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(Archive) Lord and Lad

Tags: Bernar,  Gerik,  Tristan

Short Summary: Bernar summons Lord Gerik of the King's Men to test Bernar's squire Tristan in one-on-one combat.
Date (real-life): 2013-01-20
Scene Location: Esgaroth: Training Yard
Date (in-game): December 3057

Training Yard(#16063Rto)

This large enclosure is surrounded by high walls and the yard is quite barren. Archery targets are lined up near the south wall.

(OOC: firing at the target dummy expends arrows.)


It's cold, and there's little the high sun can do about that behind all those clouds. The season will have its way, this far north. There's a feeling of frost in the air.

Lord Bernar Karath stands near a target dummy watching a young member of the Watch practice stabbing and slashing it with his spear. Then he turns and walks over to an empty patch, there to wait for the two he's summoned. He draws his longsword. Its blue and red runes, along with the golden line along its fuller, catch what little light their is and reflect it. He taps the sapphire and ruby of the pommel, traces his fingers along the white leather hilt, and turns to face the archway.

COMBAT - Wielded: Discipline

The young, spindly teenage boy that slinks quietly through the archway hardly has the bearing of a soldier about him, clad as he may be in light leather armor, and a sword at his waist. His nose, sniffling slightly from the chill of winter, is wiped unceremoniously upon his sleeve before his eyes shift upwards to regard his surroundings more properly.

Lighting upon Bernar, he straightens, and attempts to throw some weight behind the stride that leads him in that direction. "Sir," He greets, at least remembering some semblance of salute. "Anwen said y'sent for me?"

Gerik enters into the training yard as if called by name seeming to have his own mind to train this day. He glances to the two here already "M'lord." he nods as he looks about at the others who train here today. "My appologies for lateness my duties were over drawn as relief was late to show." he explains.
Tristan's unruly curls bounce as he turns his head to glance back at the archway, eyes narrowing. "Is it usual that King's Men are late for things?" He asks, unbidden, though his mouth snaps shut as the man appears nigh moments after being spoken of; as a devil, some might say.

"Sir," The lad greets Gerik in much the same manner, though there is a hint of surprise in the height of his brows as he reacts to Bernar's sudden comment.

Steel hisses from his sheath, and Tristan slides one foot back slightly in the dust, knees subtly bent, and eyes doing the keen dance of awareness before him -- but his grip of the weapon is awkward as best, and he seems indecisive about exactly which angle it is he should hold it before him.

[Combat(#13388)] Tristan pulls Gadbatta from the scabbard, spinning the blade to test the balance.

[Combat(#13388)] Tristan puts on Studded Leather Armor.


"Hold still a moment." Lord Karath adjusts Tristan's hands on the blade, and adjusts its angle so that he can cover all approaches from the front. He assesses, then nods. "Hold it ready to block a blow from high or low, but don't forget to dodge. Your feet look good; good posture." Then he looks back up to Gerik.

"You are just in time." Bernar looks at both of them: the decorated soldier and Lord, and the gawky teenager. "Have you met each other? Lord Gerik, this is Master Tristan, my squire. Tristan, this is Lord Gerik of House Karath."

He smiles a predatory smile. "I summoned you both because Lord Gerik has much experience dealing with promising young soldiers at Thrush Hill ... and because Master Tristan here will hopefully someday be one of them."

"And what better way," he continues, "for two men to take a measure of each other's mettle than by crossing blades? Draw your sword, Gerik. For this may seem an unequal fight by far, but Tristan is, I suspect, full of surprises." He pats Tristan on the shoulder with a heavy paw of a hand. "It may prove educational for us all."

"Flat of the blade only, mind," he cautions, stepping back out of the way, but carefully watching *both* of their motions - not just his squire's.

[Gerik(#30871)] "It's good to meet you Master Tristan." The karath says with a smile and nod of his head. Gerik listens to the exercise nodding before he reaches to his side and then his back grabbing sword and shield to make them ready for usage. "I admit to being rusty, it's been mostly tactical work for me lately. It will be a good test."

[Combat(#13388)] Gerik unsheathes a mighty sword, and its blade slices the air it yearns for the battle to come.

[Combat(#13388)] Gerik puts on Metal Shield.

There is a tinge of gratefulness in young Tristan's mien as Bernar helps him adjust his grip. But as he regards Gerik once more, a sudden curve lifts the edges of his lips. "I remember you, sir," He says, "You saved me from my fallin' ladder outside the Conwy's shop once, aye? It'd be a shame iff'n you were just t'cut me up to pieces today." He winks a sly wink that is slightly beyond his years, and remains steady in his defensive posture, awaiting the elder man's first blow.

Gerik seems to remember the scene now as well "Ah, my appologies. I do remember that, well good to see your doing well for yourself." He says though everything is prepared for his sparring contest now and so he's quiet as he closes the distance to be within striking distance. The karath is looking to the other perhaps deciding where would be a good place to test the defense's. His strike doesn't come from the obvious angle but is arc'd around and a slap aiming at the leg of the other.

Gerik attacks Tristan with his Longsword and mildly wounds him!

There is a dull 'thwap' as the flat of Gerik's blade collides with Tristan's leg, and for the brief moment, the boy's expression is somewhat foul and he mutters something beneath his breath that, perhaps, ought not to be uttered by young Kingsmen in Training; but, becoming himself again, a small color washes over his cheeks before he clears his throat and says, "Good one, Sir."

It's a swift turn on his foot that brings the boy around to the Captain's side, and perhaps too wide an angle that swings his blade forward, aiming for the ribs with the flat.

Tristan attacks Gerik with his Longsword and mildly wounds him!

[Gerik(#30871)] The corporal tries to move to defend but alas he's to slow his blade missing the others luckily for his armor. "Likewise." Gerik says before he pivots his stance trying to see if the other over extended himself a common mistake a swipe turning the flat as to try and catch the back of the other using footwork.

Gerik attacks Tristan with his Longsword, but he misses by a mile.


Lord Karath nods approvingly at both initial blows that connect. "Remember to use all of the space available; circle your foe for an unexpected angle, to help trip him." He paces back and forth, but his head turns to stay focused on the two no matter which way he walks.

Tristan's teeth flash in a moment of delight as his blade strikes true. "Ha!" He says, though the moment is short-lived.

The boy may not be mighty, but he is certainly slippery. There is no time for hope of a parry as Gerik's blade swings again, and so Tristan does as he does best: he ducks, and even rolls along the ground to the side, allowing the elder man's sword to sweep the air over his head, the curls there moving with the wind it sucks.

Of course, there is little retaliation from such a position, and he merely crouches up onto the balls of his feet, alternating between fumbling to rearrange his sword in his grip and glancing up cautiously at the other man as if anticipating another attack.

Gerik nods to the suggestions though his attack is missed by the wiley younger figure. He decides to regain his stance before making another go, the karath crosses over his step to see about another angle or a place he thinks will be vulnerable. It seems he finally decided to test the off-hand side quickly stepping back in and making a swipe at the non-sword arm of the other.

Gerik attacks Tristan with his Longsword and mildly wounds him!

Tristan cringes as Gerik's sword finds berth yet again, this time against his arm, and he flinches away from the blow as if from a bee-string. "Cripes, you've got quite an arm there, Sir!" He declares -- compliments, complains? -- before his young lips press together into a determined line, both hands now wrapping around the long pommel of the blade that is yet slightly too long for him.

He springs back to the his feet from his crouch, and swing his sword up higher than might be advisable, in order to bring it back down in hopes of striking the man's shoulder.

Tristan attacks Gerik with his Longsword, but he misses by a handspan.


"Nice dodge, Tristan! But never lose your grip on your sword. Your sword is your life. Watch how Gerik keeps a careful hold of his sword, even his swings go wide." Bernar swings his own sword back and forth, then calls out, "Hold!" after Tristan's blow goes wide. He closes towards the two combatants.

"Gerik, you've got good control of of the force you're putting behind your blows. More footwork drills will help you keep up with the speed of youth." Then to Tristan, he says drily, "You've got some natural awareness of the fighting space that I think it's best I not know the source of. But hone that awareness, keep a better grip on your sword, and don't get too fancy with your dodging, and you will soon be up to fighting shape." Then he steps back again. "And the last step is a matter of honor. Always salute your opponent after a match, for he makes you stronger against your common enemies."


You train Gerik in longsword and he learns quickly.


You train Tristan in longsword and he learns quickly.

Gerik is focused as he strikes the other where he'd intended more or less. He is able to quickly step back to dodge the next strike of the other. The corporal nods to the lord of his house "Thank you M'lord." He salutes the other with his sword before it's quickly lowered to it's place at his side. The shield is also removed and placed back onto it's place at his back.

[Combat(#13388)] Gerik returns his fell blade to its scabbard, needing its aid no longer.

[Combat(#13388)] Gerik takes off Metal Shield.

"Always hold on t'the sword. Right." Tristan repeats this to himself in a quiet mumble, staring down at the long, unwieldily thing as if it were this blade that were his true opponent, and not the Corporal.

He shakes the fringes of his curls from his eyes as he lifts his head and straightens his posture, listening to Bernar's assessment. There is a small glint in his brown eyes at the comment directed at him, but no verbal response -- nor any other acknowledgement of it at all, really, save for the salute he gives to Gerik when bidden.

"Thank you, Sir." He says, cleaning up his speech as much as cane be done for this formality, before sliding the sword back into its sheath, taking two tries to get the tip properly into the scabbard before it 'shunk's into place.


"Very good, both of you. Also..." Bernar ducks back into the barracks for a moment.

He emerges with a leather buckler in hand, which he pushes into Tristan's arms. "You should start getting used to this, too," he informs the squire. "Sometimes you just can't parry or dodge fast enough, but you can raise a shield. You start to remember those moments when you have seen enough of them save your life." He slaps the youth on the back again and reaches out to clasp Gerik's forearm. "Thank you, Gerik, for coming down from Thrush Hill. Tell your commander it was my order if anyone gives you trouble. Tristan, give me my best to Mistress Conwy." Then with a toothy, satisfied smile that only a good fight seems to bring him, Lord Karath slides his sword back smoothly into its scabbard in one fluid motion.

He eyes the sun's location in the sky. "Not a bad morning."

[Combat(#13388)] Tristan slides Gadbatta back into the scabbard.

[Combat(#13388)->Bernar] Unwielded: Discipline

Tristan picks up Studded Leather Shield.

Gerik nods to both "It was a good lesson, footwork is always important." He shakes his head slightly "Nay, it should be no trouble I was to be relived anyways. I had the shift prior in the tower." The karath explains a bit better. "He is quite correct a shield can save your left one last line of defense between you and your enemy."

Tristan's knees wobble just slightly as that bear of a man slaps him heartily on the back, but he inspects the leather buckler that had been thrust upon him with interest, turning it over and tilting his head as he eyes it from different angles. "Interestin'," He says, and then grins, "Feels like I've got a whole cow's worth a'gear now."

He hoists the buckler over his shoulder, looking up at Gerik then. "Maybe sometime I can see that big ol' tower a'yours? I hear it's out on the land an' everythin'." He begins, but then Bernar's words spark a sudden realization in his features.

"I have t'run errands!" He says, and gives little more parting than this, his feet kicking up dust as he suddenly b-lines for the archway again, his sword and his buckler clunking heavily into one another as he runs.

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