, Ormesir bowed low in respect, his hood covering his ears somewhat. "I found her wandering the road not far away and thought she may have fled. "

[Raugsaul(#29253)] "Ah, well that is a good idea not to let the horse sit idle. Exercise is good for their kind though i'm afraid they don't like mine that much. I much prefer fish all the same." The large avian turns as another approaches the accent is fairly well known to him though not one he'd expected to hear way over here. "A good find indeed." he looks back to the first and answers the next question "I'd been patrolling over night and wished to stop for food and a bit of rest." Raugsaul finishes.

"'tis indeed her name," Isobel answers after a moment, head cocked a little to the side as if she is trying to make out the accent. "And I thank you for finding her. She had a bit of a... scare, one might say." Her lips twitch as if she might smile and she glances side-long at the eagle out of the corner of her eye. "May I then offer you some Lake-town hospitality? Food, a place to rest... whatever would please you we could provide," she tells the avian with profound respect.

[Ormesir(#31473)] Dark blue eyes glance to the Giant Eagle with some amusement, and he nods in understanding, a hand still on the horses' neck. He opens his mouth then to reply, then pauses again as it turns out, the offer was to the behemoth avian, and not it seems, directed to himself. His lips close again and he turns to speak instead to Raugsaul "You chose a good place from what I hear, about the hospitality of these lands. What one hears and what one finds can be two very different things."

Raugsaul nods "Thank you for the offer, but I'm unable to stay long I may be called away at any moment to serve my lord." The raptor says looking between the two a moment though he finishes the last of his fish before speaking further "I have not seen much that's un-usual but did want to let you know that a few stray orcs do reside in the forest they could cause trouble in the smaller towns if they joined together not as likely in the winter though."

Amusement and annoyance flicker in Isobel's grey eyes and yet neither seems to have won when she again turns to address the stranger while the eagle eats his fish. "Rest assured I intend to extend a welcome to you as well, Master...?" She trails off pointedly, then makes an expansive gesture. "Alas, I have only one mouth to speak with." The rebuke is mild yet present all the same. "How may I thank you for the service you have done me?" the woman inquires simply yet makes no move to come forward and claim the horse. "Board and room I can offer, if that would suit you, or perhaps there is something else you need. Welcome to Esgaroth upon Long Lake, at any rate, and well met."

Then she returns her attention to the eagle, and rapt it is. The words make her brows draw together. "Orcs?" Isobel echoes quietly, the troubled look making her grey eyes seem darker than they really are. "I will convey the news," she promises solemnly. Her hand lifts slowly and then she jerks it back, flushing. Firmly she presses it to her side, knotting her fingers in the fabric of her dress.

[Ormesir(#31473)] "Ormesir is my name, I come from Lothlorien. Thank you for the offer, I do appreciate it, Lady..." responds the elf man in kind, hand now on the horses' bridle. He continues "Simply reccomend me a good place to stay for a few days and that will do. I am just glad to get our friend Brienne back safely..." his eyes turn sharply to the eagle again, and he straightens a little bit as well, beginning to look pensive as well "Orcs? Of course, it figures." he notes as though referring to something. "Thank you Eagle lord for this news though. IT will make my own journey safer in a way."

[Raugsaul(#29253)] "It's a good idea to be mindful worse things in that forest other then a few orcs I saw briefly, though I don't think they will come this far out of the forest their numbers are not great enough for that 5-10 or so perhaps leaving?" Raugsaul says to both though he glances skywards a moment before back to the pair.

"Lothlorien?" Isobel echoes in wonder, too dazed to respond more properly than that. She rubs her eyes quickly and thoughtfully mutters, "If this is how the day starts then however will it end? Between eagles and elves..." Clearly she's speaking to herself and when she trails off the lady shakes her head energetically. "Thank you for these tidings, Eagle Lord." Perhaps the mimicry of the elf is unconscious as she styles the Eagle lord in the same way he did. "The King's men will take a look the next time they patrol the area, no doubt." Again her eyes rove over his beautiful plumage and a soft, wistful sigh escapes. Resolutely the scholar looks away.

"I am Lady Isobel Taurdain," she tells the elf now in a clear, strong voice and offers him a curtsy as well - not quite as deep as the one afforded the eagle earlier, one might note. "My House, Taurdain, has always been known as true and loyal friends of King Thranduil's folk and it would give me much pleasure to extend the same welcome to you. Please, do us the honour of staying with us while you are in town if that would be acceptable to you. If not the elven embassy is right across the street from our residence, and I will show you there."

[Ormesir(#31473)] "There has never been a more careful Elf on all of Middle EArth than myself. " notes Ormesir solemnly "... but I never dismiss words of warning either. Thank you." Turning back to the woman, he offered a wide smile and bowed deeper to her as well now than before "I will take your offer I think. I could not refuse the courtesy of elf-friends. There is just myself at this time. Would you be so kind as to direct me to the town square though? I wish to buy a few things before resting this day, before the crowds come out too much."

[Raugsaul(#29253)] "It's good to meet you Isobel, I am Raugsaul vassel of the king he says with a bow of his head though she's speaking to the other at first he never introduced himself properly he doesn't thing. "I will be in town for a little while myself but likely will only stop for short times while I rest before heading back out to see if there's anything else to report on.

Isobel nods to the elf before turning back to the eagle. "Well met, Lord Raugsaul," she says softly and bows her head to him. The formality of her manner still can't hide the way she brightens up as she eagerly asks, "So you will stay for a little while longer?" Without letting him answer she breathes, "Oh, please, would you let me come see you again?" The look in her eyes is openly pleading. "There are so many things I should like to ask, to know... there is hardly a book in our library about the Great Eagles and, well," she snorts, "I doubt that what it has to say is accurate. And... you're beautiful," the scholar admits shyly, cheeks flaming.

[Raugsaul(#29253)] The eagle ruffles his feathers relaxing it would seem though still standing tall his wings are folded back behind him lightly not preparing to take off or anything. "Well I am not needed in the immediate moment, what questions would you ask. I will answer if I am able." He's noted the others reaction though he doesn't laugh or make other note. Raugsaul has been around a good while and is used to varrrying receptions based on where he is at that moment.

Isobel stares up at the eagle with happiness shining in her eyes. "What languages do you speak? Who is your king? How many are there of you? How old are you? Are you small or great in size compared to your kin? How long do you live? How--" She breaks off, breathless, and then her face falls. "I haven't any paper to write any of this down!" Her gaze steals somewhat guiltily to the elf still patiently holding the reins of her horse. "And I suppose I should make good on my promise and see Master Elf to town," she concedes a little unhappily.

Raugsaul grins if it can be called that it's mostly in his eyes as the questions come rapid fire at him. He is glad to answer but as she says she doesn't have anything to write on. "I will not be moving away this very day, my friend. I may have to scout a bit more but you will see me again and i'll answer what I can when you have parchment to write on. For a few simple answers Gwaihir is my lord and king of birds. I speak eagle tongue the common speech as well as evlish which i've picked up over visits through the years."

"That would be... more than kind of you," Isobel replies quietly, beaming again. A whisper of the wind recalls to her that it is winter, and cold, and she tries to arrange the cloak in a better manner. "But where shall I find you?" It occurs to the scholar that perhaps this question ought to be asked and she squints up at the eagle, craning her neck. "And when? I wouldn't want to inconvenience you."

[Raugsaul(#29253)] The Eagle looks down to the other though gives a shake of his head "I'm afraid I do not know exactly when I will return. If things remain quiet it will be sooner rather then later. I can get called off pretty much to anywhere under the sun or moon should trouble arise there." he explains a bit "You will know when I return look to the sky or the sound of my call. It's hard to miss even in the worst conditions."

Isobel gazes at Raugsaul as he speaks and does not reply at once. Then, shaking herself as though breaking a spell, she takes a step back and bows her head again. "I shall look to the sky then," the Taurdain agrees, her lips twitching into an amused smile for a moment. "Goodbye," she adds, sounding surprised, yet doesn't actually move away. Then the horse whickers and Isobel's shoulders slump with a gentle sigh.

"Right," she mutters and turns to slowly walk away, more than once looking over her shoulder in awe. And envy? Whatever it was it seems to have been resolutely quenched by the time she reaches the elf.

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