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(Archive) The importance of Beo-ing earnest

Tags: Isobel,  Oriana,  Brev

Short Summary: Does Isobel really read Beomia's 'On Duties And Obligations' for pleasure? And what's on Oriana's mind?
Date (real-life): 2013-01-15
Scene Location: Esgaroth: Taurdain Suites
Date (in-game): December 3057
Time of Day: Evening
Weather: Clear
Taurdain Suites: Entry Hall

 This villa is filled with various examples of natural beauty which give testimony to the Taurdain's bond with the Elves of Mirkwood. The high ceiling of the entry hall gives a feeling of expanse, although the suites are generally modestly furbished. Potted plants bring a warmth to the space, and a vine covered fountain near the entrance gurgles quietly. A bench of elven craft offers comfort to visitors, crouching steadfastly opposite a grand staircase that curves up to the second level, and the quarters of the members of the Household.

 A hall leading off behind the stairs leads to the kitchen, with an open double doorway granting access to the formal dining room. To the east of the staircase are two doorways; one opening into a warmly appointed sitting room where guests are usually received. The other leads to the house's library. Across the hall, to the west of the staircase, two more rooms; a closed door leading to Lord Taurdain's quarters, the room next to it reserved to guests of the House.

Obvious exits:
Ornate Door and Out


Dale-Lands Time and Weather Service

Real Time: Tue Jan 15 15:00:39 2013 MST

Dale-Lands Time:
Sunday, early evening on a clear winter's night, December 12 of 3057


    [Isobel(#23796)] Dark lie the waters of the Long Lake
    taking without ripples every snow flake
    that from the sky so gently falls
    above the place where Lake town sprawls.
    And through the descending night
    one by one there is a light
    that sparks and flickers into life
    to warm the hearth of man and wife.
    Roof and hilltop stand so white,
    covered gently by the night.
    Yet supper time must be near -
    time for food and time for cheer!

The door creeks open to permit a woman clad in a winter cloak. It is Oriana, of house Karath. She looks tired as she frequently does these days and steps forward to catch a servants attention.

"Can you see if Lady Isobel is around?" she asks the servant, who nods and departs to go and see if said woman can be found.

    Hear the crunch of feet on snow,
    Swish of cloak 'neath lantern-glow;
    A measured tread draws slowly near,
    Bringing one to join the cheer.
    Brev it is - he comes to meet
    Those who dwell in Taurdain Suites.
    Yet what is this? He pauses now,
    To give the guest a polite half-bow.

[Isobel(#23796)] Of course Isobel is to be found; on her way out of the library, nose poked into a slim, leather-bound volume, she almost runs straight into the servant. "Oh, pardon!" the exclaim in chorus though the man in Taurdain livery peppers his with a few 'm'lady' and 'awfully sorry'. She glances over his shoulder when the name 'Oriana' is dropped and smiles. Though the lady of Karath is tall she still cannot conceal the figure of a man, not even one a lanky one like Brev, and the scholar's smile broadens for a moment. Then she goes to greet her guest - who knows what the carpenter is there for?

Her attention wavers to Brev. A smile and nod is given to him. "Master Brev." she greets softly and turns her attention towards Isobel. "Lady Isobel, I had not known you were so busy this eve."

Brev watches the near-collision with thinly veiled amusement; there's a twinkle in his eye and one corner of his mouth is twitching. He manages to avoid remark on the near-calamity, save that he greets the servant with a solicitous, "All right, there?"

Oriana's remark brings a sudden bark of laughter. "Business? I'd say it's pleasure - business volumes tend to say in their proper place. Can it be we caught you at a loose end?" One brow arches in Isobel's direction.

Perhaps he's not one for formal greetings.

[Isobel(#23796)] The servant grins when Brev calls to him and behind Isobel's back makes an exasperated face before returning to what he was about when Oriana caught him - lugging steaming pails of water upstairs. Isobel for her part smiles blandly and clasps the volume to her, her fingers shielding most of the title. "Well, surely I may relax and read for my own pleasure sometimes? And I do find Beomia so... educational." She takes a step back. "Please, Lady Oriana - do come in. Have you met our newest retainer?" Her eyes sparkle as they shift meaningfully towards Brev and then she adds to the Karath, "I suppose this means he will forever be cluttering up the place."

Eyes move between Isobel and Brev. She lifts a brow curiously and gives a small grin. "My my, Master Brev, congratulations. Taurdains keep snatching up all the good people in town it seems. There will be little left for the rest of us." A smirk and she turns to face the Lady. "I had come to speak with you, Isobel. Though you seem to be busy, perhaps you can come by for a visit and some tea." Hands nervously fiddle with the edge of fur on the inside of her cloak. "So we can talk."

The twitch at the corner of Brev's mouth intensifies for a moment as he spies the servant's antics. "Beo-what?" he queries, peering doubtfully at Isobel's book for a moment. It doesn't /look/ educational to him, clearly. "And I thought cluttering up the place was in the job description." For a brief moment he grins at the Taurdain noblewoman.

Oriana's congratulations are received with a smile and a shake of the head. "Karath are hardly lacking in good people, you know. I'm looking at one now." For a brief instant, smile becomes smirk; then it fades at the next words. "I'll leave you to discuss your business in peace," he suggests, and moves off toward the back of the house.

[Isobel(#23796)] Isobel lifts a hand in farewell (for now, at least) to Brev and then returns her focus to Oriana. "Would you like to speak now after all?" she asks gently and reaches for the woman's hand to give it a tender squeeze before she drops it again.

"My you are by far to kind, Brev." she says to him, and frowns as he goes to depart.

The distraction from Isobel taking her hand causes attention to be given to her and a warm smile is given to the lady. "No no." Eyes dart around as if Oriana is worried over something. "I think for the moment I am fine. Please, come by when you can. Oh, and go and entertain the carpenter. I'll see you soon, and you as well Brev!" she calls out to the man.

A nod is then given to them and she turns to quickly depart.

[Isobel(#23796)] "I will come soon, then," Isobel promises and there's a worried wrinkle between her brows as she watches her fellow noble go. She remains standing there a little, chewing on her lip, and then sighs and turns away. To find Brev or to continue reading her smutty-- educational book? No, she marks Brev's progress and then makes a quick detour to the library. The lady shows up in the kitchen sans book.

Brev's 'progress' has been limited. He had halted before the doorway of the kitchen to brush reflexively at his clothes in a gesture that's becoming habit, and once inside has paused to answer a question from one of the kitchen maids about 'that starved-looking young'un. Skinny as a cat!'. Once he's recovered from his indignation at the insinuation he might not feed his prentice, he turns to find Isobel not far behind.

"Given up on reading about Beornings, then?" he asks, glancing at her empty hands. "Educational, you said? Then educate me." His features arrange themselves into an expression of polite attentiveness, despite the amusement dancing in his eyes.

[Isobel(#23796)] "Ah..." Isobel stalls for a moment, then snaps her mouth shut and smiles. "Not Beornings, exactly, but never mind that. What do you want to learn then? Surely not those ant-lines?" she teases, happy wrinkles framing her eyes when she grins.

"Well, it sounded like Beornings," Brev retorts with a smirk. "If not, then what? Or am I doomed to be forever in ignorance?" He strives to look piteous, but fails entirely to wipe his grin away.

At the next words he clear his throat. "I'd .. uh, been working on deciphering those ant-lines," he mumbles, looking down. "Figured if they meant that much to you, they were worth knowing." Then, striving for lightness, he adds, "My efforts must have slain a few colonies by now."

[Isobel(#23796)] Isobel's eyes widen briefly. "That pleases me," she murmurs quietly, the look in her grey eyes expressing more than the sparse words. After a moment she clears her throat and injects a measure of cheer into her voice. "Perhaps some dinner is in order, to reward your ant-slaying efforts. Wouldn't you say?"

Brev looks up again to meet Isobel's eyes, his mouth quirking in a lopsided smile. There's a moment's silence and then the final suggestion is met with another of those grins (he seems very free with them today. Clearly retainership has mellowed him!). "Sounds good to me," he agrees peaceably, steering Isobel toward the table and waiting politely for her to seat herself. "And /then/ you can explain the difference between Beornings and Beomings. Instinct tells me I might need to build up my strength first ..." Ah, what it is to have a reputation!

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