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(Archive) The rite of bearing arms

Tags: Bernar,  Riolan (Isobel),  Riordan

Short Summary: Riordan Karath finally introduces his son Riolan to Lord Bernar... but the young man isn't keen on weapons training.
Date (real-life): 2013-01-23
Scene Location: Esgaroth: Karath Manor
Date (in-game): January 3058
Karath Manor: Gathering Hall(#14666RtAM)

The interior of House Karath's villa reflects the warrior nature of the Karath family. The furnishings are simple but rich and are designed for both Human and Dwarven statures. Various crests, arms, and armour adorn the walls with certain objects being locked in clear glass cases. A single window looks out eastward over the town. A clerk stands busy at the front desk directing various guardsman about their duties. The place has more of a military air to it then a noble house. To one side stands an oaken door, leading into guest quarters while to the other side lies the doorway into the private quarters of Lord Karath. Both the window and door are draped with cloths of deep blue and vibrant red intertwined. Every so often a glimmer of silver stitching can be seen reflected in the light.

Currently the House is dressed in a festive state. Colorful ribbons decorate the furnishings and all about are tables set with food and ale. A few guards dressed in colorful regalia stand by the door and direct guests into the room.

The hour is late, and the fog that oftentimes arises from the Lake has resettled. The cold, clear air makes the stars ever more visible, hardly seeming to twinkle but to shine continuously.

None of that can be seen inside Karath Manor, where servants bustle about doing their last duties before it is time to sleep. A few soldiers, Watchmen, and others who have been kept out late are still arriving, acknowledged by the doorwarden, who somehow knows everyone by sight.

Lord Bernar Karath is stepping out of his study, which still has a few candles lit, and conferring with one of the House's stewards.


It isn't late enough to get visitors in Karath manor. Wearing his casual clothes instead of his usual armor, Riordan Karath isn't exactly a guest though. He could stop and talk to nearly anyone there and they would know him. He would kindly inquire after their children, spouses, talk about some gossip... in other words, a man of much information... and some age.

He nods at the guards by the door and glances toward the study. Maybe he does have some business there but it is entirely possible he only has business with a certain person using that study. A smug smile appears onto his face as he notices Bernar and greets the other as he approaches. "Good evening, Lord Bernar. Good to see you."

[Isobel(#23796)] And trailing after Riordan is a young man with the hood of his worn, grey cloak drawn up. Unruly black locks can be glimpsed, and he peers about himself with wide blue eyes. He's not as tall as Riordan (certainly not as tall as Bernar!) but next to the warden one may, perhaps, discern a certain resemblance to their features. The marked chin, classic straight nose... He stops uncertainly just behind the royal warden, a shadow.


Finishing his conversation with the steward, Bernar claps him on the back to send him on his way, careful not to send the man sprawling. Then he turns to see who addressed him, and a smile creeps across his lips. "Master Riordan. It's always a pleasure. I see you're here for a formal introduction."

He composes his features as regally as he can, though laughter-lines still crease the outer corners of his eyes.


"Indeed, it was getting embarrassing how everyone kept making subtle comments about this," Riordan chuckles with a disbelieving shake of his head. Then, glancing behind him at his 'shadow', he makes an encouraging gesture toward the Lord. "So allow me to introduce to you my son, Riolan Karath. Riolan, this is the Head of House Karath, Lord Bernar." That's it, it's done, now all the rumour mills at the market may pipe down!

[Isobel(#23796)] Riolan sketches a slightly awkward bow in complete silence and lets his hood fall back when he straightens up. "Lord Karath," he intones gravely; then reveals himself with one uncertain glance towards his father, as if asking how he fared. A short sword in its' leather sheath hangs at his belt and he reaches up to adjust it's position against his hip with a slight grimace.


Bernar acknowledges the bow with a nod. "Riolan Karath, it is good to meet you. Model your behavior on your father's, and you will do well for yourself and your House." Bernar's voice booms a bit, such that anyone else in the entry hall heard every word.

At a more normal volume, he asks Riordan while looking at Riolan, "What professions have you two considered? Or do you already have one, Riolan of Karath?"

[Isobel(#23796)] Riolan immediately takes Bernar's advice and models his behaviour on his father's - he too relaxes, his hand dropping from the hilt of the sword to hang limply at his side. "I'm a boat builder, sir," he answers in a clear voice that nevertheless isn't free of that telling Buhr Mahrling burr. "Fully trained, now, and helping out at the Mariners' guild." He pauses for a moment and then somewhat diffidently adds, "Hoping to be accepted as a journeyman, in fact."


"An honorable trade," Bernar rumbles. "The foundation of Esgaroth, some would say. But I trust you will also learn to use that," he says, pointing at the short sword.

"Every Karath should be confident in their ability to face any challenge." His eyes aim at Riolan's without blinking. "It aids your courage, proves to you that you are capable, and thus allows you to be strictly honest. Forthrightness for a craftsman is every bit as important as for a soldier."

[Isobel(#23796)] His hands come up to curl around the hilt again, clearly not familiar with the feeling. "That." There's a certain flatness to Riolan's tone before he recalls himself and hurries to add, "Of course, Lord Karath. But, well..." He glances over his shoulder; his father is already out of hearing. Those blue eyes are full of anxiety yet he strives for an earnest tone - "I simply don't think, My Lord, that learning to wield this sword has anything to do with my confidence to face any ability." A crooked grin appears, all youthful self-assurance. "I can think of many a challenge where my sword would be useless. Lord Karath."


Bernar snorts. "If you are confident in your abilities without it, then by all means, do not train. It is not a solution to all problems. But it is the self-assurance that comes with the knowledge that one can protect oneself that can enable you to face situations where you would otherwise feel intimidated."

"Laketown isn't all as tidy as the Manor," Lord Karath adds in a lowered voice.

[Isobel(#23796)] There's a certain gleam in the lad's eyes when the lord mentions those less savoury places. Possibly he's been already? Riolan reaches up to scratch the back of his neck, the tilt of his head diffident as he glances up at Bernar. "What if the sword makes you feel like /more/ of a target rather than less?" he confesses quietly with a grimace. He smiles wryly and again throws a quick glance over his shoulder. "And anyone would be nervous if they were trained by Riordan of Karath. I hear he has a... reputation."


"He wouldn't be training you exclusively," Bernar says, moving closer to Riolan and putting a massive arm around his shoulders.
"And I dare say he would be certain not to harm you any more than necessary. We all carry a few training scars." With that not-so-reassuring reassurance, Bernar turns him to face the door and his father. "If you wish, I may even teach you some myself."

[Isobel(#23796)] "Uh... right," Riolan mutters, for a moment sagging 'neath the sudden weight of Bernar's arm. Without resistance he lets himself be aimed at the door. "Pleasure meeting you, Lord Karath. I'll, uh, think about that training," he offers, "but I wouldn't want to take up too much of your precious time. You must have more important things to do."


"Nonsense!" Bernar says with a laugh. "I always have time for a Karath." He clasps arms with Riordan as they reach him, and then he turns back into the Manor.

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